The Head Center

Jan 20, 2019

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Theme of inspiration. A fuel to bring in the consciousness field to learn from.

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Today we are going to talk about the Head Center or inspiration. This is a fuel and a pressure. The head center is the very top of the body graph and it is associated with the pineal gland. The pineal gland regulates the flow of information between the gray matter and the neocortex. The gray matter is still something that scientists are still not 100% sure about. So much is happening and a level of consciousness that we're not aware of and that stuff that has taken place in the gray matter. There's a fuel here that drives our thinking and then from our thinking into our conceptualization and how we process that consciousness field. From the head center, the information is then moved down into the Ajna Center, into our conceptualization. The information can then be expressed how it needs to be through the Throat Center. Similar to the Root Center, it's either going to be a fuel when we're using it healthily, or there's going to be this ginormous pressure when we're using it in an unhealthy way. The fuel here is that it drives us to think but the pressure here is to seek answers and find out all the whys. That can be exhausting.


Inspiration is the way we take in information from the cosmic field of consciousness. That is another reason why we want to allow for strategy and authority to be our decision-making tool. If we are using the mind, we're gumming up that pituitary center and the pineal gland. The pineal gland is our connection to the consciousness field. If we have the mind so distracted, so caught up in running things over and over and the shoulda, woulda, coulda, and it's constantly doing that, then the consciousness field becomes elusive. If you're here listening to this video, there's this inkling in you that we're not just humans. That we are spiritual beings having a human experience and to have that clear crisp pineal gland allows us a direct connection to the consciousness field.


We can look at that in two ways. The consciousness field can be a great place of inspiration or if we're operating from a gummed up not-self and trying to make decisions from our minds, the consciousness field becomes a conditioning field. Then all of a sudden, instead of evolving with the consciousness field and using that momentum to heighten our awareness or self actualize, we then become conditioned and suppressed and live in a place of conformity. This is about stimulating the imagination. Our minds are so beautiful and I have said this a thousand times but they can't be beautiful if we are relying on them to make decisions because the mind is our measuring tool. It's in the state this or that constantly. If you do this, this could happen. Well, let's go do this and see what happens. So you go do this and see what happens. Oh, that didn't work out, let's go over here and do this. Constantly chasing after something that isn't right.


If it's defined, there's a fixed way of understanding and grasping things including the consciousness field itself. Inspiration is about what has not yet been grasped and the Head Center merely frames the question. The fuel in the head center, there's a question that is compiled so that then the inspiration will appear and then you can grasp it. It's really about having in a fixed way of thinking, very similar to the Ajna Center. People that have the Head Center defined will have the Ajna Center defined as well. With these people, it is pretty much like impossible to change their minds until they experience it or they witness it or whatever it is. But for somebody else to have the experience and then speak to them, they're not going to change their mind about their opinion, belief, or knowing until they've had a new experience. Something to grasp here - manifestation is a huge seller online. Millions and millions of dollars are being made through the word manifest. Everybody wants to manifest and understand that manifestation can't happen from the mind. Manifestation must come through the body because manifestation only takes place when a molder, which is either your Ego, Solar Plex, Sacral, Root Center is connected to the Throat Center. If that isn't the truth in your design, all that means is that you're waiting for someone else to come into your life. A manifestation can happen through a co-creative experience. If you do have a motor connected to the throat, manifestation comes easier. I'm not saying that you're going to be a wizard at it know. What I'm saying is that it will come easier because you have the vehicle for it.


If it's undefined, there's no consistent way of deliberating mental information. I have like an open head and G Center. It is really fun to be in this vessel but I have no fixed way for my mental activity to grasp onto things. It changes every day, every moment. Sometimes I'll learn by reading a sentence out of a book and it lands in my cellular structure. The next time I can read 20,000 pages and get nothing out of it. Maybe I hear something.


Here's an example. I can be in class and a teacher can teach me something and I go back to that class, which now and again there'll be a movement of my sacral to go to one of my past classes and I'll be like what the heck? How come I don't even know this and it's something that I took five years ago but open head and Ajna. Something else that you're gonna learn about as we walk through these are the variables and I have a right brain body and a right mind. There are all kinds of shit in there and I don't know it until somebody asks me for it. My filing cabinet is completely open as well so what I have to do it at least once a year. I have to go through my office and rearrange because I have books and piles of information. There's no fixed way for me to do this. There's nothing grasping this information and placing it. There's no particular file folder, even inside my computer. There's stuff everywhere in there and when I need it, I can find it. It's a crazy thing but anyways that's how it works. This the open Head Center can also be very distracting and you can lose focus very easily. I also can do that. There's no perfection here, there's just the mechanics of it and then the awareness of when you're veering off true-self. The discerning of what is worthy to contemplate. That's where I'm gaining my most wisdom and with a completely open Head Center, it's a little more difficult to discern but if you have a gate hanging here, a little easier for you to discern. The potential to wonder and explore the mystery life, human consciousness, and intellectual possibilities are infinite.


Pressure versus Fuel

I used to get headaches when I was around particular people. I always wondered what the heck that was. Now what I understand it to be is those particular people have defined head centers and defined Ajna centers. They have one fixed way of thinking. When I'm in their presence for a long period of time, what I become aware of is that I start to pressure myself to think in just that particular way. Mental exhaustion has been something that has been great learning for me in human design. I am a manifesting generator. I can work a lot of hours a day if I'm doing something that's bringing me pure satisfaction. However, the minute I am NOT working at something that I love, this is where I feel is in the mental exhaustion area. I'm forcing my brain to try to answer all the questions and be certain. That is something that I learned from stepping away from the career I had into where I am now. When people ask me questions based on the human design, (I don't always have the answers, don't get me wrong. I'm never certain about anything), but it's not mental exhaustion. Where I was and the career that I was in, those questions created mental exhaustion because it wasn't a huge passion of mine. I loved the people that I worked with. I don't regret any of it and I love the wisdom that I gained out of the field that I was in but I don't miss the mental pressure. Now I can see it. Now when I'm with particular people and they have this the Head Center and the Ajna Center defined, I no longer take it on as a pressure. I can just watch how they are functioning, how they see things and go, okay. How they are thinking things through, okay good for you. I don't have to try to be that. That was a huge learning for me.


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