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Purpose Driven Wealth Formula As I pull myself up to a 30,000ft. view and I witness the Experiences I am having from an objective place, this formula created itself. The Game is Changing, and the business landscape is up leveling to an entirely new currency…that currency is you! For the last 400+ years, there has been a global focus to create large governments, large business, and the delusion that these organizations have humanities interest at heart…and this has come at a great cost! The cost has been at the health and wellness of the humans, creatures and our planet…Humans have used their blood, sweat and tears to build up these organizations to then be tossed aside once they are no longer of use… The bottom line has been and continues to be the only focus of these large organizations. However, that focus is shifting. It is shifting towards an individual centric experience vs. an organization centric experience! With this shift in focus, our careers and the entrepreneurial landscape is creating a profound opportunity to awaken to the God Given purpose that you are here to represent. The quantum physics reality that we are experiencing today gives us the building blocks of how to be the observer and witness of this profound shift! The Purpose Driven Wealth Formula provides the implementor with a clear path to success.  You are a unique aspect on the Time/Space Continuum;  so why not let this uniqueness shape your life instead of struggling by trying to fit into a box of what society tells us we should be just to survive? This program is not about survival….it is about the absolute wealth that you deserve WITHOUT bending to what the world thinks success should look like! Imagine honoring your body, mind and spirit in all areas of your life. Imagine being the authority of your craft and influencing others to do the same. Imagine never experiencing decision fatigue or mental exhaustion because you come from within when deciding what is the best decision. Imagine expressing your self with such clarity that your message is recognized and appreciated. Imagine abundance is not something you chase but something you experience at a cellular level! Now, you no longer have to imagine these things because the magic is waiting for you to align with it! Discernment in decision making is the first foundational piece of the formula. Discernment creates a space for you to begin to witness your actions…good, bad or neutral. Delivering your strengths and qualities in all the work that you do instead of trying force yourself to get ‘better’ at the things you don’t enjoy doing.                                                                  Recognizing the distractions that are draining your energy and your bank account all in the pursuit of ‘happiness’. Enhancing your awareness of the leadership attributes that you bring to groups and partnerships enlightens your spirited autonomy for others to appreciate. The program brings all of this magic to the surface so that you can brand your uniqueness and provide profitable solutions to your market.

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