The Mechanics of Manifestation

Jun 27, 2019

13 Min Read + 25 Min Video

The Not-Self Agenda is strong…Watch how the not-self attempts to have you manifest from the mind! It is possible, however, the energy emitted into the world from this type of Manifestation is Unhealthy, to say the least.


Manifestation occurs when the strategy and authority are the core of decision making and we are manifesting from our truth…and not the not-self agenda.

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Hello friend. I'm going to talk to you about manifestation because the questions that have been coming in today have been about purpose and manifestation. Again, my beliefs, experience, and my outer authority is going to share the mechanics of it plus the experience of it.


Let's take a look at the different types so that you can see the mechanics and then comprehend it. Again, our minds are an outer authority for other people. That doesn't mean that you have a thought, an opinion, an epiphany, and you take action on it. That's not what this is about. Outer authority is you have the experience, and you share the beliefs, the knowing, the breakthrough, the insight, the details, or the opinions with people. But it isn't about taking action on all of that. That's a whole mental game.


Manifesting Generators

Let's take a look here. We have confusion, inner truth, doubt, realization, rationalization, and formalization. Again, this is experiential. There's this confusion. Why are we having this experience? What's going on here? Once the experience comes to a close, there's a realization. Now I know why I had that experience. I discovered my inner truth, and I come to a rationalization of that inner truth. Those are those epiphany moments. They are the real AHA moments that take place. They land on you in your own mutative pulse on pulse off kind of way.


Then you have the doubt, and those doubts get us to test it. Let's test this pattern, a person's talent, their skills, or authority. It's all about testing because there's something in the matrix field that you doubt so your mind is saying, "I doubt that." In order to come up with focused energy around it and a formalized answer, there has to be doubt. Then that realization turns into ideas, that formulization turns into opinions, and the rationalization turns into a breakthrough. All of that is a mind game.


Ask yourself this one simple thing - are you trying to manifest on any of that's happening up there? Most likely you are, and I did too until I understood the mechanics of this. Now when I have an idea, I watched the idea. I write it down, and I put it into the frequency field. I was the decoder of that idea. Then people start to ask.


I have been brainstorming ideas about YouTube videos. Of course, a lot of ideas are streaming through. Somewhere out in the matrix field, somebody has thought, "how do you manifest your human design? What's my purpose in human design?" I had this ginormous list of videos that will probably be created down the road, but they don't get created until somebody asks me for them. Strategy to respond, and what does that mean? Somebody has to ask me for my energy. I do not manifest from my mind. None of us do.


However, take a look take a kernel. We're trying to manifest through their minds. We have beautiful brains and minds as outer authorities for the people. The idea came, and until I'm asked, so that I can share it as an outer authority, there is nothing, and there is no creation. Once somebody asks, the manifestation for my particular design happens within moments. I started getting emails at 10:00 am about these questions - purpose, and manifestation. Up until about an hour ago, I was having questions asked to me for about 6 hours. In amongst asking those questions, these videos flow through and come to manifestation. Again, that's my design.


Now, I want to understand the mechanics of this. Nothing can be manifested through the mind. I shouldn't say nothing, of course, it can be, but it's going to be the not-self agenda, and most likely it isn't for the betterment of anybody. The mechanics for me, as what you would call a manifesting generator in human design, or take a look at this, I'm an express builder in the language of BG5, so base group 5 is what that stands for, and that's the business side. The manifestation piece takes place out of this response up to the throat. The throat connected to a motor is where we get manifestation because that has to come from the physical body.



I will guarantee you that I have mental projectors, probably some splenic projectors, that don't have a motor connected. Self-projected projectors probably asking, "what are you talking about? Why can I manifest?" Yes, we can all manifest. However, it comes from strategy and authority. It does not come from the mind. If there isn't a motor connected to the throat, most likely, your manifestations come as spurts. They are there, then they're not there depending on who's around and what's going on in the transits. If you're trying to force the not-self agenda, we have junk in the world. But if you're trusting strategy and authority, for myself, I have two motors connected to my throat, manifestation happens very quickly after I respond. I can go into manifestation.


There is a creative poof that takes place. I can't even explain it to you how quickly it happens. If anything is trying to work from here, and I've tried it, I've tried ideas, and I've tried to push that not-self agenda on people, and they can't hear it. But if I let the idea flow to me, come to me, I write it down, then wait for somebody to ask. Those people that are asking are on my fractal. They can hear it they're asking for it. They're open, they're ready to hear the comprehension of it all. However, if I'm trying to push the not-self agenda, it isn't happening. Remember there are two things that can happen here when you have openness. There's a great amount of wisdom, or there's a ginormous amount of conditioning.


Yes, of course, the not-self gets an idea and says, "hurry up, you're going to miss out on this opportunity!" Most likely, I'm never going to miss out on an opportunity because if nobody asks me, it wasn't meant for me. I don't want my life to be hard. I want this to be as easy as possible, with a few hurdles to jump over or a challenge here and there. However, I do not want it to be hard. This is not a strenuous life anymore. There's movement from the sacral, and manifestation happens after the sacral responds.



Now let's take a look at an innovator. Innovators are also called manifestors. The motor is connected to the throat motor and the other way, which I have only seen in one of these. There's probably numerous of them in the world, but the root can also go up through the spleen and then to the throat, which also creates a manifestor. I have not seen that often, but it's an interesting way to get to the throat. Any of these three motors can be connected to the throat. Remember, they cannot have the sacral or the energy resource defined, or that defeats the purpose, and then we have an express builder like me.


Motor connected to the throat for an innovator, what you're going to notice is that there is this clarity that comes, you get to inform those that you're going to impact, and then you get to act. If you're acting before any of that, your destructive force, this anger permeates through. People are scared of you, so take a breath take a moment and relax into your strategy and authority. The whole mechanic piece of it is the three motors, and they have to go up to the throat whether that be indirectly or directly. The pure manifesting generator channels are 21 45, 22 12, and 36 35. However, the ego/heart/willpower center can go up through the channel of competition/competitiveness, move up to the identity, and then through any one of those three channels, or this one right here. Any of those four channels that could be a possibility. Either way, it has to be connected to one of those 3 motors.


Manifestation for them happens based on their own inner authority and strategy. It's about initiation and their inner authority will tell them when they become clear on when they'll move. I live with an innovator who is an Eagle innovator and a willpower innovator. The moment he says, "I will do this." He speaks it, and manifestation happens right behind it.


Again, an express builder is very similar to me. There has to be a motor connected to the throat. There are three motors that come through here and are connected to the throat. None of this is there to manifest. Again, we're not manifesting from here. This is our beautiful outer authority. We're not manifesting from here either.



We have an adviser here that has a defined throat. So you might think manifestation must be easy for them. No - advisers are not going to have a motor connected to the throat because if they did, then they would be a manifestor. What you're going to notice as an adviser is that manifestation is going to come when you partner with the correct people. Again, as an advisor or a projector, it's a one-on-one connection that's the best for you (partnerships).


For example, all of a sudden, somebody new with the 41st or 45th gate comes in then there's a connection there or there's the transit there, and the manifestation seems to flow a little more. The invitations happen, there's more recognition for your beautiful expression of spirit, you're invited in, and there can be a manifestation. But, if the not-self has an agenda, that's all wiped out. Can you manifest? Yes, but it's going to taste very bitter to people around you.


That 45th gate is about possession. It's material. All of a sudden, the not-self mind is very possessive and greedy, and you try to manifest through that possessiveness. I'm sharing it with the world then I'm going to push my agenda. That's all not-self, and it tastes super bitter to the rest of us in the world. So, relax. If you're an innovator, there is no rush.


The correctness of who we are as we let spirit, universe, or creator flow through us, our correct manifestation will happen through strategy and authority. They will recognize you as this beautiful, insatiable leader that can transmit to us the beauty of the Material Plane. They recognize you, and then they invite you in, and there is a manifestation for you because there's someone there that you can co-create what. You don't even need to know their designs because it's happening, and it tastes very successful. What is success taste like to you? Trust it, but if it's bitter, I can't tell you how difficult it is to be in the presence of a bitter projector.



What are evaluators here to be? They're sure to be objective judges. To tell us we're okay and we're going along with evolution. Things seem to be happening greatly, everything's beautiful, or nobody's using their strategy and authority, and the not-self agenda is ruling the world. It's scary as hell. That's what our judges, evaluators, and reflectors do. Manifestation for them is going to happen as they collaborate with other people, as they trust their strategy and authority, and they sample. They let themselves have time for those decisions to permeate and then be expressed through the voice. The moment an evaluator or a reflector is pushing their not-self agenda, it's destructive to their physical bodies.


I've seen reflectors get sick even though they have a very Teflon aura. If they're constantly using that abrasive steel wool and they're rubbing up against the resistance, and they're trying to use that not-self agenda, all of a sudden their aura becomes penetrable. They scratched it all up. They want to leave that beautiful Teflon coating there so that they can be objective judges. That's all that an evaluator or a reflector is here to do.


There's the mechanics of the manifestation. If your not-self has an agenda, it is going to get ugly. If there's any agenda going on, it is going to get ugly. Take a look at this person - seeking and doing that seeking to try to make decisions in total and complete mental exhaustion. This innovator is pushing their logical agenda, that not-self agenda, and pushing their ideas on people. It's not what it's about. We do not manifest from the mind and that not self agenda. Everybody on this planet manifests from our strategy and authority. Let the expression of the universe flow through your design and what needs to be created and manifested through your particular expression will do so through strategy and authority and those that you interact with.


There's nothing to push. You're not missing out on anything. Go on to social media for 5 seconds, and there'll be somebody on there talking about money. We create this stupid conditioning around money. Your value has nothing to do with money. Let's look at manifestation as what are we, as an expression of the universe, meant to manifest on this Material Plane? What are we meant to do? What are we meant to manifest?


How do you get the answer to that? Strategy and authority. Then your perception clears up, you unclutter the mind, and the manifestation flows through you because the creation was meant to come through you. Those on your fractal are showing up because they want to be initiated, and they want to know how they are doing. They want that guidance from you or, for myself, they need me to come in and help them build something.


When you ask me questions, when you send me emails, when you phone me, when those questions that are presented, that's when my outer authority can gather what it needs to gather through my right brain-body, my right mind, you can go through the Rolodex, bring it out, and present it.


Want to be fully centered in your human design so you can:

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Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do. Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises or life choices. We're living a new reality--a new and evolving normal that has been triggered by the world-wide pandemic of 2020. I am providing a simplified, mechanical look at this information through the tool that is known as Human Design. Once the mechanics of the information are seen, the processing of the information can be from awareness vs. Fear.



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