Locks and Keys for the 2027 Human Design Shift

human design shift locks and keys 2027 human design Feb 18, 2024
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The business landscape is shifting and the Human Design System is a on the leading edge to help entrepreneurs, leaders and coaches help their clients pivot in the shift. 

In this Webinar, Timothy and I discuss the Locks and Keys for the Human Design shift. 



How can you prepare for the shift?

1. Reclaim your decision-making

2. Let the 26 activations from the planets, and nodes express themselves cleanly through you.

3. See the open centers, channels and gates as the wisdom you will gain from others.

4. Stop chasing the transits and stayed centered in your monopole and use discernment on who and what you will learn.


You do not have to fix the world, just realign to your magic and the outside world no longer pulls you off track. 


If you are a coach, leader or entrepreneur and you feel this new shift needs a new tool in your toll box....


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