Human Design Career (Business) Types and Decision-Making Strategy

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Human Design Career Type

The mechanics of the Human Design System can be seen in all areas of our lives. From Individual Awareness, Wellness, Relationships/Family Dynamics and Career/Business. 

The structure of the Universe is not happenstance, it is by design. And because you are an integral part of this creation, your uniqueness is also not by happenstance! 

Your unique Human Design Bodygraph is a visual representation of your mechanics, and how you can best utilize those mechanics to interaction with the environment (other people and situations) in a manner in which everyone wins. 

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At the core of Human Design, it teaches that decision-making becomes the key tool. This unique decision-making tool helps to connect your energy to the right work, the right people and the right environments. In saying that, understand that "right" does not mean that it will be free from challenges, it means that the "right people, place and work will help you grow your unique skillset and your unique wisdom....

Growth happens in those moments where you feel uncomfortable or even resistance.  It is through this resistance that we can find our greatest gifts and how to best utilize them. It is also in those moments of discomfort that we learn to work better with others, interact with the environment in a manner which everyone wins, and discover what makes us come alive. 

You are born with a unique set of talents and it’s your job to find the right people, places and work that allow you to tap into this gift. When you do this, it allows for a flow of energy between yourself and others that fosters new ideas, collaborations and creations. 


If you are a Builder (Generator/Manifesting Generator) Career Type 

This is by far the largest career type. Your  Career Type accounts for approx. 70% of the workforce.

Here are a couple of points to help you understand your Builder Career Type:

· You provide the energy to get things done and to keep things moving in your company.

· You are MADE to build, grow, and maintain a business.

· The Key for you is to be ASKED to engage in the tasks of the work you do. Once engaged, from a place of Response, you will notice that you end up loving what you do and doing what you love! 

- Satisfaction is an indicator that you are really feeling correct about the work that you are doing.


With the Builder (Generator/Manifesting Generator) there are two types.

Classic Builders are here to get things done through a step-by-step process. 

Express Builders are here to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Your Decision-Making Strategy is the key to your Satisfaction:

The key phases to decision-making are first, wait for someone to request your energy, second, your decision-making inner authority will give you the indication on whether or not to use your energy and the correct timing (solar plexus authority below) to using your energy. 

If you are Emotional Inner Authority/ Emotional Intelligence/Solar Plexus, you process will look like this:


If you are Sacral/Life Force Inner Authority, decisions are best made this way:

Advisors (Projectors)

You account for approx. 20% of the workforce.

Here are a couple of things to understand about Advisors and the energy you bring:

·When you are recognized and invited, you excel at organizing and leading individuals, groups, and systems.

· You have a gift of organizing people, by using their energy, and constructing really efficient and well connect teams. 

- Guiding, supervising, and leading are key phrases to your work life. Do your best to not get caught up in the 'doing'. Being the guide requires you to lead from the vantage point outside the group. If you get caught up in the 'doing' (which is designed to be in the hands of the Builder Types) you may miss out an how to keep efficiency going. 

The Advisor (Projector) is only concerned with the other persons energy. Meaning is that energy correct for me to connect with and guide. The only way for you to know with is to trust that first, you will be noticed or recognized for your innate wisdom, second, an invitation will ask you to enter into the field of the other, and third, you inner authority will provide you with the decision....


Innovators (Manifestors)

Innovators are the third largest career type. They account for around 9% of the workforce.

Here are some features to help you better understand your unique career type.

· You have an incredible gift and ability to act independently, to initiate action, and impact others.

· You are here to bring new ideas and concepts into the work world as originality in your work brings Peace

· Your career type is designed to “go out and make it happen”. You look to the other career types to provide the specific energy to complete what you envision.

Innovators are here to make an impact. You want independence and are NOT here to be guided, asked, or told. You desire a 'non-interference' workplace and business. If others are telling you how to do things, and that you have to do it their way, this is a recipe for anger. Conformity is not something you want to live within. Having space to just do your own thing, is key to your growth. 

You make an impact by first, being in alignment to peace and you internal initiation to create/originate, second, inform others about this original impact and let them chose to join or leave, Third, take action. 



Evaluators (Reflectors)

The Evaluator is approx. 1% of your workforce.

Here are some unique attributes that you embody as an Evaluator:

·You are designed to reflect and gain an overview and can correctly evaluate how things are progressing or not. This could include a project, a plan, or the company.

-It is like you step into the awareness of other peoples subjective views and then reflect back to the group the over arching objective aspects that are not working. 

·You are naturally accepting of others and naturally help them see what is not working and gently guide them towards cooperation, peace, and equality.

-There is no sugar coating for you. You naturally reflect back what the organization, group or community needs to see so that changes can be made. It is not about what they hope or want you to see as you sample everyone in the group, you get a BIG PICTURE view. As uncomfortable as this may be, you are designed for this kind of work. 

- You might be surprised at what you find when you lift the veil of company's brand or the communities activism. This tells you that you are on-track. When things surprise you, keep leaning in....

Decision-making has to have the motto of PATIENCE for you! As your unique career type is actually connected to the Lunar cycles (the moon is reflection of Earth) for decision-making, you will notice that over time and sometimes through more than one lunar cycle, you will speak about the decision to get involved with a group or not. Again, because the environment is key for you, the correct group, community or organization will have to first ask, invite or initiate you, second, wait and allow the wisdom of the lunar cycle infuse your decision and third, talk to key sounding boards in your life (the people who are willing to listen and NOT give opinions, they just let you talk), the articulation, tone and frequency of the language you use will give you the key decision-making. 


The Evaluator Decision-Making Strategy looks like:


In the future, organizations will be using the Human Design System for hiring, there is just no doubt as this is the only personality tool that doesn't require a ton of questions to be answered. It only requires the data from your birth. The rest is compiled in your DNA/RNA and is waiting for you to align to it!


Earn money and making a business profit, in the future will not be predicated on enslaving others for a monetary goal, but to compile highly functional groups that create an energy field that feels, looks and is next level. 




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