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We are going to take a moment and look at the sacral inner authority. I'm a little biased, this is my authority. I can give you some of my experiences with it and I love it. Inner authority is a way for us to disconnect from the chaos and distraction of conformity, homogenization, and conditioning, and reconnect with our consciousness field. The consciousness field is not ours, it is everyone's and we're all connected. However, we came to have an individual experience so that the consciousness field could expand through numerous experiences. The consciousness field has asked us to be unique, be individual, stop conforming, and have our own experience in this life. 


Today, we're going to chat about the sacral authority or what we call in the business field in the BG5. In the OC16, we call this follow your gut because that's where it's coming from. Inner authority is a way for us to listen to our consciousness field. The inner authority brings back the power of your decisions to within your consciousness field. The inner authority empowers you to live your own individualized life. It isn't about conforming, conformity is a killer. 


Conformity creates resistance and that resistance is felt through our physical bodies. Our physical bodies become in a state of disrepair when the inner authority is not being the active decision-maker. The inner authority elevates the self-actualization to a place of pure awareness. Your inner authority assesses what's correct for you. The inner authority sets up the movie so you can watch it. The inner authority is the composer of the instrument you came here to play through. Your definition is your instrument. That instrument is unique to you. We can go from the surface level and that's where we're all trained as human design analysts, BG5 consultants, and OC16 consultants to keep people on the surface. The surface is just a small piece of it. There are layers and layers of information to get you to your uniqueness.


I've been in this for around six and a half years as of today and those layers are profound pieces of information. However, if the surface is not being operated through this strategy and your unique inner authority, and you're not allowing for that uniqueness of your instrument to be played. Then all those layers of information, the line, the color, the tone, and the base are useless. It’s all candy for the mind. The more information the not-self has, the more chaotic it gets if the strategy and authority are not being adhered to. 


When the strategy and authority are being adhered to, experimented with, and used daily, then all that information becomes profound because it plays out in life. Inner authority clears the airwaves and tunes in your outer authority. The instrument is your definition. The music that you're playing from that instrument comes in and goes out through your openness


When it goes out through your openness, you want that to be the most highly tuned information that you're putting out through that openness. You get there by making decisions based on strategy and authority. When the radio that you're listening to is off by the smallest amount, it becomes distorted, all this noise is coming out. When we're making decisions based on that chaotic not-self, it's distorted and amplifying the craziness. When we tune into our instrument, when we have it fully tuned and we're operating through strategy and authority, we can put that dial on the exact radio station and we can speak to those that can hear us, those that are on our fractal. 


I'm not here to teach human design to eight billion people. I'm here to teach human design to those that are on my fractal that can hear me and who can resonate with the information. Inner authority clears up that communication. I'm not in my head trying to figure this out. It's just authentically walking through my openness by holding on to and playing my instrument. 


As I said earlier, I'm a little biased. The sacral center is also my inner authority. As we walk through the hierarchy of this, as long as the lower-left emotional intelligence is white, as long as this actual function or center is white and the lower middle square is colored in red, the sacral is your inner authority. 


The sacral is our productive center, the ovaries, and the testes. The sacral center is grunty and noisy. It's all about a response. If you noticed earlier in the type strategy videos that I did, the generator, the manifesting generator, the classic builder, the express builder, that type is created through this red square being defined. What all of those types are, they are here to use their energy resource to build the Maya. We're here to physically use our bodies to do this. 


The sacral is all about a response. It's here to wait for people to ask it for its energy. If you have this defined, you're here to be asked for your energy. It's to be requested from you so that you can respond through that grunting noise that happens. The sacral center says yes or no, there's this satisfying yes, I want to use my energy for this, what's being requested of me. Or no, I have no energy for that request, none. The request can be a human being asking you, the universe asking you, Facebook asking you, an email coming through,or  a text message. We've evolved since this information was presented on planet Earth in 1987 and our world is full of technology. 


The sacral center, follow your gut, is constantly responding. If you have this defined in your center, that's your whole life, you're responding. A bird sings and there's either a response to look or not. I live with somebody who does not have this inner authority. I can walk into a room and there is no response from him. There's no movement because that's not his inner authority. That's my inner authority and I respond to everything. Right now there's a window in front of me and birds are flying around and there are times where my eyes connect with those birds out there, it's a response. Other people don't even see that, it's not even an ability of theirs. 


It's all about response and here's the kicker: 70% of the population have this as their inner authority. What are we doing to the other 30%? We're trying to condition them to be responders and they're not. They're not here to respond. That 70% of the population that's here to respond under their gut, what also has happened is that 30% of the population has told us to start using our words and stop grunting. 


I have a little nephew and this is his inner authority, and I love it. He's constantly responding. He is reiterating that he's in tune with his inner authority. He's grunting all the time and I love that. That is parenting him to not let that go. That's who he is. The sacral center is all about response. The body is continuously responding day in and day out. The noise that comes out of the sacral center is an indication of whether or not you're going to engage and use your energy resource and expend that energy or not. 


Here's a little bit of a caveat and my experience with it. The channel of charisma is the 34 20. This is what we call a pure manifesting generator. My experience with the sacral is that with it connected to the throat, there is a movement that the body does. Not always does my body grunt, but there's always a movement towards or away from something. I'm telling you this because this is my experience. I want you to play with this information. If your inner authority is the sacral, play with getting in tune with that movement. Even if you don't have that particular channel of charisma as your definition, play with what the movement is. Most likely, it's going to be grunty. 


When I'm having a conversation with people I grunt. A lot of times when I'm being asked there's more so a movement there. There are times where I grunt, but there's a move that takes place. What I have become aware of is what I used to call intuition was the energy resource, it's my response in my body. There will be times where I move. I have no idea why I'm moving until I get to where I'm going. The awareness is there. Again, something for you to play with, just sharing my experience with it. 


Listen for your guttural noises and if you have children that have this as their inner authority or have this defined in their bodygraph, don't stop them from grunting because that's conditioning. Allow them to grunt because that is their entombment to their inner self. We want to align to that inner self and that inner authority. Play with the grunting, pay attention to the movement, and then watch the response.


 Another thing that my body does is nod, shake, nod, and it's happening. I have watched this and my not-self mind will say things and my response in my body is doing something different and I've watched it do that. Then I'm like okay hold on a minute, that's how quickly it happens. The not-self mind will try to override what my body is doing. I'm aware of it, I watch it happen and it's kind of funny to me, but I study and I live it to the best of my ability. The more I live it, the more aware of those things I become. That's what will happen and as I say, life isn't all rainbows and sunshine just because you have this information. It's an experiment and you get to play with it and then you get to watch how powerful the not-self is. 


That nodding of the head is all a response and what's funny is that my husband calls me a rubberneck. This is not his inner authority so that's not what he's doing. His body is not responding like that, but mine is. When he and I have a conversation, I'm either in it right there or I'm not. There's constantly a response taking place in my body and he thinks it's kind of funny. Watch this and play with it. If you're not a being that has the sacral defined in your bodygraph, watch how powerful this center can become and how it can condition you to grunt. 


I watch this when I do group workshops. I'll have so many people in the room and I know all their designs because that's why we're there. I watch how the projectors and the manifestors are the ones that start to grunt. The manifesting generators and generators that are built to grunt stop doing it. That is the conditioning field and that's how subtle it can become. Then when I introduce that and present that information to the group, all of a sudden everybody can relax into their type. 


This center's running our universe. The aura that this creates is one that is open and enveloping. That's the law of attraction. This is the universe and it can powerfully condition you or you can become super aware of it. Play with this and when you're with a group of people and you know their designs, watch how subtle it becomes. I can be sitting with four projectors and just be me and all of a sudden, they're the ones that are grunting. It's powerful and then when I bring it to their attention, I ask them if that feels natural to do it. They always say, no, it doesn't. If you ever listen to any of Ra's videos, listen to his audios, or any of that on the Jovian archive site, when he tries to make these sacral noises it is hilarious because you can tell. When I'm around projectors and they start doing it, I can tell by the tone of it that it isn't in their nature. It is something that they have been conditioned to do. They do that conditioning and it sounds so awkward. 


That's what's fun about human design is when it's when you can see both sides of it, you can see the duality of it, the natural flow of it, and the conditioning field. Of course, we have to have this dualistic reality. That is the reality that we're in, we're in a dualistic reality. The sameness can't expand without having a positive and negative. That's the fascinating piece of the power of this information. When you get good at it, understand it, and are living it, you become aware of all of this stuff, and you become aware of who's in your environment. You become aware of that next actor that walks onto your stage. They have a conversation with you and it's like okay, I get it. That's going a little bit deeper into some information. 


If this is your inner authority, pay attention to your noises and the movement that the body wants to do, and expend your energy correctly for you. This is largely about satisfyingly using this energy. If the not-self mind is trying to run the life, frustration is going to be the feeling, and frustration is resistance and it will break down your instrument. All of a sudden, a string breaks or the skin on your drum cracks. That's what happens because we're using that instrument incorrectly. Have fun experimenting!

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices. I am filtering the Maia through adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

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