How to Brand Yourself Using your Unique Human Design Bodygraph

Nov 25, 2022

Here are the quick run down of the 3 elements you can use to set your brand apart form others. 


1. Who do you serve?


Along your fractal line (the nodes of your moon) the people you are here to serve are still here waiting for you.

They are awaiting for your version of a solution that they need. 


2. Why you do what you do


The Incarnation Cross (Life Work Theme) and the the Profile (Public Role) are the reasons why you are here and how you will show up to your fractal line. 


3. Your Story


This is all the experiences you have had, the skills you have acquired and all the challenges along the way to the space we call now. 



When Ra used to say "No Choice, what to do." 

I used to feel some resistance to that....because I wanted to 'control' everything in my life...

Now 11 years into the experiment, I now know that there is no choice. The design works us and our only job it to get out of the way and let the mechanics create a life for us that is beyond the conditioned mind. 



P.s. Want to study Human Design?

I created an all inclusive course that will save you time and money. 

Here is a link to check it out.


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