Human Design - Inner Authority and the Solar Plexus

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Today, we're going to take a look at the inner authority of the solar plexus. In human design, the whole foundational teaching is for us to remove the authority of making decisions from our minds and placing that authority within the consciousness field of the body. The mind gets way too chaotic, exhausted, and it can't make decisions all day long. It becomes so tired and mentally fatigued. We see this right now in our world, mental wellness is a hot topic. The unfortunate piece is it's the human beings that are going through and witnessing this in themselves. I know that mental wellness is way deeper than decision-making, so I'm not diagnosing anything, but when we have this simplistic tool of design that can bring our awareness back into the consciousness field that we inhabit, it relieves some of that pressure in the mind. Once some of that pressure can be relieved, then the actual cellular structure can begin to heal itself. 


Doctors are seeing this all in other parts of the world where the actual chemistry of the brain and the actual brain can regenerate as long as we are using this temple to the best of our ability. I'm going to go down through the hierarchical understandings of each one of these. What I love the most is the simplistic tools of design are not difficult to grasp. What happens is the not-self mind convinces you otherwise. I know it from my experiment. I know it from living in this physical body. I can teach this simplistic information and those that can hear me are going to hear me. Inner authority is a way for you to listen to your consciousness field. We are completely connected to the consciousness field. We're all connected, there's no new thought under the Sun. There's no separation between my energy field and your energy field. However, we came here to have individualized human experiences so that we can expand that consciousness field through our individuated awareness


Imagine if you had a pea, and there was nothing else around. It was just a pea. Everything around it was a pea. There's no expansion happening there because there's no individual process. I say a pea because scientists have developed the theory that before the Big Bang everything that in the universe was the size of a pea. The energy and the mass was the size of a pea and something took place and that energy said, well the only way that we can expand and become more is to have a duality. A dualistic this and that experience through many. Yes, we're connected to the consciousness field, but design brings you back into your consciousness field that is then connected to the whole. 


Inner authority brings the power of your decisions back into your consciousness field. Instead of making decisions from a place of conformity, homogenization, or conditioning, take one minute and look at the influencers. Let's say in the beauty sector like cosmetics or whatever. I'm not dissing them, but there's so much conformity there. All the influencers want to look the same, talk the same, act the same, and you see that. That's conformity. When 10,000 beauty influencers are all wearing the same shirt, the same pair of shorts, the same flip-flops, carrying the same handbag, that's conformity. What design is saying is, be individualized, don't buy into the conformity because conformity is a killer. 


The inner authority brings your decision-making back into your body, into your consciousness field. It empowers you to live that individualized life. Instead of trying to make decisions out of your brain, you make them based on the consciousness field of the body. Inner authority elevates your self-actualization to a place of pure awareness. You get to become aware because the mind isn't jammed up and filled with a bunch of junk that you're trying to make decisions and sort through. No, the decisions are made with the inner authority, then the mind can start to sort and sift what it needs to and place things where it needs to. It'll be available to you when the time is needed. 


Inner authority assesses what is correct for you. It will give you the indication of a yes or a no. Yes, I'm going to do this, or no I'm not going to do it. The inner authority sets up the movie so you can watch it. I don't know how much information or how much studying of design or any of that you've done, but our minds are here to be the passenger and watch this vehicle, this meat-suit navigate on this plane and it's here to watch it. Your soul is here to experience, that's it. Am I saying the mind is the soul? I don't know. We're here to witness our movie. We're not here to interfere with it. The inner authority is the composer of the instrument you came here to play. All your definition, that's your instrument. That's your particular instrument to play in the frequency field, in the vibration, in the energy, whatever you want to call it, that's your instrument. That's how you get to play in this field. The inner authority clears up the airwaves and tunes in your outer authority. 


What is Outer Authority

The outer authority is the wisdom that you're gaining in this lifetime. The wisdom comes from your instrument experiencing through the openness. All of the white that's in your chart, and all that wisdom that's flowing through the neutrino ocean through your cellular structure, that's all wisdom. Inner authority brings back your power to operate from that instrument and then be fully tuned in to what you need to put out as a vibration into the frequency. For trying to use the not-self, the openness, as our instrument and for trying to make decisions through that openness, what happens is it becomes a distorted field. Just a simple example of that is, tuning in your radio. If you're off by one point all of a sudden the radio gets staticy. But as soon as you get tuned into that radio station, it's clear and it's crisp. That is the same thing that the inner authority does for you. It tunes you in to your radio station. 


The Emotional Intelligence of the Solar Plexus

If the lower right function or center is defined in your bodygraph, that's your inner authority. That center is currently a motor. The solar plexus is currently a motor and it's moving into awareness. We're moving closer and closer to that as we close in on the year 2027. This particular center right now operates in a wave pattern. Something's presented to you and all of a sudden, there's excitement or something's presented to you and there's despair about it. This wave goes up and down into excitement and despair, hope, and pain, and it moves in this fashion. If this is your inner authority, the cellular structure of your body needs to have time to integrate all of the emotional intelligence about what is being presented. If you're a manifestor, there is something that's required for you to get a good grasp on who you're going to impact when you either move forward with a decision or you choose not to move forward with the decision. Whether you take action or not. 


That time is for you to integrate who you're going to impact with that movement. If you are a projector, it's all about integrating that recognition field. Am I being recognized and integrating that information into the body and either accepting or declining the invitation based on your emotional intelligence about recognition, being noticed, and being able to guide people. 


For our generators, manifesting generators, our builders, this is all about coming to a place of clarity through responding over time. Coming to clarity as to, when am I going to use my available energy or not? When's the correct timing for me to move into the decision or move away from the decision? It's all about you feeling the up and down and integrating the emotional intelligence of it. The wave pattern is so you feel the ups and downs of the decision, but you are not the wave. You are the surfer riding the wave. 


I see this often. Emotional people get all excited and they want to jump in because they're at the top of their wave and they're being the wave. It's about sitting back and going okay, here's my emotional intelligence about this at this moment. It's moving through the ups and downs of it. When a surfer's on a surfboard, they have to be so in tune with their body on the surfboard. If they move abruptly or if they're not fully conscious of their body, they can flip themselves off that surfboard in a heartbeat, and then they are the wave. The wave spits you out of the ocean and the wave can drown you in the ocean. The key piece of this is to be the surfer and be fully aware of where you are on that wave. 


It's not a time for you to weigh the pros and cons because emotional intelligence needs time. I'm not going to tell you the time because it could be anything since it's your experience, not my experience. You get to experiment with the severity of a decision and then go okay well, what's my time period here for the severity of this decision? Maybe going for lunch with a co-worker is a little bit different than purchasing a house or selling your house and moving into a new country. It all depends on you experimenting with your timeline. It's about how well you can integrate your emotional intelligence and stay out of your head while you're doing it. 


Again, this is the time for your emotional body to integrate the information because it is information, everything is information. That's all we are. We're energetic matter and its information. We are information. Emotional intelligence is the hierarchy. If this center is colored in gold on your bodygraph, you are an emotional person. A person that has emotional intelligence, a solar plex, and this emotional authority, and it's about time and integrating information into the cellular structure over a while. 


Here's a quick synopsis of the difference in the waves. All your instrument needs to be funneled into understanding this emotional wave. See that there are ups and downs. There are going to be ups and downs that we feel in our life. If you want a good example of this, go to the stock market. Check out the tickers. Mostly it's all not-self that is operating that emotional wave on the stock market but it's still a graph to see. What are people feeling about a particular company or index or ETF, all those kinds of things? It's quite interesting to watch the not-self emotionality run our economy. It's kind of crazy, but that's what we do. What I also love about design is that there's a whole business side to this. That's where I'm going to dig in my fingers because I see how the stock market and how the economy is fully run off the not-self. A lot of it is run off of fake news which could be a controversy between you and I as well but that's my look on it. 


People start running with stuff that may or may not be healthy. Don't let the not-self, fake news, mind try to force you to look at this differently. This is a snapshot so that you can feel this in your body, become emotionally intelligent, and use that emotional intelligence as your authority to move forward into making decisions. This is kind of a visualization of a wave. The wave is always in movement. The ocean can not be alive if there are no waves. That ebb and flow is created from the moon and the moon again pulls us up into our experience. There's a video about that already on my YouTube channel if you want to check that out. The moon pulls us into our experience. The moon is doing the same thing to the ocean. It's moving, creating these waves, and the waves create life. The wave brings "food" for your life. It washes the newness in, takes the old mess out and there's always that ebb and flow. It's not about being the wave, it's about witnessing the wave. 


Clarity is not a destination because clarity is a movement and this might be one of the reasons why people with emotional authority don't always love it. A lot of them want to erase that out of their charts. I don't have it so it's not my inner authority. I can only witness what other people are going through. That clarity is not a destination. It's a movement towards the self-actualization process and a movement through those ups and downs. Clarity comes over time, there is no destination, there's not going to be a clear spot and done. Clarity feels like there's no more nervousness about the decision. It kind of feels like this contentment and then you can move forward or not, enter in or not. It's all this emotional intelligence that you've gained and it has absolutely nothing to do with the not-self mind. It has nothing to do with any kind of stuff that the mind wants to put in or take out.

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices. I am filtering the Maia through adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

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