The Power of Inner Authority: Time, Food, and Transits

business building using your monopole inner authority Aug 10, 2023

Life is a journey filled with decisions, pressures, and influences. But what if we've been looking at it all wrong? Let's dive into the concepts of time, food, and transits to discover a more grounded approach to life. 1. The Illusion of Time Time is something we all feel bound by. We constantly check our phones, set alarms, and schedule our days. But what if time is just a construct? "We are so deeply conditioned by time... trying to chase time, save time... and it's a huge conditioning factor." Instead of being slaves to the clock, we should focus on managing our energy. Time might be out of our control, but our energy isn't. When we shift our focus from chasing time to harnessing our energy, we find a sense of liberation and purpose. 2. Food: Another Conditioning Factor Just like time, food plays a significant role in our daily lives. We've set times for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. But have we ever stopped to think about why? "Time and food play a big part in our conditioning world." Our eating habits, much like our perception of time, are conditioned responses. By becoming more aware of why we eat when we eat, we can start to break free from these conditioned patterns. 3. Understanding Transits and the Sky Clock Beyond time and food, there's another concept that influences our lives: transits. These are the movements and positions of celestial bodies, often used in astrology. The speaker introduces the idea of a "sky clock," a representation of these transits. "There is a sky clock... everything's moving around, and all the transits are designed to do for you is to allow you to take advantage of the present energy field or not." Transits represent transitory energy. They're ever-changing, just like the sky clock. But there's a stable foundation we can rely on: our natal chart. This chart, based on astrology, represents our core, unchanging self. "What is in your natal chart is stationary... that's where you always want to come back to." By focusing on our natal chart and trusting our inner authority, we can decide how to interact with the world around us. This approach offers stability and clarity in a world that often feels chaotic. In Conclusion Life is filled with external pressures and influences. From the ticking of the clock to our daily meals, we're conditioned in many ways. But by understanding these influences and trusting our inner authority, we can find stability and purpose. Whether it's in business, relationships, or personal growth, the key is to operate from a place of inner strength and authenticity. "If you're feeling wishy-washy and transitory in your business... it's because you're operating through the sky clock." Remember, you have the power to decide how you interact with the world. Trust in your inner authority, focus on your energy, and let your unique light shine. Leann

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