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How Will Human Design Make Your Life More Fulfilling?

This image was first introduced to me through my connection with the IHDS. Today, have a whole new appreciation for this image. 

Human Design's core process is to trust in our conscious connection with Source so that the decisions we make are coming from an inner authority vs. the shoulda. woulda. coulda's of the conditioned mind. 

There is a mechanical formula in the bodygraph that is brought to life which brings us to the image to your right. 

Breaking Free from the Uncertainty to then experiencing the Purpose of your Unique Life....This is how the Human Design System can help you live a fulfilled life!


Professional Training

Education is a huge part of my Human Design. Having a public Role as an Authority and Pioneer, it is so important to me to receive Education from the source.

Ra Uru Hu, the creator of The Human Design System is the founder of the International Human Design School and the BG5 Business Institute and I have had the opportunity to study his material and be trained by professionals to be a professional!


Here is One of the Reasons I am Passionate about Alignment to our Unique Purpose.

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What is it Costing You to Stay in the Same Old, Same Old?

Break free of the turmoil and step into the purpose driven life you are designed for!

Don't let another day pass where you get up and drudge through another day completing tasks and hitting goals for an organization that could replace you in a heartbeat! 

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Client Testimonials

Megan Searby

Taking part in the Self Mastery Movement over this past year has been a transformational and empowering experience. Looking back I can see how small changes over time have led to significant changes in my life. Leann's program has taken me on a deep dive into the Human Design material where I have started to expand my awareness, experiment with navigating life according to my strategy and authority, and peel away the layers of conditioning that hold me back from living authentically as my true self. Throughout this journey Leann has been an incredible support and coach by asking the right questions to allow a shift in my perspective and helping me understand my experiences and patterns at a deeper level so that they can become a source of wisdom. Human Design is a profound gift for the world and I am grateful that this material and the opportunity to work with Leann crossed my path. 


Leann is helping me create structure and clarity around my 20+ years of corporate America experiences. I have experiences that can continue to help others grow. Figuring out how to use those experiences and help others is my next step. Leaning into the work with Leann is helping me take my work to the next level. I recommend you explore work with Leann if you are interested in knowing what else is out there for you and your career.


With so many people out there claiming to be a Human Design expert these days it can be hard to know whom to trust and who not only has invested time, money and energy to study HD but also LIVE in alignment with their design. Leann Wolff is one of those people who knows her stuff. We’ve been HD for Business students together and we’ve taught Making Money By Design classes together, so I feel totally confident letting you know that when I have a question about design that I either don’t understand or I just want to geek out on, Leann is my first choice! 

I have one word of caution: If you just want someone to share what’s popular or trending, or even totally made-up in the world of Human Design, don’t go to Leann. If you want straight-up, legit information delivered with the clarity & confidence of years of study and just enough attitude to make it fun, she’s your gal.




I believe you offer a huge gift sharing insight into the steps along the path of Love.

I am so very grateful to have come into your sphere of being; the personal reading with you provided me super insights about which I still draw upon. And you fire stirs life and laughter of freedom within me.

Having lived in fear of loosing customers for decades, and being a slave to the fear I worked with so many people that were not a good match for me... For money. In the last few years I have turned away many tens of thousands of dollars in work with one focus, what is right for me. And the calls and work have quadrupled... 

The small steps to change my ways were hell again and again, yet the result is heaven.  


Leann, thank you SO MUCH! Today was so monumental - I feel a huge relief for having successfully found you, and received an incredible reading. With the several years of anticipation and excitement leading up to this reading, it was hard not to have expectations, and I had to remind myself to let go of them all week - but lady - you blew them OUT OF THE WATER! So, so, so grateful that we linked up.


I just wanted to share the immense gratitude I'm feeling for who you are, everything that you do and offer, and are bringing forward for me and my growth. I've had big little steps, and I couldn't have done them without you being who you are and helping me be who I am, and everything I'm learning in our process together.

Jerald Tuck Jr.

Leann, thank you so much for the video. I am a Manifestor, and after viewing the video, I had this big “sigh” of relief. Especially with myth #1 - “Tell people what the end result will be.” That instantly cleared everything up for me. After seeing the video, I now understand what I was doing wrong, and now I have stopped doing that. I also loved all the other gold nuggets in the video! Thank you again!


Once again Leann, you demonstrate your mastery of human design and give us gems with your wisdom! You are truly a great teacher and communicator!!! ♥️