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Give the Gift of Purpose

Do your friends and family already have all the 'stuff' they need? Every year it gets more difficult to get them something unique and meaningful.
Stop the search....
Give the Gift of Purpose.
This 2020 year has been a major catalyst for many to re-evaluate what is important in life.

Living and working with purpose is a focus for the upcoming 2021 year. Give your friends and family a fresh new outlook for the upcoming year.

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Wealth Alignment Coach, Leann Wolff

Hey Friend, I am Leann Wolff.

I am a Wealth Alignment Coach who helps you, my client, step into the career or business that is coded in your DNA/RNA!


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Here is One of the Reasons I am Passionate about Alignment to our Unique Purpose.

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What is it Costing You to Stay in the Same Old, Same Old?

Break free of the turmoil and step into the purpose driven life you are designed for!

Don't let another day pass where you get up and drudge through another day completing tasks and hitting goals for an organization that could replace you in a heartbeat! 

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Tell me Leann, how do I Get into alignment?

The first thing that I will request from you is your birth data (precise time, date and place). Your birth data provides me the most in-depth information so that I can remind you of the greatness that is locked up in your DNA/RNA!

The Human Design System is the tool I use to provide a visual of your intrinsic formula. My role is to help you decode the greatness that is already within, enabling you to step into your purpose and enjoy the wealth, health and abundance that is inside of you!

This chart you see here is my career design. What I love the most about utilizing this information is that I give it a permission slip to work, play and love exactly how I am designed...with no regrets and no excuses! This is what I want for you too. 

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Client Testimonials


I am so grateful for the collaboration, dedication, and insightful consultation of Leann Wolff. She is a phenomenal BG5 advisor. I have gained so much information and clarity on my design and how to live successfully, personally and professionally. She is able to readily simplify complex concepts into terms that are easily understandable. She is very generous with her time and attention. She’s willing to meet you where you are and provide valuable insight into how to trust yourself in making proper decisions.

She graciously took the time to complete a career assessment, a 3+ hour commitment, to provide me with clear correlations between the assessment and Human Design (BG5) for her chart and my personal chart. She is a natural and I am so looking forward to her sharing her success stories. I am proud to have had an opportunity to work with her.


Angela R. Curry, CPA and Career Consultant

Galveston, Texas

678-778-9635 cell



I believe you offer a huge gift sharing insight into the steps along the path of Love.

I am so very grateful to have come into your sphere of being; the personal reading with you provided me super insights about which I still draw upon. And you fire stirs life and laughter of freedom within me.

Having lived in fear of loosing customers for decades, and being a slave to the fear I worked with so many people that were not a good match for me... For money. In the last few years I have turned away many tens of thousands of dollars in work with one focus, what is right for me. And the calls and work have quadrupled... 

The small steps to change my ways were hell again and again, yet the result is heaven.  

Louis LLL