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We are going to discuss the splenic center. This center authority is ancient. It's one of the oldest centers in human design and because of that, it runs deep in us. I want to reiterate what the inner authority does. The inner authority is a way for you to listen to your consciousness field. I know we're a part of the one, but we came here to differentiate and individualize in the expansion of the one. When there's sameness and no expansion, there has to be this differentiation so that we can expand and we see that. 


We see that there are eight billion people on the planet and we're all completely different. That individuation is why we came here. We came here to have our own individual experience and we agreed to jump into our particular meat-suit and use that meat-suit, rent it for our experience here on Earth. Inner authority brings the power of your decisions back into your consciousness field. It's not about making decisions from the chaos and distraction of the not-self. It's not about following that chaotic mind. It's about trusting your meat-suit and trusting the guidance that comes from within. 


Inner authority empowers you to live your own individualized life. It's not about conformity. It is about individuation and differentiation. Inner authority elevates your self-actualization to a place of pure awareness. When you relieve the mind from the exhaustive task of decision making, the mind is then able to see the world through new eyes, through a new perspective, one that isn't distorted, chaotic, gummy, and messed up. The awareness of what you are built to see presents itself to you. It's always been there, but that chaos and distraction of the mind got in your way. 


The inner authority assesses what is correct for you. How should you be expending your energy? What imitations are right for you? What kind of recognition is right for you? What kind of initiation is correct for you? What kind of action is right for you? That's what the inner authority does. 


The mind is going to tell you all kinds of stories on every scenario possible and then you're exhausted and overwhelmed, so grab a bag of chips, jump on the couch, numb out, and watch TV. The inner authority sets up the movie so you can watch it. The movie is already set up, everything's already there, but trust in the inner authority clears everything up. It's like having a completely dirty windshield and then you go through the carwash or you take the bugs off of the outside of the window and you can see how clear and crisp that view is. That's what the inner authority does. 


Inner authority is the composer of the instrument you came here to play through. Your definition is your instrument, the student, the openness is the wisdom, the learning, and the experience that you're having. You're having it by using your instrument, your physical meat-suit. You get to play that instrument and become beautiful and tune into your outer authority. The inner authority clears the airwaves and tunes you in to your outer authority like a radio. If you're off by one hertz, it's very distorted and sounds noisy. But, if you're tuned in right, it becomes clear and crisp communication. That clear and crisp communication is speaking to the people on your particular fractal. 


I'm not here to teach human design to eight billion people. That's why the International Human Design School and BG5 Institute is here. That's where I learned because it is the authentic genuine information of Ra. That's the information that spoke to me. I could hear clearly and crisply when he teaches it and when the teachers at the school teach it to me. The outer authority becomes this bag of wisdom that you get to share from response through invitation, initiation, and action. It's the wisdom you get to share. That's why you came here - to experience and share. 


As we mutate, evolve, move through, and elevate ourselves, the universe is so excited to be on this leading edge of expansion with us. If in your chart the emotional intelligence is white, the sacral center is white, and the splenic center is colored in gold, you have splenic authority. It's the next one on the hierarchical list. 


The spleen is interesting. Like I had said when I opened up, it is the oldest center in design. The ancestry runs thick and deep inside of this center. The cells are carrying a memory with them. The spleen packs a lot of fear. We're going to chat about that in a bit, but what the spleen does is it's instinctive knowing in the now. 


I've never had any feedback from manifestors that have this as their authority except for Ra, so I'll share one of his stories with you. From some of the feedback, the instinctive knowing will let you know at that moment whether the invitation or the action is correct. It's either going to be a projector or an adviser that's going to have this or it's going to be a manifestor or an innovator that's going to have this as their inner authority. Some of the feedback is they usually don't get a no, but they know when it's a yes. You get to play with it. I'm not going to tell you either way. 


The center's an awareness theme and an awareness center. That theme is awareness, this center is about intuition, instinct, and survival. The whole point of this center is to keep the physical body safe and healthy. There's a sense of smell in this center and it is constantly giving a reading moment by moment. It's constantly in the now and the indication that's coming out of the center is, am I healthy or not right now? The indication that comes over this splenic center is subtle. 


Have you heard that beautiful little intuitive voice that can be heard at some times? All of the sudden, you're relaxed and you've been praying or having conversations with the universe and asking the universe questions and going about your busy lives and you're not getting the answers and you're going like why am I not getting the answers? What's going on? In that moment of meditation and quiet time, slowly being out in nature or going for a walk, you hear this little voice. It's subtle and provides an answer. That's the intuition, that's the spleen, that's how quiet it is. 


We all have intuition. I'm not saying that because you don't have this or if you don't have it defined in your bodygraph that you don't have intuition. That works a little differently and that's for another conversation. However, what I'm trying to get at is that the spleen is quiet, subtle, and it can be easily bullied by the not-self. The not-self is noisy as hell. Turn on the news for one moment - the not-self is noisy. It's jumping up and down, screaming, kicking its feet, being nasty, rude, and mean, and that's not the agenda of the spleen. The spleen is aware and it is giving you data moment by moment as to the health and wellness of your physical body. 


If you're unable to meditate or take quiet time, this is going to be a challenge. The spleen is quiet and subtle. It's not making a whole bunch of noise. I encourage you to experiment with this and play with it. Maybe your spleen gives you the yes and gives you the no. 


The one thing that's crucial to understanding the spleen is that it’s all about, is your body strong enough for the invitation and is your body strong and healthy enough to take the action? Maybe you get invited to something and it is four weeks away and when the invitation presents itself the spleen is like yes and you hear that subtle yes, we can do this. You need to play with how this subtle, instinctive, intuitive language flows through you if this is your inner authority. It might be saying yes at that moment and then as the event is coming closer, all of the sudden you got too busy and you weren't taking care of your body, and you get the flu. Well, now the spleen is saying no, we're not going to that event because the body's not strong enough. The body needs to rebuild its immune system for you to be recognized correctly. 


I'm not saying that since the spleen says yes right now, that's not the end-all-be-all just because it's all about the healthier body. Without being healthy, the recognition isn't going to be correct and the action isn't going to be correct. When the spleen says yes, it's saying that right here at this moment I am healthy. 


The other thing about this center is that fear is embedded in this center. Our ancestors were on a survival plane. They had to survive. If they didn't go, the hunter-gatherers weren't going to eat and their body wasn't going to survive. It was all about survival. 


I'm not going to go in-depth into fears, it's a quick synopsis for you. Don't let the not-self mind create all kinds of stories about these fears because, for the most part, they're probably going to be incorrect. There's a difference between body fear and the mental not-self chaotic fear. The spleen is full of fear and fear is healthy for us. Fear is healthy until that not-self grabs on and distorts the fear. We see this all the time. The survival of our ancestors relied on this innate awareness that is embedded in our cellular structure. 


However, in today's world, we've taken stress and that's all created through the not-self and through this illusion of handing our authority over to people on the outside of us, which has created a ton of stress. We're fearful of money and in general. Money is mostly at the core of it all because we believe in that not-self mind. After all, this outside world has created this. If we don't have money, we're never going to survive. This stress factor has dropped into our not-self mind and has created stories around all of this fear. What it's done is stressed out the body and the stress of the body has assisted with the fear staying up inside the not-self. The function of the spleen is to keep us healthy.


Well, imagine what's going on in our bodies. The spleen is being bombarded by bad stories from people outside of us. The not-self believes it and distorts these fears and operates the life based on this not-self decision-making from these fears. I hope I didn't confuse you there but there's a healthy fear and unhealthy fear. Healthy fear - we definitely can touch on in a coaching session or walk through that so you can understand it a little better. Unhealthy fear is all the nonsense that's happening and all of the stuff that was here, money, pharmaceuticals, government laws, all of this stuff that has been dropped into our illusion and told that if we have to give the authority over to all of that. 


What Human Design is saying is no, we don't. What we need to do is drop inside of ourselves and let that inner authority rule the life. How do you see these fears in your chart and then turn it around? Very simplistically, strategy, and authority. The not-self is going to create a story around every single one of these fears and it can become paralyzing. We see these disorders all over the place and it is from a distorted illusion. I am not discounting mental wellness or mental illness. I am simplistically saying that all of that is a created fear from the outside world. 


You're inside knows how to keep you safe. Say we're out hiking and all of a sudden you get little tingles on the back of your neck or the hair on your arms rise, that's the spleen. Whether it's defined or not in your chart, that's the spleen telling you that there's a cougar in the trees. You need to become aware of this and get this physical body to a place of safety. What's happened is we start taking that fear on and running that fear chemistry, that cortisol, that fight-or-flight, and we run that through our body 24/7 so we can't sleep, leave our houses, or step into our true power because we're scared. The spleen is saying I'll keep you safe, trust me. 


Whether it's defined or not on your chart. If it's undefined you're still gaining the wisdom out of this. The story that Ra talks about is about when he lived on the island of Ibiza. He lived out of town so he lived in a rural area. On the rural roads, he never wore his seat belt because there wasn't much traffic and as a splenic manifestor, he felt safe. Then one day he says he jumped in the car to go pick up his kid from school and he watched how his arm reached out and buckled up his safety belt. He said he gets up to the highway where he normally would have put it on and he stopped at the stop sign and somebody comes up behind him and rams into his vehicle. He said that was such a teaching moment because the not-self mind could have convinced his spleen to stop, and made enough noise for it to stop. His actual physical body was moving and he watched it. 


That's what human design is. You're here to watch your physical body and trust in your inner authority, no matter what it is. Trust your inner authority and if it's going to walk you into a place where your physical body is ready to shed and you're ready to move into pure positive energy, trust that too. You're in a rented vehicle, you're in a rented meat-suit. None of us are getting out of this alive. Begin to pay attention to those fears, most of them are fake.

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices. I am filtering the Maia through adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

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