Jan 01, 2019

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I'm going to go into a little bit of controversy here, but I think it needs to be said. Conformity is the not-self strategy. The not-self is wanting us to get in our box and stay in our box. Where is the not-self? When you're looking at a bodygraph, there's going to be centers that are either colored in with gold, red (that's all mine have), green, and yellow. There are also these white centers. It all depends on your design, but sometimes, all of these centers are white which is what we call a reflector or an evaluator, or all of the centers are colored in and that's an emotional manifesting generator or an emotional generator. 


The not-self resides where all of this white is. Whether it be a single gate or a whole channel, that is the not-self. If you're been following anything with human design, the not-self is one of two things. A place of massive conditioning or a place of profound wisdom. The not-self is an energy that you do not hold. It isn't a strength that you have in this lifetime, it is a place for you to learn. 


In terms of music, as we each incarnate into these physical bodies we're playing our particular note in the orchestra in the frequency field, whatever you want to say. The instrument that is yours is the centers that are either colored in gold, red, green, or yellow. That's your physical instrument to use and then the open centers are your music. Is the music staticky or is that music clearly communicated? 


We can also take a look at it this way, the colored centers are your students. What you're gaining wisdom from or learning from comes through the white centers of the not-self. When we look at decision-making, that's where this all changes. If we're making decisions through that openness, we consider that to be conditioning. That conditioning field is pulling you off into conformity. Be like the Joneses, how about the Joneses have, do what the Joneses do. That's where the not-self resides if you're to take a look at a bodygraph. 


This is one big computer simulation so we're coding, which may come as a shock to some of you. We are codes of information that are assembled so that we can have a unique experience and those experiences create this expansion that happens in the byverse (some people call that the universe). This experience that you are having in the expansion that you are having is required so that everything can expand. That's why you said, yeah I'll go down there, I'll jump into a human experience, so let's do this. 


The program itself is the neutrino stream and the neutrino stream is matter that's flowing from the stars. This matter has mass and it also is encoded with information, so it's flowing through those open centers. Now, if we're making decisions from that flow, we're getting sucked into an agenda that isn't correct for us. Yes, they're still expanding, but we were asked to come and individuate, differentiate, and have experiences that are unique to us. This information that flows through this neutrino stream can affect our coding, it can change or gene expression. 


If you take a look at the epigenetics video that I did, you'll have an idea on that as well. Epigenetic science says to us that it's not our genes that make our health, it's epigenetics, which is all about the environment. In human design terms, it's all about that neutrino stream flowing through that openness. 


If we're unaware, there can be a massive change in our gene expression if we're making decisions through the not-self. That not-self is a place of resistance and the body flips out. The body's like, whoa hold on a minute, where is this crazy mind taking me to? The body starts to tense up and there becomes this disrepair that happens because it's constantly being bombarded and barraged with unhealthy decisions. 


Scientists have now said that at the moment before the Big Bang happened the universe was the size of a pea and then when the implosion took place, the universe then moved into what the creator of human design Ra would call the byverse. The byverse gives us duality. The universe is the love but the byverse gives us that spectrum of love, it gives us the two sides. Love and hate, as an example. That dualistic reality needed to be created so that that pea could then look like what it looks like now. The farther we look, the more we find and of course, that is the observer effect. If you want to take a look online about the observer effect when we look somewhere, we create, when we focus our perspective, we create. 


It doesn't matter, we're never going to find the end of the byverse. We're looking, there is no end. The byverse was created by love, so it can actually expand with awareness. It's going from this pea size subject matter to massive amounts of information space. This awareness is taking place through all of us. Being a code, being a simulative simulation, we are code, you look at computer code being ones and zeros. You look at our code, it is the genetic code, it's our chemical makeup and it's a code. That code says, okay we're going to give Leann brown hair. It's just code, that's it. Off by one letter and I possibly could have had red hair. I'm not a geneticist, but it's about that coding. The byverse is saying, okay there's a this and a that, and I'm going to expand, so that love can have all kinds of experiences and all kinds of expansion. 


What's conformity? Conformity versus individuation. Individuation comes from the strategy and authority, from allowing that strategy and authority to be your decision-maker in life. It's your birthright hence our coding. My coding is not the same as anybody else's coding. We're unique. We are each coded in a particular way, so that we can have an experience in a particular environment. That is one aspect of expansion. The universe is asking us to individuate and have that unique experience so the universe can expand through that individuation. Conformity comes from not-self decision making. But, conformity is also an expansion tool. However, it’s a killer on the body. 


Conformity of the not-self makes decisions that convince you to fit in, get in that box, don't rock the boat, play nice, and don't make a scene. These are all things that we've all probably heard from our parents. That track where that loop gets put into our epigenetic expression and we want to loop that and play nice. The result of us living from a place of conformity which comes from the neutrino stream, and following that neutrino stream and making decisions based on that neutrino stream. You're going to go, but Leann, there's also wisdom there. Yes, there is as long as the decisions are being made from the openness, your definition, and your inner authority, totally different. 


Then that neutrino stream becomes wisdom and the expansion looks differently. In conformity, the expansion looks like a body that's in disrepair, chaos, and distraction. Individuation has a sense of ease to it. There are decisions made and instead of going to a place of frustration, you can go to a place of satisfaction, success, peace, and surprise. The results of living from the not-self are, again, the body is in disrepair and your body is your vessel. You're always a soul, but you came here to jump into this meat-suit to have an experience. Having the healthiest physical body possible is to your benefit so that you can have experiences that are beautiful for you. 


Conformity is also the same thing, so maybe your expansion is conformity through the pharmaceutical companies. Of course, the expansion can be one of disrepair or one of repair. The body is strong and healthy in that repair state. It's all up to you, conformity or individuation. Is it a conspiracy or not? There are billions of paths to the end. Whether that be a path of awareness or not, either way, it's not bad. We have to have both. We have to have the unaware to have the aware. The dualistic system requires this awareness and unawareness. 


Of course, the aware and awake people want to pull everyone that is unaware onto their team. Not everyone can see that there's a program, not everyone can see that there's a dualistic world, and that's okay. Those that are consumed by conformity are also serving a purpose in this dualistic reality. The expansion on this side is as strong as the expansion on the other. There are great engineering feats in all of these areas. I'm not a fan of conformity, but it's serving its purpose. 


The reason I'm not a fan of conformity is because of mental wellness. One of the major areas of conformity is mental wellness. Our minds are not equipped to be our decision-making tool. This is clear when you for even a brief second turn on the news. Take a look at our world and it's apparent. Mental wellness has become the cornerstone of our unhealthy society. The pharmaceutical companies are amassing major wealth if you consider money as a measuring tool for wealth. From the top seller, and that's their antidepressants, to the next top seller which is their anti-anxiety medication, all of this is a byproduct of the not-self. The not-self creates conformity, chaos, and distraction. What happens is the beings that are aware of this program, like I'm aware of this program and you're possibly aware of this program, they're using the conformity to their benefit. They're sacrificing the physical wellness and the mental wellness of the people. 


Again, it's all a duality, so it's not up to me to say whether or not that purpose is correct or not. However, the people that are on the path to awareness can also come to the not-self agenda if they are not making decisions from their true self and they're making them from the not-self. It doesn't matter how aware of the program you are, you're still coming into the not-self agenda. Distraction is the major player in the mental wellness realm. It's that constant stimulation, instant consumerism, and the pressure to conform. That's what's become the focus. 


If for one moment all seven billion of us tapped into love, we could shift the mental wellness of our humanism. But we need both sides. Who is it for me to say? I'm providing the program. I'm the messenger for the human design system and the creation that was brought through Ra. This is the one choice. Conformity is the not-self and individuation is the true self. That is the one choice that you have. You can trust the inner authority and the strategy or not. Because there is a dualistic byverse, neither one is good and neither one is bad. In the long run, both are needed for the expansion. You get to decide whether you're inside the conformity box or not. I would say that's probably the one choice that we have. We get to live in the awareness or not, and make decisions from our true self or not.

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices. I am filtering the Maia through adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

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