Whose Desires are You Aligning With?

Mar 31, 2020

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The 41st gate important to always revisit. It is the start codon! And it is residing in the quarter of mutation!


The Consciousness Evolutionary Instruction is empowering us to find our inner truth and individuated mutation before we move into the new desires that are coming our way!

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Today's conversation is about desires. Whose desires are you aligning to? Today, I'm going to twist your mind a little bit and that's good, we need that to happen. I'm probably going to throw in a lot of information here, so if your attention span is low right now, you might need to read this in bits and pieces. The reason I want to speak about desires is because of how important the evolutionary consciousness field that is providing us with the instructions on how to come back to ourselves is presenting itself. 


My name is Leann Wolff. I am a BG5 and Human Design professional, a coach, a teacher, an incessant researcher, and I am here to be a contagion and a conveyor for humanity and our ability to drop into our inner truth come to self-mastery. I get to help men and women all over the world walk through the pain and realize the pleasure of their direction. I inspire them to let go of those old patterns so that they can truly live a life that is of self-mastery. Alright, let's get into today's information.


I'm talking about desires because I want you to walk through this with me so that you can understand this. For us to move into the self-mastery movement, it's important to understand the concept of these gates, the encryption of these gates. Yet then it's the how and that's where the self-mastery movement, my programs, and my coaching allow you to move into the how. It's the how that I'm going to provide in those programs. 


The 41st Gate

The 41st gate is all about desires. It's fantasy and it's hunger. Down here in the root center, which is fuel and pressure. There's fuel here, or there's pressure depending on defined or undefined, mine's defined. I provide fuel and then you, if you have it undefined, get to decide if that pressure is correct for you or not. That's the whole discernment process. That's what human design is teaching you. That's what the BG5 Business Institute teaches you. Is this correct for me or not? 


The 41st gate is also our start codon. I'm going to show you the evolutionary process so you can grasp the massive depth of this. The 41st gate is the quarter of mutation. Don't forget that as we walk forward. The 41st gate says that the limitation of resources maximizes the development of potential, so it's the gate of contraction and decreases. The 41st gate is asking you, "Can you contract down back into your own frequency so that you can then maximize the development of potential?" On the other hand, what happens is there's a lack of limitation. Having it all actually minimizes progress. 


The 41, up to the 30, over to the 36, up to the 35 in the throat, this is the human experiential way. On this planet, we have been conditioned to believe that our desires are to be a collective desire. Now, I'm going to twist your brain here a little bit. This is in a collective circuitry but the desires to move up, to progress, are not about the collective desires. We're going to walk through that as I break down each one of the lines for you. There's a fantasy that tries to create a structural program to get what you want. 


This is experience. Experiential does not have a structure on this side when we're looking towards the splenic center. That's an experiment, testing a pattern, testing scientifically, walking through theories, and then testing it. There is a structure here, there is a pattern. That's why logic is still in our duality. 


We have this structure and the experimental part of it. No matter how many times you have scientists talking about different aspects, and right now our world is inundated with scientific information, it's for you to discern what is correct for you and what is not correct for you. Now, in saying that, no matter how much scientific data there is, comprehend something, we're all unique. Then the individual aspect drops in here and we experience through our uniqueness. Then logic is thrown out the door. 


That one can twist you a little bit. 41 is a part of the unexpected fantasy and the alpha, so there is no structure on this side of the bodygraph. There's no structure, experience, or experiential. Experience is unexpected, that's why there's nervousness involved on this side, to say, "This experience is new to me". Then there's this little bit of nervousness and because we don't know, we have no idea the unexpected is out there. We're not designed to figure it all out. We are designed to live in the unknown and come to a place of acceptance that the unexpected may or may not happen. 



Fantasy, we dream about a lot of different experiences and that's good. I'm not pulling that away from you, but know that fantasy isn't here to structure anything. Fantasy is just here to enjoy so that you can be the leader of your progress. I know this is a collective channel and we're going to get into that. There's fuel here for contraction or pressure to get a new experience. Anybody that shows up with a defined root center, and they have the 41 in that defined root center, they have fuel for contraction. They have that fuel that's sitting there and then they can pressurize other people into a new experience. 


Now, the opposite can happen. You're going to have an undefined root center with a hanging 41, which is the same here and you're still going to feel that pressure to get a new experience. Those defined root centers, drive and stamina, and fuels show up and then all of a sudden, there's a pressure for a new experience. Then you get to decide through discernment, through the strategy, how we interact, and the inner authority, is this correct for me or not? Is this new experience correct for me or not? That's what that whole discernment process is. 



Again, remember we're in the fourth quarter of mutation. The 41 is desires, fantasy, and hunger. We're going to walk through this reasonableness. Reasonableness is the appropriate delegation of responsibility. Let me just say this to you, a desire that is reasonable moves up and is then reflected on. Desires that are unreasonable create explosive emotions. Again, we're moving up through the solar plex or the emotional intelligence. This is the seat of the emotions and when our desires are collective, when our mind is trying to pigeonhole us into a collective desire, it is unreasonable. 


There's been a complete disregard for the strategy and authority when the mind is trying to do that. Did you grasp that? Reasonableness is like, "Hey, I have made a decision based on discernment, based on my uniqueness, based on what is correct for me, and the hunger that I am going to then fill through progress is based on me not based on a collective desire". There has to be this reasonableness for that progress to happen without an emotional explosion. Caution, humanism tempered by pragmatism, a conservative nature that does not risk its own security in aiding others. Now, you can look at that and say, "This says that I can't help people". No, what this says is that you need to discern the desire. There is a collective conditioning program happening as well as the conscious evolution instructions. There has to be a duality so collectively you can get caught up in that. We all can. Having this outside of self evaluation system saying, “I have more than you, I have this, I have that. Somebody's on a yacht in the Caribbean, I want to do that.” Then you try to hone in your mind and then force your physical body through a pinhole. The emotions get inundated. It's saying, "Let's be cautious here, let's be reasonable, and let's have some caution. Let's drop into self and know if this is correct for me or not". 



In times of decrease, selfishness is justified. Material ambition and the discipline to go alone. The whole point of the trial and error piece is saying walk your own path and experience yourself in your own desires. 



Then we have correction. Correction is a successful adaptation to limitations. We have limitations thrown in here. Survival of the fittest and its eventual flourishing, breaking loose of the collective desires so that you can flourish and your experience brings you to progress. 



Then authorization this, again, 5th line. Remember you guys, the 5th line is the highest expression. The external recognition of one's potential despite limitations. The value of energy when properly channeled. The important piece here is the external recognition of one's potential despite limitations. You've broken through the collective handcuffs and you've authorized yourself to stand in your own desires. 


The 41 6 contagion, what's it pointing to? The 30. What's the 30? Contagion. The law that maximization of potential not only ends decreases but inevitably, such transcendence benefits others. This little sentence is ginormous. The maximization of the potential of form. The father whose success will benefit his children. This whole thing is saying to you, first you need to be reasonable. You need to drop into your own discernment process and get out of the collective idea as to what success and desires, are right for you so that you can walk through those desires, fantasies, and hunger, and transcend and benefit others by breaking loose of the collective stronghold and standing in your individuality. 


Now, everything in the human design system is asking you to please drop into your own uniqueness. That start codon is saying that exact same thing. Don't buy into the collective desires because there is no progress there. Individually, dropping into that hunger and fantasy of your own, not a collective, will bring you to progress, and that eventually benefits everybody. 


Now I'm going to share with you the beauty of this evolutionary instruction program. mybodygraph.com has become such a beautiful program. I am going to hone in on the 61, the 60, and the 41 because these two gates prior to the 41 are so important. From the first gate in the corner to the 19th gate, this is all about the quarter of mutation. Pluto has been in the 61st gate for a long time. It's going to continue, I think it's 588 days that Pluto stays in a gate. What is your inner truth that you can drop into? Pluto kind of comes along as the slowest planet. It's the farthest out planet, whether you want to call it a planet or not. It kind of wipes clean all the old garbage that's there to get us to start fresh again. 


Inner Truth

What is your inner truth? The inner truth provides you with your truth and transformation. That's what Pluto is saying. Now is the time for 588 days where we can look at our own inner truth and come to our own transformation through that. Notice that Jupiter is also here, and Jupiter is our personal laws and our personal protection. So Pluto's coming along, scrubbing away at this, cleaning this up, and Jupiter pops in and says, "Hey, we can have some fresh new personal laws and personal protection". 


What does that look like? Inner truth. These two planets are saying to be connected to your higher source, allow for this instruction manual to be the guide to your movie. It's just a guide, it's showing you the movie. Your natal chart and human design bodychart are how you are going to navigate in the what. I can provide you with what all day long, but if the mind grabs onto this and runs amok, there's never any discernment. 


How can you discern your own inner truth? Strategy and authority. The strategy is how you interact and the inner authority will bring you to your own inner truth. We want the mind to be uncluttered because the mind is your decoder. The mind will decode your experiences and say, “Satisfaction and frustration are what the physical body is the signposts.” It also decodes the consciousness stream. 


There are these beautiful scalar waves that happen when the right and the left hemispheres of the brain interact together and allow for the pineal gland to be the conscious connection. Scalar waves, if you don't know about it look it up. There are lots of machines that have been built to help the scalar waves and help people come back to that. We are just frequency, and our minds decode the frequency. So, if we can allow for the left and the right hemispheres to come together and harmonize, then the pineal gland can be the full connection. What is your inner truth in all of this? That's what the program is asking you. 


Now let's pop over a little bit, so we have the 60, which is limitation. Again, here we are down in the root center, so look at this pressure sandwich that we've been in. The root center, this limitation, we're all feeling this mutated stress. We're all feeling it, there's massive mutation happening. Good or bad, however you want to look at this, I'm not going to pull you either way. My filters go from, and I said this before, corruption and justice. I have both sides of the scale working through my physical body. The 60, this limitation, this mutative, innovative energy that's taking the old and bringing in the new. Mars, which is a beautiful planet of maturing energy, is there. So it's saying, “How can you mature in your inner truth at this moment? How can you mature in your inner truth?”



Then Saturn has been playing around in this 61 and 60, and I'm going to tell you how Saturn is bouncing back and forth continuously here a very long time. Saturn was in the 61st gate honing in and helping you with that inner truth. Saturn is discipline. Be disciplined, practice, be disciplined, and hone in on your uniqueness. That's why the self-mastery movement is so important at this moment and Saturn has been sitting in the 60 here for a while. It's also saying, “Listen. There is a massive mutation happening. Where's your inner truth?”


Now look at Saturn, it pops back into the 61st gate in August. It's dancing back and forth, inner truth, mutation, and inner truth. Discipline. 2020 is the most important for us to take a look at this energy and go, “I need to know my own inner truth in this mutation.” Pluto is going to pop into the 60th gate in 2021. We have a while. While Pluto is there supporting and empowering us, the individual circuitry is about empowerment, empowering us to get to our inner truth. I'm going to get to why this is important for the 41st gate. 



Now, Mars on April 2nd moves into the 41st gate. What are your new desires now that the 61 and the 60 have been activated so much through Saturn and Jupiter, and Pluto and Mars? What are your desires and are they your desires, or have you bought into a collective desire?



I want to move ahead with Saturn. As I said, Saturn was 60, 61, 60, 61, now look at this again. It pops back into the 60. It's in and out, and moving. Pluto is still in the 61 and Saturn is in the 61, but now we're moving, we're watching this. Watch as we move, everything is going to get closer and closer to the 41, but for a long time, the 60 and the 61 are being played with. Then Saturn moves over to the 41. 


Here's where the real transformation, the real mutated energy in this quarter, is. Saturn is telling us to be disciplined on your desires on January 3rd, 2021. We have a whole year. 2020 is filled with the 61 and the 60, then we move over to this 41st energy. Jupiter is saying to us, “now that we have been playing around in that 60 and 61, what are your personal laws around desire?” We have to get real because what was happening cannot be sustained and that's obvious. 


Did you notice how Pluto is in that 61 for a long time? I wanted to bring that to your attention so that everybody can understand that this is a pivotal time for us to understand our conscious connection with the instruction manual. Your blueprint and your map is in your chart. You get to be fully connected to the transit program, understand what the movie is, and then discern if that is correct for me or not. What is your inner truth and what is your own individual mutation that is taking place at this moment? Are you honoring it? 


We have all been placed into this interesting time and it is about going inward. Humanity, 15th gate, humanity. This is our direction forward in the movie and that direction forward is indicating that there is diversity on this planet and we get to love humanity. What kind of behavior is happening? Are we coming together as a community? Are we tearing ourselves apart? Are we tearing humanity apart or are we coming together? How do we come together? By standing in our own individuality and empowering ourselves so that we can all come to a place of honoring the diversity of humanity.


Right now, we're in the right angle Cross of tension. Who's controlling what? Do you feel powerless, are you feeling powerless? Most of the human beings on this planet are feeling powerless. There's tons of tension right now, tons built into the program, and the tension is, pay attention to your physical body. Go into your inner truth, find your depth. Write this incommunicado that it is sitting in today. This is the trial and error process today. Incommunicado, go silent, find your depth inside that inner truth, inside that mutate of energy, so that the diversity on this planet can be honored as we move forward. The moon that flies around quickly is also in diversity for the moment. Where is the doubt being communicated in your mind? Are you doubting some things? Well, walk down that path and do some investigating. 


The 4th Line

The 4th line is all about having a solid foundation for being able to walk out into your network. The movie is saying, “hey. There's some doubts flying around here.” Play around with that and how can you contribute. 



Venus is all about values, relating, and an astrological lingo. It's about love, so how are you contributing to the love or the hatred on this planet? We've talked so much about the 60 and the 61. What the program shows us is so powerful. We are being stripped clean of what we believe to be how we are nourished. Our resources are being stripped from us. How can you go in and have self-care through that individuality and that inner knowing? To be able to do this gracefully, there are still 13 months of this grace. Openness or not, and right now this is almost being taken away. Even if you wanted to connect with your tribe, with your family, you have to stay at home. Watch all of these, pay attention to different aspects. 



If you're on the news, on CNN, or on all of these media networks, what are they palpating into your living room or your house? Fear, nervousness, and anxiety. Those energetics and those frequencies within your body will break down your body. It will break down the microbiome of your skin, and the probiotics and prebiotics of your gut. It will put you into a state of mental distress and there's a ton of mental pressure here saying you have to go within. If you don't, the fear and the anxiety are going to take hold. We are frequency-based beings. When the frequency plays around with our mental construct, our mind is so powerful it can create whatever it wants to in the body. Inner truth, hey you are the technology, your physical body knows exactly what to do at all times but you need to empower it. We all need to empower it. Healthy foods, nothing out of a box, nothing out of a can, and nothing that's been processed. If you can, do organic. Let your technology keep you healthy and safe while you drop into your own inner truth. 


If the fear and the anxiety and the nervousness have you grasped in a frequency of that, the 55 has a massive amount of eating disorders. The spirit can be stifled through incorrect intake of food. In order to suppress the emotions, people want to go for stuff that has weight in it. Processed food that can weigh down those emotions. I want you to understand that you are here to ride those emotions. If we are stifling them down, we can't decipher and be able to discern our spirit in this. If you want to come to self-mastery, if you want to be able to see this movie through your own filters, I am providing it to you from my filter. If you want to see this movie through your own filter, I would highly recommend moving into self-mastery. So that you can master your natal chart and your bodygraph, and so that you can recognize that the fear, anxiety, and nervousness are not here to confine you. They are here to give you signposts of awareness.

As I have said before, my filters are adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you.



Want to be fully centered in your human design so you can:

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Are you tired of what it costs you to stay in the status quo? The process to self-mastery is not a quick fix, so if you are looking for that, do not even click the link! Self- Mastery is a lifelong process of self-actualization and I want you in this program if you are ready to let go of the same old patterns that are destructive and costing you by breaking down your body and your mind!



Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices.


We're living a new reality--a new and evolving normal that has been triggered by the world-wide pandemic of 2020. I am providing a simplified, mechanical look at this information through the tool that is known as Human Design. Once the mechanics of the information are seen, the processing of the information can be from awareness vs. Fear. 


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