Quarter of Duality

Apr 29, 2019

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Purpose Fulfilled Through Bonding! The 3rd Quarter is the most mundane and brings the intimacy to the human experience. We penetrate to the core of the dual nature of our existence. We are meant to co-create with the other and discover ourselves through the abstract process.

We're gonna wrap up this Quarter of Duality today. I do a lot of studying. I have a first line mind and I have eight first lines in my design and investigating and studying is my gig. You are going to get the most out of that because what I'm studying is fascinating stuff. How the science of today, the quantum physics that is happening today is beautifully weaved and integrated into Design because it's leading edge. Design is leading edge and there's no fluff here. Design gives you the mechanics. Right now I am studying the cosmology piece of this and I've tried to read the cosmology piece in the past and I needed to go through other courses and do some other learning and now I'm coming back to that. It is so damn fascinating to be studying what I'm studying all day long.


Quarter of Duality: Purpose Fulfilled Through Bonding

We've walked through these gates, now let's just take a look at this as a whole. When we take a look at this, the third Quarter of Duality, this is actually where my son sits. My son is in the 29th gate. Your Sun Earth activations are 70% of your design. Again, lots of this stuff we'll get into and maybe you're studying this and you grasp that concept but that's where most of our neutrinos are coming to us from - our direct Sun. Our Sun is really fascinating. It's a fascinating illusion that we have created. We're beautiful people and I am amazed every day at the illusions that have been co-created in the minds of humans.


What happens in this quarter, it's all about bonding. Now look at all of those videos, take all of those lines that are in each one of these gates, take all of the keynoting, and realize that there are bonding and duality. There is a duality here. We have to have the this and a that to see each other or else if it was just pure light, there's no contrast. You can't comprehend. That is why the creation was created - to create this separation. Here's this an illusion of separation. We're all one and all part of the whole, but there's this illusion of separation so that we can see each other. So that we can have different experiences. Like I've said in the past, imagine how boring it would be if the world was full of just me or the world was full of just you. Having the exact same experiences doesn't sound like a whole bunch of fun. Now the whole point of duality and bonding is that we get to connect with the other. The creation happened so that we could then come together and co-create.


Look at this chart. This is an emotional generators chart or a classic builder as we would call them in the business world, an emotional classic builder. It's fascinating to see as we walk through all of these gates, that we create three channels.


Channel of Discovery

We co-create and bond with others and have this duality so that we can discover what this whole experiential way was for us. You're not here living your life for anybody else. You're here living your life to experience what your DNA came here to experience and that's what Human Design teaches us. Human Design says don't live your life based off of the not-self (what isn't you). Live your life based on what is you and then you can have those experiences through your own instrument, through your lens, through your perspective, through your own motivation, and life looks different. It will look different. The moment you let your electromagnetic field of your inner authority and the strategy that your electromagnetic field was built to interact with other people through, you're going to notice a totally different life. The mind will stop you, the mind will do all kinds of crazy-ass shit. It's not here to defeat you. It's here to teach you and show you whether you're on or off track. It's not here to defeat you, but we let it defeat ourselves.


Channel of Abstraction

Then we have the Channel of Abstraction. We have all of this experential way. The human experential way 41, 30, 36, 35, and then our whole cyclical exponential way from the 53, 42, 29, 46, 13, 33, 56, 11 over to the 47 up to the 64. This is our cyclical exponential way. The abstraction of life, the experience of life. This isn't about reading a logical-mathematical book. This is about having the experience and what experience is right for you to discover yourself. What confusing situation are you meant to get into so that you can come to a realization? That's what bonding is all about. Then in that, the real intimate relationships that we can have as human beings. There's a ton of intimacy here in our bonding.


I have some really good girlfriends that I have very intimate conversations with and there's this intimate electromagnetic connection that happens. It's not about us mating or co-creating, but it's about being able to have this abstract process in this discovery of self. Of course, as humans, we are here to mate. We are here to have more. We're here to continue with this species. In seeing that, take a look at what we have here. This rule of self starts off this whole quarter. The rule of self - how are we interacting with other people? Are you an authoritarian, a Democrat, an anarchist, an abdicator, a general, or an administrator? Those are the six rules and those are the six lines. For myself, it's an authoritarian anarchist because I don't have the 7th gate defined in my bodygraph. But my profile is a 1 3. That authoritarian presents itself in that first line. My mind is an authority and it's not an authority for me. It's an authority for other people. I study the shit out of stuff and then I can synthesize, bring it out, and go, oh ok I see it. Then that third line that anarchist, breaking down the old. I probably say this in numerous videos but we are no longer 7 Centered Beings. We have adjusted, moved, and mutated. We've been mutating for millions of years on this planet.


It's really interesting to see what some of the history books are to tell us and yet, scientists are discovering and really, mediums, psychics, anybody that is connected to the energetic field, which we all are, however, some of us do it with more ease or grace than others. However, we've been here for millions and millions of years and humans have had to mutate this whole time. We're no longer 7 Centered Beings. We're 9 Center Beings. We are asked to make decisions from our electromagnetic field, not from our mind. Our mind is a beautiful outer authority and don't get me wrong, there is a ton of answers that come when we ask the universe to present itself. Our minds are like antennas to the quantum of our world. It is not here for you to make decisions because the minute you give it authority to make decisions, you are blocking yourself off from the beauty that is our quantum world. This beautiful plasma that we are living in. The information field is all around us at all times. It's flowing through us. We are living in it. A fish in water - they don't even realize that they're in water until they're not. That's us - we are in this information ocean, as Ra would say, this neutrino ocean. The information is profound and the minute that you're mocking up your mind trying to have it make decisions, you cannot connect with that information field in a way that is built for you. What that not-self mind will do is have you make decisions that aren't correct. The beauty of it is that we get to co-create with this quantum field as well as with the other. That's the beauty of it. Take a look at the answers. The 4th gate is the formulas, the answers that come in and the answers come in through the mind. The answers actually will be that the neocortex is what really shifted in this 9 Centered Being. The advent of this neocortex allowing us to decode the quantum field.


When you take a look at it, if this whole thing was defined, you have an emotional manifesting generator. What needs to happen with manifesting generators for them to make decisions? They need to be asked and they need to be given time to provide the answer. Here, the answers are going to come in. Mostly, not going to say this is for everybody, but when you're awake and you're aware and you co-create with someone, you interact, you go for coffee, you have lunch, your co-workers, and maybe you've asked the universe a question the night before. All of a sudden you're having a conversation with your friend and they say two words and you're like poof, there's my answer. I'm not saying that you can't get your answer just through meditation. Of course you can, but it's fun to watch when it comes through the other. We're built to do that. We're built to bond and have this dualistic reality and get the answers. It's about saying yes to an experience, this 29th gate. I have it again, it's my sun. When the Sacral Center lights up and it moves me, it's almost impossible to have it stop. I'm already in momentum, I'm already in motion, I am a pure manifesting generator with the 34, 20. The 29th gate is hanging there, it is just waiting for that 46 gate to come and bring this real determination to my perseverance. Then we have the 59. The 59 and the 6, here we are again, the 29 and the 46. We are just waiting to discover ourselves and discover ourselves in an intimate way with others or having that intimacy when we discover ourselves, however, you want to play around with the keynote. It's fun to watch that 40th gate. It's about deliverance, but it's also about denial. Knowing when to use that willpower and if you don't have your Ego Center or your Heart Center defined, there is not a consistent access to willpower. Just relax into your own strategy and authority. You will deliver when it's correct for you and you will deny when it is not correct for you.


I have mine defined, I also have this 40th gate. It's very interesting to watch it work. There'll be a denial when there is no energy for whatever's being asked of me. When there's energy forward and I can commit and my sacral has said mm-hmm, I can deliver. It's fascinating to watch all this take place and again, we have this 64. The 64 and the 47 side by side saying sometimes co-creation is confusing. Then all of a sudden, there's this realization, okay now I get it. I discovered blah blah blah or mmm this relationship didn't have the intimacy that I wanted. Whatever it is that was right for me but we get to go through this abstract process.


Abstraction is nowhere near what logic is. Abstraction is very abstract. We have no clue what the outcome is going to be. I don't care how psychic or tuned in you are. You are not meant to know your step-by-step life. We are meant to have unexpected things pop up in our world. That's the fun of it. We're not supposed to be here trudging through this. It's about being awake and being in awe. Our reflectors bring us that energy of awe. There's this surprise that happens and we're built to have these surprises. Again, that 6 gate - this is the control factor. This is the whole energetic that starts off that emotional wave and know that remember, we're moving into this shift in 2027. This emotional wave is going to be taken away from us because this motor is breaking down. This is going to be fascinating for us to watch this. It's too bad that Ra and didn't survive and on this material, 3D realization. Of course, he's moved on to a different dimension and I know that he's here still communicating with those that love Human Design. That wave is breaking down so it's going to be interesting to watch how this duality, this bonding is going to look completely different when this 2027 shift starts to move into our energetic field.


Then we have the 46, this determination and this whole channel of discovery. This is really about this determined perseverance to discover yourself in an experience. Then we have all the rest of the gates of the spleen. Isn't it funny because the spleen is very logical? The spleen is very this is this and if this virus comes in, this is what's going to happen. The spleen as you know has this step-by-step process of keeping us healthy, keeping us safe, and the whole rest of this duality is saying abstract, abstract, abstract. Except for, of course, the 7th gate to the 4th. But it's a real abstract process in duality yet it is rightful of logical fears. Those fears are not here to hold you back through that not-self mind. The fears here are about awareness the spleen is an awareness center. Isn't it fun to see fears are built into our co-creative experience? How can the body stay healthy? How can the body stay strong in a cooperative experience? Without your body, you have nothing. You're pure positive energy and the experience that you're having is not human. It's whatever else it is.


We were asked to jump into this meat suit and have a human experience and to have a self-reflected experience in this human form. Can we be conscious beings in form principle? That's all this human experience is all about. Can we have conscious experience? Can we embody consciousness? We are spiritual beings. However, we have a rough time being human. We've messed that whole piece up. So can we be real genuine humans in our correctness and through that be awake and aware? Design teaches us that we can do that if we can follow our strategy and authority. The awareness is right there. Interesting to watch how this whole thing plays out. Now we're going to jump into the last quarter here, do those gates, and then wrap up the entire four quarters. This is just an introduction to this. This isn't the deep cosmological understanding of it.


This quarter is the most mundane and intimately human of all quarters right because we were here to be human and have this dualistic yumminess that goes on. We're here to see our separation, our separateness and yet, know that we need the other in a co-creative experience of discovery. As we're walking this path, as we started as 13 this witness. We conceptualized and then we are building the Maya in the second one. Then all of a sudden we are bonding. Now, this last one is mutation and this is gonna be fun.


If you want to move forward with any kind of coaching, let me know. If not, please enjoy the blogs and I would appreciate it if you'd share them. Let's have a conversation as well if that's what you are interested in.



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