Awareness in the Wave of Nervousness

Mar 25, 2020

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The Solar Plexus Center is another awareness center within the Human Design Bodygraph. How we get to the awareness feels like a wave of nervousness. We are designed to be nervous prior to embarking on a whole new experience.

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Today's conversation is how nervousness is another aspect of awareness. As someone who is here on the right angle cross of contagion, I am here to convey this information. I would greatly appreciate your help for my work to permeate to those that need it. 


First, I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Leann Wolff. I am a human design and BG5 professional. I am an incessant researcher, a coach, a course creator, and a teacher. I help men and women all over the world walk through their pain and get to the pleasure by letting go of the patterns and trusting their own direction. In doing so, they get to have no blame, no shame relationships, attract resources that are correct for them, and love themselves at a deep level. 


Alright friends, let's jump into the material. Again, we stand on the precipice of a completely new existence. We needed this, we needed a global reset. I am completely grateful that this has taken place. However, I am also very compassionate to know that there have been people that have transitioned for us to learn and to come to a place of self-mastery within ourselves. I am grateful to those that are teaching us what this whole reset is about. 


The Solar Plex

Today I want to talk to you about the solar plex and understanding how nervousness is just another aspect of awareness. As we step closer to the global consciousness shift that is taking place, and we are moving from this Cross of planning into this cross of the sleeping Phoenix, this is the great awakening. Coming to a place of self-mastery is understanding that there is nothing outside of you, you are the technology. Anything that you see on the outside through your perception and perspective, none of that hasn't already been created inside of you. You are the technology. 


Now, I want to walk through each gate of the solar plex so that you can understand the nervousness aspect and step through it. We're going to move over to the solar plex and how nervousness is this awareness piece. But also, how to continue to stay healthy and safe and use this nervousness to walk us through to the next step. In the solar plex, the solar plex is the kidneys, the lungs, the skin, and the prostate. 


Grasp this deeply for a moment, please. This virus is a contagion. The 30th gate is contagion. What is it going to affect? The lungs. The one thing that I want to get across to you, and again, I am not a doctor or scientist so you take this mechanical piece how you need to take it. With this skin being over here, understand that your skin has a necessary microbial biome to keep you safe. 


Inside the spleen we have our immune system, so we have this inside application that is keeping us safe, but we also have this exterior microbiome that is also keeping us safe. Using disinfectant and hand sanitizer destroys the healthy microbiome. Do we want to be doing that? I would say not. Do we want to be aware of continuing to wash our hands? I would hope that the whole planet is washing their hands, but they're not. With soap and water, and doing that for 20 seconds to remove what needs to be removed and then trusting that the microbiome on the skin will take care of you. 


Again, I am not telling you what to do, I'm giving you the mechanical piece of this. I am giving you a scientific understanding of the body and providing you with scientific understanding through the mechanics of the human design system. You get to create your quantum however you need to create your own quantum. There is this fear that is palpating our planet, but there's also a nervousness. Will the virus catch up to me? Will I be the next one? There's always this nervousness and the solar plex is built off of nervousness because we are designed to have this nervous system. 


The solar plex is the nervous system. We are designed to have this nervous system that is constantly giving us feedback. On the splenic side, we have this beautiful lymphatic system that runs throughout. On the solar plex side, we have the nervous system, which is constantly snapping and providing us with beautiful feedback continuously, all moments of the day. When you take a look at both of these systems they are throughout the entire body. The spleen operates through intelligence because it's logical. The solar plex operates on experience. It's abstract, it's not logical because this experience is not the same as that experience. The spleen takes the information from the experience, stores it as a data point and goes, "If I see this again, I will know that I need to take care of this because it's not serving me". The solar plexus is having the experiences, the spleen is keeping us safe and not. We are designed to have this nervousness. The nervousness allows us to come to a place of awareness in the experience. 


The 5th Line

Let's walk through this. Again, the 5th line is the highest expression of all of the hexagrams. Real interesting dichotomy happening here. The quarter of initiation has to do with the mind. It's all about this witness returning. It returns to the earth once again bringing a new evolution. We are always evolving, there's always this evolution, the spiral going around. This evolutionary consciousness to the mental field. The mind plays in the consciousness field. 


The mind is probably one of the most messed up aspects of our existence. We have contaminated it. Purpose fulfilled through thinking, educating, conceptualizing, explaining, sharing, and sharing what it is to be in this form. Once our mind is comfortable with our form, we no longer yearn to live life as anyone else but ourselves. What is 98% of the population doing? They grab on to an influence, an influential person, and they want to be them instead of standing in their own power. What design teaches us is to stand in your own power, be your own self master, be that self-mastery because it is so important. 


The 30th Gate

When we take a look at the solar plex, I want to start with the 30th gate. The 30th gate is all about irony and I love this. The 30th gate is the fates, and we get nervous about the fates because we're not designed to control any of this. We sure want to because our contaminated condition mind believes that we can and that's not what this is about. This is about having the experience and witnessing this experience. The fates bring this irony, and this irony is that this too shall pass and to be able to see the humor in everything. The Heretic has to deal with irony. Remember that 5th lines are heretic, they're being projected upon always because they are the expression of the whole hexagram. There's irony in this nervousness, there's a whole irony involved here. Can you see that this shall pass as well? 


This conscious evolution is telling us that there is nothing outside of you. You are the technology. The fates are saying to us and communicating with us. This is a catalyst for the Great Awakening. The 55 is growth. This too shall pass and our spirit is going to grow in this, but we're always nervous that we're going to lose ourselves in the experience. There's this nervousness that we will lose a part of ourselves in the experience. That can happen. But when you understand the mechanics of it, it's like, "Okay, my spirit can grow in this". 


I love the 49 organizations. This is about a revolution. There is an entire revolution happening here. Grasp this, when I talked in the splenic center, grasp the awareness piece there now. The fates, it's ironic. I get it, people are losing their lives, don't think that I am not compassionate about that because I understand that and I'm not downplaying this in any way. But I want you to see the mechanics that this contagion is completely ironic because it is teaching us that there is nothing outside of us. 


Our spirit is built to grow. When there is an activation, our spirit is built to grow. The organization piece right, is it practical or not? Is this revolution practical or not? Practical provisions for the needs of others in revolutionary times which ensures support and continued understanding. The revolution is that we are moving to a whole cusp of a brand new conscious awareness. We are doing this from fear and nervousness and breaking out into the awareness piece of this. There's a whole revolution taking place on this planet. We had a complete global reset so that we could grow, give our minds a rest, and no longer push that mind into an outside self valuation system. 


The 37th Gate

The 37, love. This is the mouth. When I spoke in the splenic center in the spleen, what are you putting into that very first ingestion? What are you ingesting? The 37th gate, the highest expression is love. I know humans have a distorted understanding of what love is because mostly it's conditional. But love has to begin with the individual. We need to be able to witness this. Witness the love inside of ourselves to share that, and support our friends and family through love. We get nervous about this. 


I'm not making any assumptions, but what I see is that there's probably a massive amount of people that have not ever been isolated in their homes with their families before. This is forcing us to either love one another, or it's going to bring out the worst and the hate is going to just exude. Dualistic care, right? There's this nervousness, can I spend all this time with my family? Can I spend all my time in confinement and come to a place of love? 


What's the irony in all of this? The splenic center needs to have interaction and intimacy and duality and bonding to stay strong. Yet the irony is that they're saying, isolate. Social distance yourself. Grasp how fear can be used against us, but when we're aware of it, again not telling you to not use hand sanitizer or not to isolate. 


I want you to understand this from both aspects. The fear and the nervousness can break down our immunity. We're nervous so we start to wreck our micro viral. We're fearful, and that fear breaks down the immune system and lets in what activation in us happens that is incorrect for us. 


The 22nd Gate

The 22, this grace. How can we have grace in all of this? Well, it's the disregard of form when required. We're talking spirit here, this directness. Go to your higher self, I'm not saying don't love your meat-suit but we need to go directly to the source and that is through the cleanliness of a completely clean mind that can decode all this information and take us to the highest portion of our wisdom and knowledge. 


There's nothing outside of you. Your direct guidance from your higher source, whatever you want to call it, the universe, or God. That's how to come to an awareness. What's the nervousness if we remove social interaction because the 22 12 is about interaction? This is the most social channel of the individual circuitry. What if we cut off that social interaction? What are we causing? It's palpating on the planet, fear, and nervousness. 


The 36th Gate

I love the 36, the underground. Understand that the 36 is all about crisis. We walked through, the Sun and the earth, they were walking through a crisis as this was all unfolding, as the contagion was taken hold. The underground perfected survival regardless of conditions. Comprehending that you're never going to die. Your frequency plays out in the universe infinitely. Your meat-suit may disintegrate, but you're never going to die. There's this whole underground, this perfected survival regardless of conditions. There's immunity to crisis as both generator and survivor. Build up your physical body and completely be connected to your higher source, that higher source of love, and grow through this experience. 


There is an organization happening here, there's an organizational structure happening here. Ra called it the global orchestrated directories, God, orchestrated. It's all organized, it's all within here. The program lays it all out for us. But if the nervousness and the fear that's palpitating our planet are allowed to change your own frequency, then they've got you. You want to drop into the truth of you, and use your frequency and emanate out love. Have this direct connection with yourself at a higher level. 


The 6th Line

Here is the most profound understanding of this whole thing, the 6. This is pH, this is your diaphragm, breath, lungs, skin, kidneys, prostate, nervous system. How can we keep our nervous system optimally operating in our body? Breath. You are the arbitrator between awareness and nervousness. Your physical body is the arbitrator, and it's either the healthy decoding mind or the conditioned mind that is going to throw that off track. We shorten our breath if there's nervousness, if we're in fear, if we're in anxiety, and all of a sudden, the pH levels in our body are not at optimal levels. Our nervous system cannot snap properly. Then our immune system has a hard time communicating with us because the communication is happening through that nervous system. Your diaphragm is the arbitrator between your higher self and your physical body. 


Does that blow your mind? Understand how profound these mechanics are and that there is nothing outside of you. That you are what is being duplicated and replicated. You are the arbitrator between your higher knowing, your growth, or the nervousness, the fear, and the breaking down of the physical body. Having hand sanitizer and using that constantly on your skin is breaking down your microbiome. Fearfully stocking up on products like food to stave off hunger. Then you feed your mouth and break down the immune system. All of this stuff is not within the mechanics of the human design system. 


I'm bringing you this so that you can get it. Now again, corruption is how I filter the neutrino stream. How you can be controlled is through fear, nervousness, and breaking down your immune system, your microbiome, and having you shorten your breath so that your connection to spirit and to higher self is removed. But when you can see the mechanical piece of this and go, "Hold on a minute, I am the controller". Your physical body is the technology. The conditioned mind will jump on the fear and nervousness. The healthy decoding mind that is completely connected to Higher Self, works in conjunction with this beautiful bubble of biology. 


Your human experience can be one of awareness, strength, and power instead of the conditioned mind keeping us in the dark, keeping us in fear, and keeping us away from awareness. I want you to see the mechanics of this. I am compassionate to those that lost their lives and I am grateful that that took place so that we can come to a place of awareness. Our earth, our universe, and our existence needed a reset and that was the button it pushed. I am grateful to those that chose to be the button. I'm asking you, can you see the mechanics of this? Can you see how fear and nervousness will pull you in? However, the mechanics of human design will bring you to a place of your higher knowing, of your connection, and your self-mastery. 

As I have said before, my filters are adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you.



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Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises or life choices.


We're living a new reality--a new and evolving normal that has been triggered by the world-wide pandemic of 2020. I am providing a simplified, mechanical look at this information through the tool that is known as Human Design. Once the mechanics of the information are seen, the processing of the information can be from awareness vs. Fear.


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