7 Centered vs. 9 Centered

Feb 19, 2019

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The 7 Centered Being is steeped in a fear-based mentality, a strategic intelligence. The 7 Centered Being was living from the fear of the Spleen and then turned its power over to rulers, conquers, Kings and Queens. Making decisions from the mind and trying to abate fear, afraid people plot their destinies.


The 9 Centered Being is developing from the emotional intelligence of the Solar Plexus. Efficiency comes from the vehicle guiding us and not the mind. Awake people allow for the body to use it’s intelligence to navigate on this plane. This allows the life to unfold.


Eliminating resistance and dis-ease happens when the mind is no longer in control of the life.


Our world is rampant with addiction… drugs, fast food, shopping, cigarettes, sex, excessive exercise… any distraction you can think of, humanity has created it!


Trust in your design. Your strategy and authority to relinquish the mind of the decision-maker and then you get to ride out the life with vitality, fun and anticipation for experiences. 

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The 7 Centered Being vs. The 9 Centered Being

"To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders"

When Ra Uru Hu was given the knowledge of Human Design in 1987, the crucial piece of information was the mutation of our beings, our neocortex. That had taken place in 1781 due to William Herschel discovering Uranus. Our physical bodies moved into a Uranium Life Cycle of 84 years and we gained two more energy hubs of information. We also move from strategic, left-oriented beings to a mix of Right receptive and Left. We are called Homo Sapiens and inTransitus. Why was this information the crucial piece?


The 7th Center Chakra System has its roots in the survival, fear, and strategic Left oriented way of life. The fear leads to strategic intelligence. The strategic mind wants to conquer, triumph, and control its future. Thinking and making decisions from this thought pattern. It will lie, cheat, and fool you. The fear of survival is always in the way.


In 1781, we mutated to a 9 Centered Being. The 9 Centered Being is based on the receptive mind and the ability to view life in a peripheral way. This mutation created a binary consciousness. We no longer need to bow to the mind for decisions, we can trust the body to navigate on this plane with no interference needed from the mind.


What does this mean for you?

The beauty of Design is this: two simple tools, strategy, and authority. And that's it. The mind can then get out of the way of the life because it no longer needs to be in the exhaustive role of decision-maker. The form, the vessel, the body, is then allowed to navigate on the Material Plane without interference and you get to watch the life unfold.


Sounds too good to be true? Is the mind spoofing at this absurd speech? If so, what else is it getting in the way of? Efficiency comes from the vehicle (your body) guiding us and not the mind. When we are following the form we are liberated. The mind creates a prison of addiction and propaganda trying to control us. It is not in our nature to be killers, mean, or separate.


We have the blueprint for the life. It was gifted to us through Ra. Making decisions shapes the life. From frustration to satisfaction, from anger to peace, from disappointment to awe, and from bitterness to success. Again, the two simple tools of strategy and authority guide us in the process. We are here to live what is correct for us, NOT what is expected of us.


There is a natural order to life. This movement in space is designed for us to enjoy and love. The rewards in life are at the moment not later. Strategic manipulation tells you the reward will come later. Afraid people plot their destiny. Awake people allow the destiny to unfold with ease as if taking an intimate ride in nature.


7 Centered Being:

  • Strategic
  • Fear Driven through the oldest center, the Spleen
  • Survival based in outer vision
  • Strategic Intelligence
  • Mind takes us further from the natural order
  • Gives the authority to others
  • Obsessed with strategies
  • Says, "love thy neighbor"
  • Lies, cheats and will fool you
  • Left mind will take advantage of what it focuses on
  • All about who in winning
  • Drags itself to the top
  • Conquers and rules
  • Bows down to the authority of the other (parents, teachers, government, doctors)
  • Delusion needs control
  • Narrows down the possibilities
  • Strategic manipulation: tells you the reward is coming later


9 Centered Being:

  • Receptive
  • Riding the ebb and flow of life
  • Inner vision
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Allows self to be in the flow of the natural order
  • Authority is within self
  • Surrenders
  • Says, "love thy self"
  • In a beautiful outer authority for others
  • Right is looking at the world and seeing it
  • No competition
  • Empowers, shares and supports
  • Educates
  • Trusts it's own auric field and inner authority
  • Choiceless - know there is no control
  • We are all unique
  • Reward is in the moment - not later - life is about being fully in it


If anything here initiates you to look further into design, you have a response to look further into design, or feel invited to check out your 9 centered being, I would love to educate you and coach you to your uniqueness.



Want to be fully centered in your human design so you can:

  1. Have autonomy through decision making
  2. Attract resources (money, information and people) by trusting your purpose
  3. Witness the Global Consciousness Instructions and take advantage of the shifts
  4. Experience the Relationships in your life at a new level of awareness
  5. Get out of your own way and move into a place of Self Mastery!

Are you tired of what it costs you to stay in the status quo? The process to self-mastery is not a quick fix, so if you are looking for that, do not even click the link! Self- Mastery is a lifelong process of self-actualization and I want you in this program if you are ready to let go of the same old patterns that are destructive and costing you by breaking down your body and your mind!



Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do. Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises or life choices. We're living a new reality--a new and evolving normal that has been triggered by the world-wide pandemic of 2020. I am providing a simplified, mechanical look at this information through the tool that is known as Human Design. Once the mechanics of the information are seen, the processing of the information can be from awareness vs. Fear.


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