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Let's chat about the ego or heart center as the inner authority. Everybody's powerful, but this one has this other nuance to it. 


I first want to review inner authority. Inner authority is the way for you to listen to your consciousness field and we come to this "one" that we're all connected to. However, you came here to have a differentiated, individual experience in life. That differentiation and that individuation provide you with correct decision-making that comes from within your consciousness field. The inner authority brings the power of your decisions back into your consciousness field. You take back your authority and power. We're watching this happen all over the world. People are sick and tired of the government pushing them around. No, I'm not a conspiracy theory fanatic. Yes, I pay attention to them just because I want to see what's happening in the not-self


What was created in that whole government experiment was, how do we control the people? You control the people by making them feel like they no longer have any kind of authority. They made up all these rules, regulations, laws, money, and whatever else you want to call it. They made it all up. Now you can bring back your authority into you and create your own life. The inner authority empowers you to live your own individualized life. You don't have to conform, none of us have to conform. Do I conform in some sense? I guess I probably do, but we don't have to. There's a huge movement to this individualized life. 


Inner authority elevates self-actualization to a place of pure awareness. You get to see the movie, you get to watch it, you need to see it and have a real aha moment for yourself. Inner authority assesses what is correct for you. It's not about the outside authorities. When you're using the not-self to make decisions, the not-self can be a harmful place. It's not nice, it's nasty, and it can be mean. 


When you're coming from a place of true self and coming from the light of love, you're much better off. I get it, we're a duality and we need both. Human design puts us in the middle and allows us to play on the fulcrum instead of teeter-tottering. If this is what's correct for you, the inner authority sets out the movie so that you can watch it. If you're in your head with the not-self, it's like trying to look through a dirty windshield or a lens that's scratched up and distorted. Inner authority allows for it to be clear. 


You're completely aware inner authority is the composer of the instrument you came here to play through your definition which is your instrument. That is your tool, your instrument to use, to play your note in the frequency field in the vibration. Imagine a guitar and you're strumming away. The not-self starts putting crazy glue on the strings and taping them down. No, we don't want you to pluck on that one so we're going to tape that one down and then the music is distorted. That's kind of what the not-self does. 


The inner authority clears up the airwaves and tunes in your outer authority. It's like all that openness in your chart can be two things. It can be conditioning, distorted, nasty, mean, yucky stuff that comes out of there or it could be a place of a ginormous amount of wisdom. When we let the information field flow through us and then use our interpreter/true self to understand the wisdom and then we go okay well, here's what I'm experiencing in the wisdom. You get to share that with other people and be that outer authority for others. Our minds are not our authority, but they can help other people through our experience. 


Something that doesn't entice me is to throw a parachute on my back and jump out of a plane. Maybe there's some fear there but there's no movement to go towards that. There's no manifestation of creation happening behind that for me. But there's a lot of people that love it and do it more than once, so I can gain wisdom through their experience. I'm not having the experience. When I look at the whole thing I kind of am having that experience because we're all connected. I don't have to have that experience because it's not something that I moved towards. I don't have to have every experience on the planet not built for me. I'm built to have the experiences that are right for me through my inner authority


There's two types here that can have this as a definition. First we have our manifestors. The heart needs to be connected to the throat to have a manifestor. Because we don't have the solar plex, we don't have the sacral or the root. All we have left here is this motor. This motor can go directly to the throat, up to the competitive channel, or it has to flow up through a different channel to the throat. It can go either way, so it can be direct or indirect. 


I live with an ego manifestor and his is indirect. His goes up through his identity and then up to the throat. What's interesting in this configuration is that the "I will" statements and the action of the "I will" is behind the action. What I noticed with my husband is I listen to what he says and when he says "I will do something", he doesn't. There's always action behind it, but if he's in his not-self in his head creating some kind of nonsense story, I know immediately that it's not true because there's no "I will" behind it. There's no willpower or commitment behind it. When there's commitment, that's his inner authority and his true self speaking. It needs to go from the motor directly or indirectly up to the throat and it all has to be connected. 


If you have an ego manifestor, listen for their "I will" statements. There's a lot of willpower behind there. For the projector, you’ll notice that it's the channel of competition. For these beings, there's so much identity inside the will because they're connected. It's a little different with a projector because they are waiting for that invitation and then it's like, oh yeah I can do this or I can move or I will do this. From my experience, they're a little more soft. I'm not saying manifestors are harsh, but manifestors have that molder behind that. From the willpower to the action there's this intensity, but it's not harsh. Projectors are a bit more soft because it's the identity that is being spoken from the "I" statements and then there is this commitment. Both of these beings can make promises if it's correct for them. If the ego or the heart center is defined in anybody's chart and you're making decisions correctly, you can easily commit and make a promise because your inner authority is there and it's backed up by the heart center. 


These beings can make promises and I've put "be selfish" underneath the projector, but it goes underneath manifestor as well. It's about being selfish. If it's the manifestor and it's coming from the ego center or heart center up through the identity center then to the throat, there are a lot of "I" statements here. But if it's going from the ego for the manifestor straight up to the throat center and if it's direct, this is the tribal channel. That tribal channel is a lot of "we have". It can say "I have" but a lot of times it's we because it's tribal, it's including the tribe in that conversation. If it’s coming from the ego or the heart through this individual channel from the identity, it could go through any of the role channels. If that's the case, there are a lot of "I" statements and it is about being selfish. 


Many people don't like that word. Well it's not a negative connotation here. We put so much connotation on words that it's unhealthy for our whole planet. It's about making sure that you're hearing your own "I" statements and your own "I will" and "I can do" and "I want to do this". Those are the kind of things that you want to hear and those are selfish because it is about "I". It's about me, it's about you, and it's about being in there so the heart can stay healthy when it is given the ability to rest and pump over and over. 


Don't have this idea that because there was commitment behind this that you have to see everything out to the very end. It's still about paying attention to what is the energy around the ego or the heart center. Because it's a motor, if there is no more commitment there and say something is only halfway through, that's okay. If you're like, I'm tired and I need to stop now and someone else can finish it, I just can't go on, that's perfectly fine. Just because the commitment was there doesn't mean that it has to be drawn out. That is what's unhealthy. 


The heart also needs a rest and so do ego manifestors and projectors and ego projectors. Trust that when the invitation is there you're going to hear yourself and it's going to sound selfish because it is about "I". For manifestors, when it's a manifested creation out of there, it can be "I will" or "we will", "we have", "I have", those kinds of things depending on if it's direct or indirect. 


Just remember that there's commitment behind there but the commitment doesn't have to follow through on everything in your design as an ego manifestor or an ego projector. Maybe it's not about starting something. Maybe it's about stepping into the commitment halfway through and finishing it. It's either way and you don't have to feel bad if there's never commitment in the beginning, but you can step in in the middle and finish it. Don't feel bad that you step in that and at first you don't see it out to the end. Those are all little scenarios that the not-self mind is going to say, oh are you committed? Push on, push on. That's not good for you. Don't stress about being selfish. 


Our world has told us not to be and let me tell you that is all shifting. 2027 is coming and the cross of the sleeping phoenix is going to be arising. The cross of the planning is coming to an end. Community is still important, there's no doubt about that, but it isn't about handing your authority to anybody else. It's not handing your authority to anybody to control you, it's about you holding on to your authority and that makes us all selfish.

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices. I am filtering the Maia through adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

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