Human Design - Ego/Heart Center

Jan 13, 2019

8 Min Video

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The ego or the heart center is in the business realm and is looked at as the willpower center, which is also a motor. If you take a look at a bodygraph with this center, it's fairly small and only has four gates. In comparison, the head center has three so it's very small. But in a biological understanding and correspondence to the physical body, it is the stomach, thymus gland, heart, and gallbladder. Even though it's very small, it plays a very large part in the human design bodygraph and the world. 


When you are unaware of how this center operates, you're going to be vulnerable to heart disease and digestive issues. The importance of this center is to know that it cannot be on all the time. It is meant to be switched on and off constantly. It's meant to work with rests in between. The bedrock of our society is rooted in the will to survive in community and thrive on the material plane. The heart center and the ego center are all about the material plane and that's what we jumped into when we jumped into this meat-suit. Our spiritual body rented this vehicle and jumped into this material plane. 


When this center is defined, you like to be in control of your resources and your life like what you wear or what you eat. You recognize your value and it's good to exercise your willpower. This can be the inner authority for an ego manifestor or an ego projector. However, it can also just be defined in the bodygraph and you can have either a solar plexus, a crow, or a splenic authority as well. It all depends on when it's defined. If it is your inner authority, then it's speaking for you. 


It's all about "I" statements or "I will". Those are the things that you're going to hear come out of that ego or heart center. It's healthy to make promises and use your willpower but you do that through strategy and authority. For example, I am a manifesting generator so I'm here to respond from my sacral center. I also have the ego or heart center defined and what happens is my sacral is going to respond but it's taking in information from the entire definition. If it's responding, I can commit and use my willpower to commit to that. It's just for me to then pay attention to if I have the available energy for it. When I'm making a commitment or a promise, it's through response, not from initiation. That's the important piece. 


I watch how that heart needs rest, willpower, and commitment. It's not about being "on" the whole time because what you'll notice is the immune system is going to start to deplete based on the thymus gland being involved. If we're constantly on and putting pressure on our gallbladder to constantly be on or our heart center or our stomach. All these things need to have a little bit of rest so that they can stay healthy and function correctly. It's the same when you're committing. 


It's all based on your strategy and your authority. When it's undefined, you're not designed to be willful or competitive because it's not a defined center for you. What you'll notice is that the not-self mind tries to overcompensate and get you to prove your value. You'll will yourself into situations that are good for you and just know that there's nothing that you need to prove. Somebody with this definition is a different story. They are here to prove themselves and to make commitments and make promises. If it's undefined, no promises, do not commit, and do not try to prove yourself. For you, it's about listening to your strategy and authority and operating through your definition. Small center, huge impact in the world.

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices. I am filtering the Maia through adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.


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