How to Read a Human Design Chart

Jan 25, 2019

29 Min Read + 52 Min Video

Human Design charts can look very complicated. Here is a video that can break things down to a simplistic look. Take into consideration, this is a Science and it takes trial and error to get the process. Human Design takes time to settle into the cellular structure of your body.


The conditioned mind is tricky and sneaky and will still be running the show if you are not fully using the strategy and authority. I have been in the process for over 7 years (as of 2019) and I know for sure that the 7 year mark brought a whole new perspective to this information.

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Today, we're going to look at how to read a Human Design chart. Of course, this is my interpretation. Where can you print off your chart? There are a few different places, I do my best to stay as close to Ra over who's teaching as possible. I feel that the frequency that is transmuted through the words and keynotes from his teaching is critical. I recommend that you either go to and that's operated with Ra's children. Jovian Archive - that was the original website and you can get a bodygraph off there. They have a lot of free information as well. Then, of course, my website and I just redirect you to


My chart here that I am using is not going to look like the chart that you're gonna see in My Bodygraph or at the, just because they don't give all of the information on what we consider the color tone and base. My charts look a little different here but the bodygraph is the same, the numbers are the same, it's just how it's set up and then the extra information that we're given. As an analyst, you can purchase the My Mechanics imaging and also be able to do the advanced piece of it to have that color tone and base, and then you can take the schooling as well. 


The 4 Types

Today, we're going to go into the B6 of understanding the Human Design chart. At the very core, depth, foundational information of Human Design, is that we are here to use the consciousness field as our decision-making tool. That consciousness field is permeating our physical bodies. The body consciousness is where you're going to make decisions from. The based teaching of human design is type. So how the auric field is designed to operate and through the 4 types and you can view that video here. There is the manifester/our gateway openers/our initiators, then we have our projectors. Projectors are the guides, they are the consultants, they are here to guide us in our process. Then we have our manifesting generators and generators. They're here to build in this Maya, this material plane. Finally, we have our reflectors who are here to just be our gauge, reflect back to us, how are we doing in this process. Each one has their own auric field. Manifestors are closed and repelling. No, that's not a negative thing. Our projectors have a very focused and absorbing auric field. Our generators/manifesting generators, they have an open and enveloping auric field. Our reflectors are one that just have a sampling auric field. 


Strategy and Authority

The strategy is all about how you are to operate this meat suit in this illusionary reality that we're in. The authority is all about tapping into your own inner GPS guide. Each one of us can make decisions for ourselves based on type, strategy, and authority. Strategy and authority. If you have done any kind of learning and Human Design, reading and Human Design, coaching, or consulting: strategy and authority. That is the only way that a person can get under the muck and the mire of the not-self mind. The signature and the not-self theme - I notice here on this advanced imaging, that it doesn't have signature but it does have the not-self theme. I believe that when you pull your charts from and, you're going to see that there is a signature there. The signature and the not-self are signposts to say okay if you're feeling the signature and for example, I'm a manifesting generator that signature for me is satisfaction. If I'm feeling that, I now know that okay, I made this decision correctly, I made this through the body's consciousness. However, if I'm feeling the not-self theme of frustration, then obviously I've made a decision through my not-self mind and now I'm in a situation, event, or experience that has given me a little bit of frustration. Human Design isn't built so that you can just have a rainbows and sunshine and unicorn kind of life. It's here to let us see the whole spectrum and know that if you've made a decision through the not-self and your frustration, that's not a bad thing because it just is a redirect. It's just redirecting you.


One of the core teachings of the law of attraction and Esther Hicks, who channels Abraham, says we have to have contrast in our lives to know what we want and what we don't want. No different than in Design - we have to be able to feel that frustration so that we know what satisfaction is and we have to know what satisfaction is to feel the frustration. There's this never-ending continuum, this infinity symbol that goes around and around and it tells you that okay, well, here you are. That's all that it is. You don't have to beat yourself up, your nasty, bad, not-self mind doesn't have to get in there and poke you. It's just to see it. Then we have the definition. The definition is for me, this is a single definition so what it tells you is that all of my centers are all connected by channels. I have one single highland of energy. There are split definitions, triple split, and quad split, and then there is none. That is our reflectors and it's not that they don't have a definition, just that they're meeting it in a different way. This is the very base core teaching. This is when you come for a foundation reading, when you start in any kind of coaching or consulting in Human Design, these are the base core valuable information pieces that you're going to learn. 


True Self

Then what we do is we look at the true-self, that's what I do anyway. Others might look at the not-self first then come back to the true-self. I like to blend it a little bit and I like to introduce them to the true-self as I'm speaking about the introduction. Anything that is colored in like gold, red, yellow, and green. When those centers are colored in, that's your definition. Then we have the gates or the traits. You're going to notice that there are red and black gates and trades which then can create a channel, hanging gate, or a dormant gate. 


Basically, what your true-self is the DNA RNA signature, the chemistry of your physicality. It's your genetics. I love doing consultations for families because you can completely see the genetic thread that goes from the parents to the children. I find that so fascinating. 


Let's go to the not-self. The not-self is anything white. We have undefined centers so they have hanging gates hanging from them. Then you have open gates. There's completely open channels, completely open centers or functions, and then a lot of them not-self. When you get deeper into the knowledge and you're farther into your experiment and you want to be coached and consulted at a more in-depth level, transferences what happens when the mind is operating through not-self. So guilt for me, I know the minute I feel guilty that okay, the mind is trying to do a shoulda woulda coulda, trying to get me to make decisions and then trying to get me to react because that's what the mind is. It's reactive and the not-self is a reactive place. That is not what's best for me. 


How Genetics Play a Role

The not-self is also your epigenetics. Who's around you. This is a conditioning field. Who's around you and the transits are also a conditioning field. What the scientists are starting to see is that genetics don't play as much of a role in dis-ease and illness in our physical bodies. This is no surprise to Human Design. Ra's been teaching this information for thirty years. I've been studying it for six-and-a-half. It is about the epigenetics and epigenetics is to put your environment. Your environment is the people around you and the transiting fields. It's about conditioning. It's about homogenization. Illness usually comes in through the openness, not always, but it's usually going to come in through the not-self. Through all of this openness, that dis-ease, that ill-at-ease, that's where it's gonna come in. When the mind is making the not-self mind is making decisions and dragging you all over the place in an unhealthy way, there is tension resistance. The cellular structure is going like, holy shit what am I in for next? So it is about the epigenetics. How are you making decisions? Who do you have in your life that you're learning from? The dis-ease usually comes in through the openness and most likely resides where you have definition. Again, not always, but it can be like that. 


Here's the thing with Design. It's all mechanical so if we are trusting the strategy and authority and operating from the true-self, then we're using our strengths. But if we're making decisions through the mental exhaustion of the mind, and we've all been there, we're making decisions through that not-self mind. That mental exhaustion is trying to drag you all over the place then the body becomes resistant. It becomes full of tension and that's how that dis-ease can come in. What happens when we are operating from the not-self is that we take for granted our true-self. We hear this even in relationships so you feel like you're being taken for granted. It's kind of the same thing. You're taking for granted your strengths and then trying to push yourself through the weaknesses. That's the epigenetic piece of this. What scientists are saying is that illness isn't always a genetic predisposition. The illness usually happens through the unhealthy pushing of the body. 



So back to the red and black. When we look at this, here's the personality. When we take your Human Design chart, we use your birth information. That birth information hopefully has an accurate time and through that, two different sets of information are pulled. The personality, which happens in the moment of birth, and the design, which is a snapshot 80 degrees before your birth. People always ask, what if I was premature? It's okay. What if I was a C-section? It's okay too. It's all designed. The matrix is already predetermined, maybe that's not the right word, but the contract is already there. Exactly when you're gonna jump into your meat suit whether your premature, C-section or maybe you're overdue. Either way, it doesn't matter. 


The personality - this information here is the mind and there's a range that your mind is healthy operating from. This is who you think you think you are. The black is conscious. You recognize this information in yourself. Then the design is the vessel, it's the body. The red is unconscious so it's not something that you recognize. When we do a reading, some of the things you may not recognize in yourself. Now if you had your best friend sitting there, she's gonna go, yeah that's you because other people see it. Then when you're experimenting with Human Design, you get to be fascinated by how this unconscious information works. 


If you see here, this 34 20 and my 21 45. It's an unconscious voice from my body that comes up. Most of the time, everything just comes. It's like as they would say shoot-from-the-hip. I don't know what's gonna be said, I can't figure it out with a totally open head in Ajna. The minute I try to figure it out, it's all jumbled up. I see that as I went through school. I tried to memorize stuff or I try to write it out and recite it and it was difficult. I'll be honest, even in my tests in Human Design, if I didn't write it out and read it off a piece of paper, which teachers did not like, I had no idea what was going to come out. I wanted to pass so that I can move on to the next level so that I could bring this information to those that needed to hear the message from me. I have no idea. When I do readings for people, what I do now is create a video. What I found was when I was with people for the very first session, I created the video because the knots of mind is still very strong. Quite easily, my unconscious voice can get stifled by that not-self. So I create a video and after you've consumed and digested the video in the correctness of your design, we do a half-an-hour follow-up. I found that the not-self of my clients and sometimes of me because I would get caught up in it, totally open head, totally open Ajna, and a completely open Identity Center, and then all of a sudden I was completely off track. It's best for me to do a video and you as the client can consume it however you need.


Life Force Channels

These are the channels so if you see, I have three Life Force Channels. When you look at the gates hanging off, those play into the life force. Over here, you're going to notice that there are dormant potentials just waiting to connect up with people. The channels, hanging gates, and dormant gates are adjectives to the verbs. Your public role - this is the costume that you wear and we get that number from here. So 1 3 so the mind is a first-line, the body is the third line, so I'm a 1 3 profile. People in your life will either resonate with this energy, having a harmonic to this energy or there's gonna be a dissonance. We're not built for everybody. Each one of us has our own trajectory and fractal of people that we are here to speak to. Some people are going to be able to hear my voice, make it through the video, and absorb the information. Other people are going to hear my voice and go, holy F, and they're gonna have to get away from the video because they aren't going to like my tone. Other people, there's going to be things that they resonate with, things that they don't, it all depends. 


That is your costume so I'm a 1 3. I am someone who is here to investigate, study, and research. If you had one minute to be inside my head or a few hours to browse through my office and computer files, you would be completely amazed at all the stuff that I research. The three is all about trial and error. It's about adapting and the material plane and the material plane is very important to me. To others, it's not but for me it is. The 3 part of it is in my design and the 1 is in my personality. So 1 I totally get that, I have the most investigative mind. I love it and I do it all the time and I'm learning all day long. From the time I get out till the time I go to bed, there is something that I am trying to consume. Some kind of information so that I can then use that as knowledge and experiment with it and turn it into wisdom. The 3, once I knew it in Design, I understood this. But before that, life bumped into me and I just thought it did that with everybody. That's not the truth. 


Incarnation Cross or Purpose

The incarnation cross is your purpose. The purpose is already written. Now, of course, there are tons of books about your purpose. Purpose is a ginormous seller and everybody's trying to do it through the mind and mostly the not-self mind. What design teaches us is that when we can operate through our strategy and authority and make decisions based on the consciousness field instead of through the homogenizing conditioning not-self, the purpose unfolds and reveals itself. I've heard so many people say, just tell me my purpose. Well, I can tell you all day long what your purpose is. I could talk to you about your Human Design for hours and hours. We can go so deep into every single aspect of your design. We can keynote the shit out of this Human Design. But if you're not operating through strategy and authority, all of it is like taking drugs and for the mind, for the not-self. It's just feeding that not-self because without the strategy and authority operating in the life, the incarnation cross, and your purpose, it's there but it is a very bumpy path. That murky, clouded not-self mentally exhausted mind can't even comprehend the purpose because it's exhausted.


For me, right angle cross of contagion. I have done this my whole life. I have been a consumer of information, an experimenter of the information, and then a teacher of the wisdom. I share what I learned through this right angle cross of contagion. It's really about me being of service, contributing, and trusting that I will persevere through the experience, trust in the fates, and then be able to bring that wisdom and be of service and empower people by the contribution that I share with others. It's happening - I've seen this for most of my life. No, I'm not some guru that sat on the mountain, but when I look back at my life, my Human Design was operating all the time. All of ours is and I was totally graced with a gut response, a sacral gut response as my inner authority. I trust that sacral gut response and I have trusted it pretty much my entire life. When I look back at major decisions in my life, I went with that. Out of that, wow, I could then teach it and be a contagion of the information. Once I touch it, I want everybody to know about it because it's fascinating. When Human Design bumped into me, it was a great day in my life and I am so grateful that I didn't chase after the very first teacher that bumped into me. I am so grateful that I trusted my gut and I knew that there was something more that needed to appear and bang! The Jovian Archive website showed up. I thought the other lady's information was fascinating and then I got into Ra's and I'm like, oh my lord this guy embodied this information and that's what this whole thing is about. Embodying that we are already spiritual beings. We should be on a human movement instead of a spiritual movement. How to operate our humans and be kind, compassionate, and loving because that's what our spiritual being is. Recognize that we are differentiated. We are having separate experiences and accept it. It has nothing to do with me what anybody else does. Oh, my not-self mind wants to tell me that it does but it doesn't.


PHS and Environment

As you move through this information and you go from the foundation teaching that we're just talking about, into what we call the transformation, we have here the PHS in the environment. Digestion starts in the mouth and our intestinal tract, our gut, our stomach, all of that whole digestive piece, is a bigger brain system than our brain. When we can digest properly, we take the brain fog out of the mind. How you digest is going to be not only food but how are you digesting experiences? The PHS in the environment is all about the vessel, the body, and the meat suit and the environment piece is where is my physical body, where's this environment that's the best for my physical body so that when I'm making decisions, when I'm digesting correctly, and I'm making decisions correctly, where's that best place to put my body? If you let your strategy and authority be your guide, that environment ends up showing up. It did for me.


Mine is Shores. So yes, I live on the prairies. But Shores not only is bodies of water, but it's also really about being able to see the horizon. I live on the prairies. I live in Alberta Canada and I live on a cattle farm. We are away from the city. I can see the sunrise and sunset. I can see my environment, I can see my horizons. This place showed up. We had decided to purchase a farm and it showed up on Multi-Listing Services (MLS) so realtors would put their listings on this website. It popped up when we'd first initially thought about purchasing because we had our cows and we were renting at somebody's place. It was time to buy them a home and this place popped up. I looked at it and then it went off the MLS. Maybe it sold. Then I looked at lots of different places. Every single one of them did not feel right and environment is important. Environment is especially important for me because I have a completely open G Center so environment was crucial for me. Then all of a sudden, our realtor said, hey you know I think that you guys will like this place. We drive up to the end of the driveway and I just went mmm. This is it. I said let's sign the papers. The realtors said, yeah right you got to come in you got to see the house, you got to walk the land and I said nope this is home. Human Design hadn't even entered into my life yet. But my physical body, my open G Center, knew that this environment, these horizons that I could see, was crucial for me. My gut was saying mm-hmm this is home. We made an offer and the offer was accepted 30 minutes later and we moved in less than a month later. We've been here ever since and I love it.


Perspective and Motivation

When we can operate the physical body through strategy and authority, the important piece is then that our minds, our healthy mind, can then have the correct perspective. Without the correct perspective, and my view is wanting, without the correct perspective, it gets all distorted. If you don't need to wear glasses, and you put on somebody's really strong pair of prescription glasses, everything is distorted. When we look at epigenetics, if we are making decisions through the not-self and we're letting the homogenized conditioned world make decisions for us, our world is completely distorted. Most of the time, I'm not gonna say all of the time but most of the time, those not-self decisions create a shit-ton of trauma in the body. Yes, trauma can come from numerous things. Trauma can come from rape, sexual abuse, car accidents, verbal abuse, mental abuse, enlisting in the war, and being around bombs that shake and rattle your head, concussions, all these kind of things, there are tons of traumas that can happen to our physical bodies. They distort our perception. What designed us, and I'm not saying that I'm gonna fix any kind of trauma, but Design takes us back to the simplicity. Let's get in touch with and completely listen to and massage and love that connection from our human-ness to our spiritual being. We do that through strategy and authority. Then all of a sudden, the perspective those lenses fly off the face and it's clear. Oh for me, I love it because it's a fourth color and a fourth color is very interesting. I get to see all of the colors and then be able to witness and experiment and hold it in - okay this is actually what people are wanting. I can walk into a room, listen to conversations, read body language, pay attention, and I can get to the pinpoint of what is wanted from the beings in that room. That's just by having a clear perspective. 


Motivation is so cool because once the mind is cleared up from making those exhaustive incorrect decisions, that mind can become healthy. It has a healthy range, it can be a beautiful outer authority and the perspective is clear, and then you're motivated correctly. Mine is motivation through hope. I'm not here to be motivated through guilt. Guilt is a not-self story. In a lot of my interactions, I'm like, hope to see you, hope things are going well, I say that all the time because I do hope that everything is exactly what you need it to be. It's not about blind hope. It's about being hopeful and I also have this 30th gate. The 30th gate is all about fates. I'm hopeful that the fates are gonna be on my side but sometimes they're not. I'm not like oblivious to the fact that life isn't a throw me challenges. No, but in the challenge, I can still be hopeful. The beautiful part is that our minds become these clear, crisp, transmissions of wisdom when we are just able to trust the consciousness field to make decisions.


Keynote and Synthesize

Then, we have our variable and our variable very fascinating. Variable is all about your geometry and the trajectory that's going to happen in your life. Again, more of a deeper coaching consultative process but you can see in a reading where that would all play out. When you're studying design, everything has a keynote. Each keynote, each planet has a keynote, each gate has a keynote, every line has a keynote, every color has a keynote, every tone has a keynote, and every base has a keynote. It's the art of playing around with these keynotes. No, I can't teach you everything in this video. I can't teach you all the keynoting but that's really what a reading is all about. That is what a consultive consultant or a coach will for you is they will bring in these keynotes. They will talk to you about your strength and your not-self and it's up to you to experiment. It's up to you. Take a look at the four types and the inner authority so that you have a grasp on your inner authority. Take a look at each Center and gates so you get to then get some keynotes of the gates and understand them a little better. 


It's all about synthesizing all this information and six and a half years in and let me tell you, I still have tons to learn in this information but I love it. I want to learn it and I am going to learn it and because my gut is completely engaged in this information. It's about being able to see the bodygraph and go okay, here are all the centers, here's all my here's my life force channels, understanding that keynote and getting a grasp on that understanding every one of these centers and the keynotes in it. 


Be honest, you could have a reading with me two days later you could go to another consultant, two days later you can go to another coach. Let me tell you, not one of us is going to tell you the same thing. All the mechanics are here, all the information is here, it all depends on the perspective of that coach or consultant or reader. It's fun to watch the perspective of other people and that's why I loved being in classes because everybody's perspective was different. When they looked at my design, it was completely different from me because I'm in it. It's like you know you can't see the forest before the trees. 


Benefits Personally

What are the benefits? Mental ease, physical ease, awakening, awareness, oh my god is it ever fun because you get to just watch people. Relaxation, self-actualization. Your purpose can be fulfilled because it unfolds for you. You get to have a strong vessel like the physical body becomes strong when you're digesting correctly. It's an owner's manual. Who doesn't want an owner's manual, especially for your children? You get to raise your children through communication, correct communication, understanding them better. No more homogenization. Conformity is a killer and unfortunately, there's conformity all around us. I conform because I pay taxes. That something that I want to switch up and that's why we see the world going through such great turmoil. We are moving into this new energy in 2027 and it's all about the individual. It's not about government propaganda anymore. Conformity is what they do to us, our governments so that they taking trying to take away our power. Human Design is saying, nope, let's regain our power. Paying taxes and I've been telling us how we have to school our children, those kinds of things, that's conformity and that's marginization. Am I sitting in that? Yeah, unfortunately, I am right now and you may or may not agree with this, totally up to you, but homogenization comes in many different forms. It could be from the relationships that you have, it could be from the transiting fields, and it could be from outside organizations. What Design is doing is saying, listen, we're moving into this energy and this is our evolution. Start now by bringing your power back within so that you're strong enough to stand on your own two feet and you are empowered enough to make decisions that are healthy for you and your family. 


You get to digest based on your DNA. There are a kabillion different diets. What Human Design does, it said okay, here is your DNA so we can go into the biology, we can go into sugars, we can go to pH, we can go into oils, we can go into carbohydrates, we can go into salt, we can go into those things, and see what's best for your DNA but it's not about food. What it is the about for Human Design is saying, okay here is the best way for you to digest and then you get to experiment with food and this has been the greatest joy. This year from about May, I have been experimenting with a lot of different things and paying attention to what my physical body does when I play around with different kinds of foods based on my PHS. I love it! I am learning so much about my body. I have such appreciation for this meat suit, for this vessel, I can't even tell you. There are a ton of benefits. 


Benefits in Business

The thing that I did not look at is the business piece of this and the business piece, I'm just gonna tell you the quick benefits because I'm not going to go over how to read this. Communication, skills, profit, we all want to profit. That's the whole point of being in business is to profit. There are a thousand different more benefits to this such as the health of your employees, the health of you, being able to change the business landscape. That is what's exciting to me. 


I didn't give you the keynotes, however, I gave you the understanding of what we look at when we're doing a reading. I want to invite you to explore this information and if it isn't with me, it's with whoever is going to be your teacher on your fractal and I'm cool with that. There is no shortage and there is no competition but if there's a response here and you want to connect with me, I would love that. I could teach this stuff all day long, I could talk to you about it all day long, I can coach you through numerous different things based off of your uniqueness. That's the cool part about Design. We have the road map, your blueprint.



Want to be fully centered in your human design so you can:

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  5. Get out of your own way and move into a place of Self Mastery!

Are you tired of what it costs you to stay in the status quo? The process to self-mastery is not a quick fix, so if you are looking for that, do not even click the link! Self- Mastery is a lifelong process of self-actualization and I want you in this program if you are ready to let go of the same old patterns that are destructive and costing you by breaking down your body and your mind!



Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do. Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises or life choices. We're living a new reality--a new and evolving normal that has been triggered by the world-wide pandemic of 2020. I am providing a simplified, mechanical look at this information through the tool that is known as Human Design. Once the mechanics of the information are seen, the processing of the information can be from awareness vs. Fear.


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