Deep Dive in Gate 30 - Dealing with the fates

human design fates human design gate 30 Sep 30, 2023
Deep Dive into Gate 30


Ah, the fates!

The lines of the 30th Gate give a glimpse into how your profile (public role) deals with the fates you meet in life.   

First, if you have the 30th gate activated in your chart, you will want to look at that activation first, then you can dig into how you will meet the fates through your profile/public role. 

The 30th Gate

The Clinging Fire; The Gate of Feelings

The Blue Line in the Rave I' Ching says: 

Freedom recognized as an illusion and limitation accepted as a fate. 

Re-read this last sentence. Let it sink in. 

When Ra says, Freedom recognized as an illusion, he is indicating that the energy that is assigned to you and the body that is assigned to you is limited to you. You have a fate that is yours and yours only. And in a weird, reverse psychology way, there is a freedom to this!

 All Transformation first feels like a contraction (gate 41). The Root Center represents the adrenal glands. The duality of the Root Center is to fight, flight, freeze and fawn from pressure or to use the contraction fuel to  decrease to One Feeling. This limitation of of one feeling maximizes the development of potential.

The 41-30 is keynoted as fantasy, imagination and recognition. Imagination opens the aperture for the cognition to witness the future. 

The 41-30 can get very distracted by expectation. Once you shift that expectation into anticipation, the contraction of the feeling begins to fill up the cells with that feeling, as it expands in the full potential that is available. 

Here is where we want to learn surrender:

6. Enforcement:

The discipline to maintain right action. You are very good at accepting your limitation and using your imagination and then demanding that the fates bring the experience to you

5. Irony:

The recognition and dedication to transitory goals. Each new feeling brings back an old feeling before progress can take place. What the irony? You must deal with old feelings (hypnotherapy is an excellent mode to do this) so you can progress into the new experience. 

4. Burnout: 

An unrealistic pace that begs misfortune. The highly energized feelings within you end up burning out the opposing forces in your network so progress can take place. Yes, you will need give yourself compassion that this is how you are designed to externalize. Allows rest periods and feel the highs and lows of what it is like to move into a new experience. 

3. Resignation:

The acceptance of what is. If the feeling is positive or negative, you lean into the acceptance of whatever is present. 


The balance between extremes. You become aware of the feelings that demand energy and those you are not to waste time on.

1. Composure:

Balance in the face of disorder. Stability of feelings no matter what is happening and you may not be able to let them go. 


Can you notice yourself in these explanations on how you deal with the fates?

I have the 30th gate as my Personality Earth, which is also in my profile. As a 1/3, I deal with the fates with composure and resignation. 

To know this about yourself, is to learn to surrender and through surrender, your experiences of the 36-35 (the crisis of the 36th gate and the progress of the 35th gate) can be transitory. 

The Solar Plexus is associated with the nervous system. And most people in the coaching, healing, therapy and spiritual realms know that the regulation of the nervous system will change everything about our life experiences. 

Now the possibility of change is available to you as the 36th gate of Crisis can be embraced and no longer destabilizes you or your emotions. 

Progress is not goal oriented, it is experience oriented. Step into the experience and feel all the feels. 

Imagine the outcome.

Surrender to the outcome.

Allow the Possibility of the outcome.

Manifest the outcome. 


Emotional blocks, money blocks, manifestation along the sensing circuit. 

Re-read this Blog and I invite you to join one of my communities' so you too, can surrender and trust the fates to bring you through the experiences that are designed for you! 

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