Not Self or Wisdom - Filtering the Neutrino Ocean

Oct 23, 2019

10 Min Read + 18 Min Video

We are filtering agents for the Neutrino Ocean. The Not Self wants to be validated…Our stories are important teaching mechanisms; however, the Not Self will use the experiences to run the decisions in the mind.

Do not validate the not self…take the wisdom and empower, share and support!


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We are going to chat about not-self and the true self. I'm not a lover of the term not-self and here's what I'm gonna talk to you about.


As you can see again, this is my bodygraph because I think it's best if I teach from who I am. I know this frequency, I am it, I'm operating through me, and I love it. Anything in your bodygraph that is colored in even, no matter your traits or gates, whatever your definition is, so whether it be a center that's colored in and defined, just a gate or trait that's colored in and defined, this is your God code. It's the frequency that you said I'm going to use this frequency and navigate on this material plane and through that, I am going to be able to represent God through this particular frequency. No, I'm not religious. I couldn't give you even a verse out of the Bible. I'm using that word, you can use whatever you want if you want to use verse, the universe, God, Allah, higher knowing, whatever, it doesn't matter to me. But it's the frequency that you chose to use. That's your student. That's the hard wire. That is that's the Microsoft Surface, or the HP, or the MacBook, or whatever. It's the hardness, the student, it's the meat suit. This is the student.


The reason I don't like the word not-self is because to me, that's not really what it is. We say that and Ra said it, but it's the curriculum. It's the curriculum that you as a student is here to learn. We're here to let the neutrino ocean be filtered through all of that openness. Anything that's white, anything that you see whether it be a full channel, a gate, a trait or whether it be a function that's completely open (as you can see, I have three of those) or a function or Center that has some hanging traits but it's undefined. This is our filtering mechanism. The neutrino ocean is flowing through us and this is all of our wisdom. What happens is that for some ungodly reason, I don't know what this is all about, but the mind wants to grab on to all of this and it wants to create a story around it. We all have a story. Then it wants to have sympathy, somebody validate, it instead of just going, oh I had that experience. I'm 44 years old at this point while I'm doing this video and up until this point my life hasn't been unscathed per se. All those experiences that I had, I am so grateful that nobody has ever validated it and looked at me and said, "oh poor you. Poor you for that" and then tried to coddle me and let me wallow in it. Nobody's ever done that. Again, it's really how my frequency is put together. My bodygraph has some very interesting stuff in it and interesting frequencies that allowed me to be here. The beauty of it is that this wisdom that flows through all of those centers and all of that curriculum that I have been asked to filter and then present to the world from what is my definition, that became so apparent to me after entering into Human Design. Now I'm seven years in and I'm like wow, it's exactly why I had those experiences. I still think why did this happen? I still sometimes think really? I had to go through that? But I would never take away anything that's taken place in my life because it got me to here. It got me to a place of really really being able to understand my frequency. 


Over the last probably year and a half to two years, as I do sessions with people, I saw the not-self. I could recognize it when they were talking to me and telling me their story. They always wanted me to validate. What I ended up doing is usually skirting around the outside. Now I don't skirt. I'm not validating you're not-self. I'm not validating the BS. Yes, they were experiences, and some of them shitty. We place ourselves as human beings and some pretty interesting situations. But I don't want you to come to me and spend your money, your resources so that I can validate your not-self. I want to jar you into the beauty of all those experiences and your frequency. Without this frequency, there's a piece missing. Without you being able to recognize that all of those experiences created wisdom. There's going be a whole bunch more emotional situations that I walk. More instinctive knowing, health, and wellness that I'd have to walk through. There's going to be a whole bunch more grokking of behavior, direction, love, and the love of the body. There's going to be a whole ton more of information that I'm going to grow to. There's going to be a whole bunch more information and talent. There's going to be a whole bunch more information that I grokked out of the individuality and that grace that happens there or those people that are here to transmit this information to us. There's going to be a whole bunch more mind information and wisdom. If I got caught up in it, how could I then teach it? That's what I'm here to do. I'm here to be the contagion and I'm here to teach it. If I get stuck in there and wallowed in it, I couldn't teach it and it goes the same for you. If you're stuck in it, you can't teach it. 


An interesting word that I heard when I was doing my projector intensive a few weekends ago was the pooling of energy. Let's grok that verbiage, that language. Let's look at the bodygraph and learn what is your relationship. For me, the pooling of energy could be in the emotional center. What's my relationship here with the rest of me? That's what you get to learn about your Design. I can clearly see what goes on in my emotional center now. These two hanging traits are about justice and composure. I want justice for all this corruption that's happening on our planet. I can do that in a very composed state. I want you to be healthy in your body and for you to be able to be receptive to your direction. I am learning a ton about behavior. I'm a people watcher and I love it. I look at all of this and I go, if it wasn't in this meat suit, I don't know what it would be. I have been able to see the wisdom. I hate some situations that I'm in. But I can stand in it now and go okay, I get it. Thank you for the experience of it. Thank you for the wisdom that you provided because like ten clients later all of a sudden that wisdom needs to be spoken from me. They're asking me for that wisdom and I'm like oh, there it is. Don't disregard your experiences but don't wallow in them. Don't get so stuck in there that you can't see the wisdom.


We have an entire planet being medicated out of their experiences. I don't want you to medicate yourself just want you to go oh, okay. I see why the experience happened. Thank you for that. I get it. Don't get me wrong, some shitty things happen to human beings. Again, we're playing on the very tips of the scale. There's some really awful corruption that is taking place on our planet but I ask you do not validate your own not-self and don't validate anybody else's not-self. If you're a Human Design coach, get in there. Get into their frequency, honor their frequency, show them the wisdom of all those experiences. I'm going tell you as someone that is coming to us coaches and analysts, know that this isn't a quick fix. In 60 minutes, I can't go through years of your experiences and show you exactly what was taking place so that you can pull the wisdom out of it. I can't do that in 60 minutes. Do not think that you're going to come to one of us in 60 minutes and you're gonna be able to fix your entire life. That isn't possible but what is possible, is that you're going to understand the not-self is not to be validated. Don't validate it and honor your frequency. I could talk to you for days, weeks, months, years about your frequency. I've had people asked me, could you just follow me around for a week and just show me how this all works? I sure can, it's going to cost you, but I can do it.


It's taken me seven years to see some of the stuff but mostly I saw it in someone else that I can relate here. We're not in this alone. We're in a pot of soup so that we can grok the wisdom from each other. That's the whole point of it. All the people that have the defined G Center are coming to me. I don't have a defined G Center. I'm attracting that in. Same as the emotional center, same at the spleen, same at the Ajna the head, I attract these people in so that I can learn. Then I do free YouTube videos for you. Understand that the not-self is not a place that you need to get caught up in your story. The not-self wants you to believe a victim's story and then it wants you to make decisions on for that. Throw that in the garbage. Think about it that it's wisdom. I had that experience, this is why I had that experience, shitty or not, doesn't matter. There's some pretty brutal stuff that happens in this world but there's some kind of wisdom for you to take out of that situation. 



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