4 Hidden Secrets to the Game of Life

Jan 02, 2020

9 Min Read + 16 Min Video

As the Calendar Year of 2019 has just come to a close and people are reflecting and setting New Intentions for 2020, I would like to share with you some of the deep insights I have had over the last 7 years of experimenting, studying, and witnessing the Human Design System in my life. The more I surrender to the beautiful game of life, the more I can see just what is wanted in the world.


What I love about Human Design is the depth of wisdom that can be extracted from the knowledge that was provided through Ra. Knowledge is the study aspect. The wisdom is presented in the experiences we have in our Human meat-suits.


Grab Your Chart and Let's get right into the 4 Hidden Secrets to the Game of Life.


Why am I referring to life as a Game?

There are 64 gates in the Chinese I'Ching, and these 64 gates come together to create the evolutionary steps...and the 28th Gate is called the Game Player (if your chart has this gate defined; you are fixed in how you play the game, and how you take risks or not) (if your chart has this gate undefined; you are learning what to take risks on). We are all playing a game.


These 64 Gates give us an organized game to play within, a kind of organized chaos you could say.


In this game, we each have a hidden secret within us that allows for your game piece to be perfectly situated for the next move.


This hidden secret lies in the Electromagnetic Field or Auric Field that encompasses your body. This secret is a strategy that each unique field needs to operate from.  When this strategy is used, there is a signature feeling that permeates through life. This signature will permeate the relationships you are in, the career you are in or the business you are operating.


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Let's look at the 4 Secrets Now


Secret #1: Response = Satisfaction

70% of the population, Generators or Manifesting Generators (Builders) Types have an auric field that is open and enveloping. This energy field is meant to use the strategy of responding to what the aura is attracting to it. This open and enveloping field is ready to respond to requests for its available work energy. As a builder, you are here to work, create, and build the material plane, however, you are only to do this through Response! Yes (ah-huh) I have available energy to work, brings a sense of Satisfaction. Satisfaction is yummy and feels like a good day's work. Your auric field wants to be satisfied, wants to work when there is the correct energy to do so,  and wants to be a creator. 


Satisfaction has dualistic energy on the other side, frustration. This happens when the response is No (uh-uhn) or a Maybe (mmmm) and you do it anyway because you are conditioned to move from a place of reaction vs. response.


The Secret for you is to honor the Yes and No and Maybe responses. If there is no available energy, don't use up what you don't have. Be satisfied with not doing the request. If there is available energy, please use it up so you can feel satisfied because of the yummy use of your energy.




Secret #2: Invitation = Success

20% of the population, Projectors (Advisors) Types have a Focused and Absorbing electromagnetic Field or Auric Field. This energy field is designed to use the strategy of waiting to be invited by others. That invitation is an invitation to guide. Guiding from invitation brings Success. As an advisor, you are designed to guide others (and the guidance you are delivering is the definition you carry within this auric field). Success comes as a result of the other inviting in this focused and absorbing energy and this invitation then lets your guidance be taken in by the other and used by the other. When the other has satisfaction, peace, and awe as their outcome, you have success. Success for you comes from the people in your life living their best life.


On the other side of success is bitterness. Bitterness comes as a result of not the conditioned mind reacting to situations and the uninvited expression of guidance and advice. The other person MUST be ready and willing to listen to your advice and put that advice to practice, PERIOD. If the other person is not inviting you, DO NOT give advice. However, you can ask them if they would like your help or guidance and it is then up to you to pay close attention to how that question is being responded to or reacted to. There is a major difference and if reaction is happening form the other person, they will not listen or use your advice. So there is a fine line and it all comes down to you, knowing your strengths and qualities (the channels and gates defined in your body graph) because this is how you are delivering your guidance. This is the only way to feel success is by knowing your own design deeply so you can represent it well and then have it be invited by the other. If the conditioned mind is forcing its agenda and advice of the other, there is sure to be bitterness in the auric field. 


Your focused and absorbing energy is powerful and it penetrates into the other deeply. Be solid in who you are and trust your invitations will come.


Invitation = Success. 


Secret #3: Informing = Peace

9% of the population are designed to Inform before Action. The Manifestor (innovator) Type has a closed and repelling Electromagnetic Field or Auric Field. This field is designed to take action and manifest a new way for all the other types. However, the only way to have Peace is by using the strategy of informing people on what you are about to take action on so they can move out of your way per se. 


As a gateway creator, you are opening new doors for humanity. Creating new pathways for us to walk down and you can do this through Peace when you can just let the rest of us know what you are up to without informing, the others get suspicious and we want to get in your way and stop your creations. This is when the other side of Peace appears. Anger, this anger is a result of resistance. Resistance is everyone around you asking you why you are doing something or questioning your motives. Questions are the mainstay of resistance. So if you are a Manifestor (Innovator) know the only way around all this resistance is to provide information to those you are impacting with the actions you are about to take.


Informing does not always come easily. You feel like informing is like asking for permission and that is not the case. You are designed to initiate. The others also need to have the opportunity to use their strategy as well so they can decide if the initiation is correct for them or not. 


Informing can bring peace by clearing a path to your leading-edge innovation. It may take some practice as the suspicion of your closed and repelling auric field has kept humanity uneasy for centuries. Yet, once you trust it, watch how others trust you too. 




Secret #4 - Lunar Cycle = Awe

What a Lunar Cycle? Yes, 1% of the population is required to use the strategy of wait for a lunar cycle; the Reflector (Evaluator) Type requires a Lunar Cycle to reflect, assess and evaluate prior to moving into, or not moving into, the initiation. 


Using this lunar cycle, or maybe even more than one lunar cycle, allows you to assess what is going on with the situation. You are a perfect evaluator because you can relax into watching who and what is presenting themself or themselves in the game.


And your main role is to assess how everyone is using or being used by the program or the game of life as a whole. This assessment then brings you to clarity on when you will enter in with your evaluation or not. 


However, we live in a spontaneous, 'give it to me now', society. You are pressured every day to make a decision quicker than you are designed for. And this bring s great disappointment! Spontaneity does not allow for the correct assessment and evaluation and in turn, the disappointment of the situation comes to the forefront vs. waiting and trusting your knowledge of the lunar cycle to bring clarity to the situation.


Relax, you will never miss out on anything so let the cycle happen and trust the clarity when it comes. The awe life has in store for you can be experienced when you break away from the conditioned mind telling you that if you do not jump on it now you will miss out. Spontaneity is only for a select few.


Wait for a Lunar Cycle = Awe


In recap, the auric field encompassing your body comes with a strategy. That strategy is the best operating manual for your design. 


Human Design is leading-edge technology and leading-edge technology takes time to assimilate into the collective.


You are here, you are reading this, you are on the leading-edge; it is an uncomfortable place to be and uncomfortable places create expansion, growth, maturation, and self-actualization. 


Can you live your strategy without the conditioned mind bullying you back into the old paradigm? 


Can you seriously wait for someone to ask you for your energy so you can respond? Or will you play the game or "oh, I'll just ask myself so I get the answer I want".


Let me know if you can me inform every time before you take action. Or is the conditioned mind saying "just do it and take the consequences later."


Can you trust the lunar cycle will bring you clarity of assessment and evaluation before you step into initiation? Or is your conditioned mind saying "you are gonna miss out if you don't do it now."


Are you trusting your strengths so greatly that the invitations are on point and in alignment with your design? Or is the conditioned mind saying "Just tell them your advice and deal with the shunning later."


It is up to each one of us to actually live our designs and to stop following the sneaky, conniving mind. Trust our strategy and live this game to the fullest. 


The secret is simple yet the complication of the conditioned mind will convince you otherwise. It will tell you it is not practical. It will tell you little lies to trick you into thinking you are trusting your design. It will come up with all kinds of stories. 


I know the conditioned mind can do these things because I have one! Haha! Oh, it is sneaky, yet, the more I trust that I will be asked and I can respond, the more simple life becomes and the simplicity is pure satisfaction!


Have Fun! Enjoy the experiment! 



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