Pathways of the Mind

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Once the mind is removed as a decision-maker, it can then do its real job. As we move from Confusion to Belief; Doubt to Detail; or Inner Mystery to Assimilation, the mind can express its outer authority for those it is interacting with.  


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Hi friend. I want to discuss the mind. If you know anything about human design, the whole premise of the human design system is taking away the decision-making from the mind, and we're dropping it into the physical body. I want you to touch this for a minute. The mind is not a concretize, materialistic entity. The mind is a thought. The brain and the body system are the concretized, materialistic piece of our experience. The intelligence of the actual physical meatsuit always will outweigh the mind. This has been proven through the HeartMath Institute. The mind is always 6 seconds behind the intelligence of the physical body. The mind is based on reaction. If you know anything about human design, base theory, or you've done any research in human design, the mind is based on reaction.



How I see it is when we're trying to make a decision through the mind, this is my visualization, there's this beautiful game of that's called Pong, and it was an Atari game back in the day. What that game looked like actually was table tennis. You had two paddles if you were playing with yourself, or one if you're playing against somebody else. You're trying to keep the ball on the screen and you go up and down trying to keep this ball that's popping back and forth and I look at that as a decision. As you get good at it, the ball goes faster, so the paddles have to go faster. As the paddles are going faster they start to shrink. All of a sudden, this anxiety starts to happen up here.


The mental unrest that is happening on our planet is palpable. If we could take the decision-making away from the mind and let it do its real job and its real job is the decoder. It decodes our experiences, pattern, and life's inner mysteries. It's our decoder, not our decision-maker. From all of that decoding, we are then able to be beautiful outer authorities for other people meaning we've had the experience, tested the pattern, and had this Satori kind of moments that drop in. That experience is happening through us, and then we get to share or empower other people based on that.


However, it's not about decision making based on all of that information. The intelligence of the physical body will move you to the correct initiation and invitation. It will move there based on the response, but it's not about decision making up here.


The 64 - Confusion

I want to walk through this just so that you can see the mind. Let's start here in the 64. The 64 is about confusion. Every experience has some confusion. Why am I in this experience? What is going on? How did I get here? There's always some confusion. Understand that the head center is about inspiration. There is some kind of inspiration for you to pull out of that situation, event, or experience.


Here's the other thing. Some experiences are inhumane. Human beings are very cruel to each other and ourselves. What is the inspiration that you need to take out of that confusion? Then the mind will then concretize it and say, "I've come to a realization here in the 47th trait in the Ajna Center or the conceptualization. I can conceptualize what this experience was all about."


The 11 - Ideas

Then we move over here to the 11 in the Ajna center, and that is all about ideas. I have an idea based on that experience. Again, I will tell you right now, none of this is for you to manifest from. It's for you to witness and see and let your mind do the decoding. With the 11th trait, you get all these great, wonderful ideas. From there, some beliefs are created based on the confusion and realization and ideas. Then that communication piece can happen. None of this up here is for decision-making or for us to use as a manifestation.


Manifestation happens in the physical body. It happens when we have a motor connected up to the communication action manifestation center. That's one way that the mind decodes. For me, it's completely undefined. There are no hanging traits, and nothing is happening here. In my particular mind, it's interesting because it sees all aspects of this. It's able to bring information in sometimes in a very logical way, experiential way, or based on an empowered way.


The 56 - Abstract Thought Process

So there is the 64 and 47, you pop over to the 11, then you come down to the 56 in the throat center. This is all about this abstract thought process. I had an experience. Why am I in this experience? What am I realizing out of this experience? What kind of ideas can I pull out of this experience? How can I stimulate the beliefs of other people based on my communication?


The 63 - Doubt

Now let's pop over to the 63. The 63 is about doubt. The 63 is the logical step-by-step process. We're moving into the future. We have to doubt the pattern. Something's happened, and we get to doubt it. That's why science was built. We test it, and we doubt it.


The 4 - Formulation

Then we come down here to the 4, and the 4 is about formulization. There are answers here. That pattern happened - let's doubt it, formulize a new pattern or prove the old one by keeping with the same formula, and then we come over here to create an opinion about it. There's this concretized opinion and formula. Then we can speak about the pattern based on details. Logic is details, formulas, and answers. This is how our world operates.


There is a pattern happening here. This logical process goes, "I doubt this." Then the universe will show us some processes, we can come to a formalization, we can create our own opinion, and then we can speak about it in details. There's also this beautiful empowering process that takes place. We have this inner mystery. What is life all about? What's happening here? What's going on? There's this massive inner mystery, and right now, we are going through a tremendous amount of mental pressure because Pluto has been sitting in the 64 61 for a long time. There's this inner truth and inner mystery that's happening for us. What is this all about?


Then we come to a rationalization. We rationalize our purposes, where we are we, and the empowerment of self. This is how we can conquer ties this inner mystery. Then we come to this breakthrough. That's what this was all about. That's what that inner mystery is all about. Then we get to assimilate that, and we get to empower other people when we speak about it.


The 62 and 56 - Sharing

62 and 56 are sharing. We're sharing with the collective. We're sharing our ideas, opinions, doubts, formulas, confusions, and realizations. All of that sharing. This inner mystery is about empowering and the empowerment process. Nowhere in there does it say to make decisions there. It's about witnessing all of this stuff taking place and then communicating it.


If science never told us anything and it was testing patterns and never told us, "if you do this, is the result" a lot of heartache and accidents. But we're learning as we walk along. If you put your hand on a stove, you can get burned. Well, that is a pattern that has been tested probably daily by little kids. It's a pattern. We got the details when it's hot, our skin can't touch it. Understand that the mind is just that decoder of all of this information. We're in this information soup, and it's decoding all of these experiences, experiments, and individual happenings that are happening in our body.


One is very cyclical. It happens kind of as an improvement of up and down and around. The other one is logical. It's moving us into the future, step by step. Here we are walking. One operates in a pulse.


We have some breakthroughs, we can assimilate, and then nothing happens. We meditate, take time for ourselves, we do self-care, and there are no angels singing. Then we're like, what's going on? What's wrong with me? There's nothing wrong with you. This operates in a pulse. You'll know when you need to know it. Don't believe any BS story that tells you that every time that you meditate you're going to have these breakthroughs. The only reason we have breakthroughs is that we've allowed our physical bodies to be healthy enough to have breakthroughs.


Our physical bodies and those trillions of cells that are in there are all tiny vortexes, and they're operating in there. When we fill them up with junk, it's difficult to have those inner moments. Take care of the physical body and know that the pulse of when you need to know something when your physical body's ready, you will know it. Someone that I love to listen to is Abraham Hicks when you're getting ready to get ready. We're always getting ready to get ready to have moments that we can drop into.


Understand that there's pressure here, but this pressure looks way different than the pressure that's down here. The mental plane, the inspirational plane, there's pressure. How I see it is that the neutrino field is coming in, and we're decoding it through our physical bodies and through our minds. There's this pressure because there's always something dropping into us. All of these little information packages are always taking place. The mental field is all just about thought.


Again, hence the reason why we have massive amounts of mindset coaches. We are a thought. For you to conquer ties on the Material Plane and for that concretization and that materialization to happen, there has to be an initial thought. That's just how the process works. From that thought, we get to use our decision-making strategy to move forward. We've decoded it, and then the physical body will then make the movement towards what it needs to make the movement towards. This is not about a reaction that the mind is creating from the body. I might have some awesome ideas, and I have a lot of opinions that I'm sharing here, but the only time that I use this up here is once somebody has pulled that information out of me, and I get to respond to it. There's a manifestation and a creation that happens, but it isn't because I thought I should do such-and-such. It's about other people pulling this out of me or the universe pulling it out of me, and then I get to respond and move forward into manifestation.


The manifestors or innovators, it's your connection with the program that has this information brought out of you so that you can innovate. For our reflectors, it's about what is happening in the entirety and in all of this energetic movement. Then there's an initiation for you to sample and assess. For our builders, all these ideas and all of this stuff that's being decoded, somebody is going to ask you for it. The universe will ask you for it, and then you get to respond.


I don't make videos every day, and I don't respond to every single video request, but I do write them down. Then who knows? That response might happen one day, and it may not. It isn't about my mind trying to make a decision for me. For our projectors or our advisers, who is inviting you in? Who's inviting that information out of you? Who needs that information? You get to go through your decision-making process. This is the correct way I'm going to guide this person. This is correct for me to guide this. This is the correct way for me to be that intrapreneur and speak about this.


There are so many different dynamics to this whole thing, but it is always comes back to do not trust the mind as the decision-maker. Trust that your decision-making happens through the physical meatsuit because we were asked to be mystical and to build this Material Plane. When you see the beauty of how these two entities or paths intersect, you'll be amazed, and it has nothing to do with the mind.


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Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do. Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises or life choices. We're living a new reality--a new and evolving normal that has been triggered by the world-wide pandemic of 2020. I am providing a simplified, mechanical look at this information through the tool that is known as Human Design. Once the mechanics of the information are seen, the processing of the information can be from awareness vs. Fear.



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