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builder aura in human design

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Builders, the classic builder, an express builder, or, in human design language, the generators, or manifesting generators. We are the great worker bees. Your career type is designed to have your creative work energy to be utilized correctly. You are like a cosmic battery that is full of energy and that helps the world go around and around. Your open and enveloping aura is waiting for people to request that energy resource that is stored in that battery.


Once requested, your response is the first step to know if that request is correct for you or not. Response in the moment or over time will guide you to the correct work where you can feel full satisfaction deep in your cells to never have to feel like you are working because you are doing what you love and loving what you do. Innovators open the door for us. Your response guides you to the correct doorway and the correct work. Remember, we already have enough doors being opened. Pushing open these doorways will and have always brought frustration in the past.


Relax. Let your open and enveloping aura respond and only work on what is correct for you. Stop overwhelming your body with activities that do not serve it. I know from experience that when I respond to others, I attract the best clients. I create the best programs and I have full satisfaction in my life.

The human design system is the tool I use in the background of all my coaching practices! The frequency that you are designed to represent is brought into a visual form through the human design bodygraph. From this visual representation, we can extrapolate the Type of Business and Career that best suits you; The Role (Profile) that enhances your purpose; The Strengths (36 Channels) and Traits (64 Gates) and qualities (Lines) others require you to represent and the how to profit from the solutions you are designed to sell to others.


Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices.
I am filtering the Maia through adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. PLEASE READ THE DISCLAIMER….Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.


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