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Feb 07, 2020

11 Min Read + 16 Min Video

Wahoo, my last blog that I created (No Choice, No Shame) has worked it's magic! If you haven't seen the video yet, can you take a few minutes to look at it?


I did a video of the frequency of my design and how it is so important for me (the mind) to get out of the way so the frequency can shine through. The video was a little (okay, maybe a lot) filled with a fire and passion for the God Code that literally flows through my meat suit.


After I sent the video to the subscribers on my list, 3% of the list unsubscribed. YES!!!!! Wahoo, hopefully they can find a coach that will walk them to their greatness. It will not be me that does that. 


Why a follow-up blog about this? 


It is so damn important to me to get the point across that not everyone can or should resonate with my frequency. The unsubscribed people is not a rejection of me, it is a YES to their own path to greatness.


So, the lesson....


Let the power of your God Code flow through you! AND never take anything personally. NO Choice; NO Shame! This life feels personal, yet, it really is not. When a cell in our body 'dies' to make room for the next up and coming cell, there is nothing personal about that process. It is not personal, it is the cycle.


Each of us has a fractal of people that can hear our message. All the rest of the people have to hear that message elsewhere. Rejection is not a rejection of me, it is a redirect to find that perfect fractal message. Oh, my not-self mind began the process of shortening my breath and raising my heart rate and I watched the unbelievable fast reaction the not-self was having as I looked at the analytics provided by Aweber. I giggled and this blog was the result of that giggle. 


I have 'rejected' the frequency of many thought leaders. It is not that they were bad or good. The message just could not be absorbed by my cells. So what is the point of pushing on? The redirect opens a pathway for the perfect teacher to enter in and they always find me!


I encourage you to watch the next time the not-self is 'taking it personally' and overstimulating the sympathetic nervous system. Giggle a little and shake up the hold it may have on you, then sit down and blog. Create your own process to center back to your God Code! Deep breaths, strike a yoga pose, dance, draw, walk, scream, whatever. My Charlie puppy (and maybe all animals) has a process to shake it off. Charlie will shake, he yawns if the situation is big and he has this nonchalant stretch he does. He has taught me a lot in his 3 years.


There is nothing serious going on here (a line I use from Abraham-Hicks). And he/she is so right. The unsubscribes are the best open door for the perfect client, friend or co-creator to walk in the door!


The Not-self aspects of the Solar Plexus tells me to people pleaser. The not-self aspect of the Splenic tells me to hold on to subscribers and my true-self says, "YA Fucking Hoo". The path to my greatness is more clear as well!


Can you sense this in your life? Can you see how quickly the body can be overwhelmed by the bull-shit in the not-self mind? Can you sense how the cookie-cutter box solutions of how to conduct business, how to show up in life and how to 'attract' clients, friends and relationships are beyond backwards? 


Be your power and trust your path!


If you no longer want to be on the list, leave. Keeping me in your space clogs up your pathway.


May greatness find you! 


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I want to chat about uncluttering our lives and how perfectly frequencies are designed to operate. I did a video called No Choice No Shame. I also created a blog post for that particular video, I sent it out to my marketing list, and I went about my day. It's pretty fired up when I did the video, and it was important to get the information out. There was a complete response from the body. 


Somebody, like myself, who has an open head and Ajna, the throat is connected and absolutely unconscious to the rest of my body graph. I honestly have no idea what's going be said. So many people teach that you should script your YouTube videos. I just kind of have an idea, and then it just flows through me. Sometimes it might sound a little ridiculous what I say, but I can't hold it back. It just happens. 


I did this vlog, I sent it over to a marketing list, and the CRM platform that I use is AWeber, and AWeber sends me an email during the day to indicate how did it go, how many people opened it, etc. I happen to be in my office when that email came, and I opened it up. There was like a 3% unsubscribed. Immediately, what my condition not-self mind did was began to breathe more shallow, and my heart started to race. I watched this all take place. I'm talking like seconds into looking at this information. I gave a little giggle. The sacral center, the energy resource, it's best when you just let it respond how it needs to respond. I giggle quite a bit, and giggling allows me to disrupt whatever hold the intensity of that sympathetic nervous system is trying to hold on to me based on the crazy thoughts that are happening in my head. I watched all of this take place, and I'm talking seconds for this to happen. The response after I giggled was hey, let's blog about this. Let's write down and take a look at this. Poof. This whole blog is created. Again, out of response and watching how the conditioned mind through my design.


I have an undefined solar plex and splenic Center, and how the not-self anxiety of trying to be a people pleaser and trying to hold on to those subscribers was forefront. It was literally changing my breath and my heart rate. The sympathetic nervous system had been kicked in. My mind told my body that there's a danger here. There's fear, and something is happening here. This is how aware you can become of what's happening. Within seconds, I was able to giggle, and there was a response to write it down, write a blog, and create this video. I don't want you to have this preconceived notion that I'm perfect or that I know everything about this. I don't, but it's the witnessing piece of it. That all took place so quickly.


Imagine how easily when we're not aware that those signals from the conditioned mind can easily overwhelm the physical body and then take hold and run with it. I just wanted to create this so that you can see. The 3% of those people that left my list, my true self was cheering. Yes, they are going to be able to find their own path to greatness, and it's not going to be me that's leading them there, and I'm okay with that. What also came through in this blog is this. In previous videos, I've talked about uncluttering the mind, and it's about uncluttering everything. Those people left my list, and they left space in my list. The space that they left in my list is space that is required for the people that are on my fractal to come in. 


Anybody that's on my YouTube channel, my marketing list, or anybody that I keep popping up and you want to get rid of me, then do that because it leaves space in your life for a new teacher to come in. It leaves space in my life for new clients, new friends, and new coworkers to come into my world. It's a win-win for everyone, and it's not about the rejection. It's about saying yes to who you are and the path you need to take. 


As a business owner and somebody who is a serial entrepreneur and anybody that I'm speaking to you on the other side of this camera, all you that are here, my friends that are here, look at those opportunities and go wow. There was space created, and within that opening, there's now clients walking in going, "hey. I need that no BS kind of coaching. I need your frequency in my life." Perfect. These are the things that human design allows us to witness. It allows us to see things differently. It allows us to see that something that most people call a negative is a complete positive. 3% left my list to open up that space for new people to come in. 


I want you to drop it into the depth of what that is. Look at your life. What the not-self does - it's all that openness. It strives so hard to be that openness instead of just honoring the trueness of the frequency. It's like 97.7 trying to be 98.9 on a radio station. It can't happen. When people tune into 97.7, they want 97.7 to be there. They're not looking for 98.9. Those people that need you are waiting for you to align to that frequency and be solid in it and true in it. Anyone that can't hear it, that they're looking for 98.9, perfect. Let them go look over there. It's okay. You hold true to your frequency and watch the opportunities.


I have clientele or followers that will send me a direct message, comment on YouTube, or send me an email or text. They will say something like, "What does gate 29 mean?" Well, I can give you the mechanical regurgitation of that, but it's about seeing the entirety of the frequency and how it operates. In the video, No Choice No Shame, I was able to sit in the conversation that I was having with my group of facilitators. They honored me in allowing for my frequency to speak. They sat there and honored that. I loved that. When my cohort that I provoked by asking her "where are you with this?", she had the time and space to also speak. That's when learning is all connected. You realize, there's my design, and there's her design. 


Now, I can read my design out of a book. I can't even tell you guys how many stacks and stacks of paper that I have with Ra's recordings and information, from my teachers, and my mentors. I have stacks of paper. On the computer that I'm using right now, it is jammed full of electronic understanding as well. All of that does not replace the experience that I just had that day. I can regurgitate the mechanical understanding of all of this information, and I do it all day long. I do it on YouTube, on my platform, and with my clients. But when we drop into the experience of it, when I'm working one-on-one with people, and we drop into the experience of it, they tell me about an experience, and I can track it. I can watch it happen in the design. 


Many people have said to me like I'd love you to follow me around all day long so that you can go, there it is. That's the fun of realizing the mechanics don't lie, but we have to experience the mechanics. The mechanics are working correctly. Now, what is the interpretation that's coming through us as a whole? I can't just grab gate number 29 and say, this is what was represented. It was the whole design represented, but that particular gate had these mechanics, and this piece of the puzzle was brought in on the conversation. 


If you want to know how this stuff works and applies, and not just the teaching of it because I could teach you all day long. Take it from me, for seven years, I have been drinking this stuff through a firehose. But it's that seven-year click that went, "here it is. Here is the application of it. This is actually how it works." You will hear Ra in his teachings that he also instructed his clients that way. I can give you the mechanics, but how does it work in your uniqueness? You're the only one that can indicate that. That can only be known through experience. The 3% decrease in my list, increased my bottom line exponentially for the rest of my life. Please take anything personally. This isn't personal. None of this is personal, it's all mechanical. It feels very personal, I get it. But this is a game. Gamify what's going on in the world. The most successful businesses on this planet gamify their application. Let that drop into your cells a little bit. This is a game, and when we gamify it, it's a game-changer.


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