No Choice. No Shame.

Jan 31, 2020

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Today was a profound day for me! 🤯


I have the honor of working with the BG5 Business Institute INC in facilitating the Profit By Being You Workshops. We meet for an hour prior to class and then we recap after class and today the conversation had my passion for Human Design and Human Design for Business on fire!


As I was speaking to the group about my experiences with clients and the observations I have been having, I provoked one of my fellow facilitators. By the end of our conversation, she was questioning her direction. What is important to understand is that the conversation was not directed at anyone and the provocation was not pointed in anyone's way.


So, as the class began, I pulled up all of our designs and the Penta (group) chart for our group and the mechanics just don't lie. When my energy and her energy come together, I bring a 'trigger' in her direction (gate 2). Now, I could have apologized for how she felt, yet, that would have been pointless. The mechanics are what they are and my design is meant to interact with her design and she is meant to look at where she is going....PERIOD! 


There is no choice and no blame. She expressed how the interaction felt to her and I was not expecting her to apologize for what she was feeling. The point I am making here is this: there is a mechanic to every interaction and because I am a professional analyst, I was so excited to see that the mechanics were working correctly. The not-self, conditioned mind was telling me to apologize, yet, I have no choice and neither does she! 


After the class, I responded by creating a video about my chart. I have just finished my first 7-year cycle and I am entering into my 8th year. The profound wisdom I now have about my mechanics and the unbelievable interactions I am honored to have with my clients, co-facilitators, friends, and family never ceases to amaze me. 


The Human Design matrix proves itself time and time again. If you are ready to know yourself to the depths of your design, it is a process and all you have to do is ask me so I can respond to that request. I can present this book of wisdom through my perspective; I can get out of the way so my design can do its work and watch that frequency move into the world.

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Hey friend. I want to share with you a profound understanding that I have about my design and what's working through me. Today was a BG5 Business Institute day, where I join up with my fellow cohorts at the BG5 Institute, and right now, we're teaching the profit potential workshops. Right before class, the group of facilitators always get together, and today, there was some provocation that took place, and it made me go deep. As the class was going, I was being one of those bad students who was not fully engaged in the material. It's the 4th time I've been through the material, so I have a good grasp of it, and as a right brain-body right mind person, I was absorbing it whether I was fully there or not.


However, here's some real profundity about me. If you want to become one of my students, if you want to be coached by me, you need to know who I am. I'm going to get honest, I'm going to get to the forefront here, and we're going to talk about this. I provoked somebody today in the conversation that I was having. I want to go through the dynamics so that maybe you want to know yourself at this level. I know myself deeply. I'm walking now into my 8th year of Human Design, and the power that walks through this design is insanity.


First and foremost, I'm going to provoke you because I bring provocation. I bring that energy. I am going to provoke you, and how am I going to do that? I'm going to disengage from your not-self process because when I am coaching my clients, I can see you and all the experiences that you've had. I disengage from that because I can see the beauty of who you are. The provocation that I bring is disengagement. I completely disengage from the drama. I am here to be composed. The 30th trait, which is my grounding. What am I grounded in? Composure. I'm going to hold my emotional composure. Balance in the face of disorder. The disorder is the not-self and the conditioning of the world wanting to come through. I'm going to go into the session, completely disengage from your not-self, and I'm going to hold my composure. That's just how this design is built. That's my grounding - composure.


The 50th trait is the seat of intelligence. Within my design, it is adaptability and corruption. I'm going to corrupt you. I am going to corrupt your foundation. What foundation is that? Most likely, it's a foundation of not-self. All of this BS story that lies there, I'm going to shake it. I'm going to corrupt it. I do not want you to live there.


Then the 18th trait. My truth and my transformation come from the incompetent. Of course, what does it say here? This is a given this negative position - survival through suffering. The inability to correct its potential for suffering. I am not changing. I have to honor the power that's in this design and there is a ton of power in this design. I have to let it work through me and be fully composed in that because I am offering justice. I'm standing here, the inevitable survival of right. What's right? Your true self.


I'm maturing in that and bringing people back to their true self. I get to mature, and I get to come to a place of self-awareness as I interact with you and as I corrupt your foundation and fear. I get to come to a place of self-actualization. Then, I am going to decapitate. I'm going to fully decapitate your belief system that you're unworthy. If you're here, you're worthy. I'm going to decapitate this unworthy story. I am going to corrupt your fears. I am NOT going to change. I'm going to bring this incompetent inability for me to adjust this power, and I am going to provoke you by disengaging in your stress response. I'm going to be fully composed, and I'm going to walk you through to justice.


How do I do that? Through commitment and through being drafted. I have been drafted by the fates. This right-angle cross of contagion is about conveying the truth of this information. I will tell you right now, the untruth that is happening about all of this information has me fired up. I am conveying to you because I have to. I have no other choice than I convey to you the profundity of who you are. I am going to decapitate the not-self, and I'm going to focus on and be fully dedicated to it. But I'm going to be fully grateful that I can show up in your life and do this.


This 34th trait is the bully. There's power here, and as you can see, it's completely unconscious, and it goes straight up to my communication, up to my throat. I have no idea what kind of unbelievable power is going to flow through this voice of mine. However, the self-awareness that's built right in, there's going to be a self-awareness that takes place for me and for you. My laws - self-actualization. There's a law here. I convey so that people can come to self-actualization and so that I can come to self-actualization through objectivity. Whatever your path is, I'm not attached to your path. I'm disengaged in your path. What I can do is indicate to you the beauty, the profundity, and the necessity of your frequency flowing through you. I'm here to contribute.


Everybody's like, "you're phony." Yeah, I have to keep it on the surface. If I throw you into therapy and talking about all this stuff, I haven't done you a service. I don't want to take your mind back into the past where the trauma happened because then the mind brings it here into the body and reengages the dis-ease and discontentment. I want to keep you right here on the surface. I want to keep it superficial. I want to keep it to the mechanics because that's all this is. There's nothing personal about this. I'm here to be of service, and how can I do that? By being this contagion and conveying the truth of this system. There's so much profound truth here. I'm going to decapitate your unworthiness and this organization. I'm either going to deny or deliver in a very organized way and deliver the power of the ego. You can sense this power; I know you can, and I will influence. Design is built to influence. Influence your cycles, what's good for you to begin with, your maturation process, and this provocation. That is what takes place.


Then I gather. My tribe is gathering on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram following... all of these are gathering people in my life. They go, "there she is." They have a consensus. Either they want my provocation and my corruption, or they don't. If they don't, they quickly leave. I've had to get a solid foundation. I study myself and what I bring continuously. That's who I am and what I do so that I can corrupt, decapitate, provoke, be a bully, indiscriminately use the power of this information, be a contagion, and let life bump it to me. Some people are going to bump in, and they're going to get pissed off and leave. Some people are going to get bumped in, and they're going to lean in hard because they're sick and tired of living a bad life. They're sick of it, and they're like no more, so they leaned in.


The whole time, my base orientation is here to hold space for your being. I sit in full acceptance because it's mechanical. The whole thing is mechanics. Today the interaction I had when I was having a conversation, we were in a group, and I wasn't directing my energy towards any one of the people there, but one lady questioned her direction. What do I do because I can? Bring up the mechanical piece of this and look at her design, my design, us as a group, and guess what. I bring a trigger to her direction just by me showing up.


All of a sudden there's this question. Is this the right direction for me? Is this the right identity for me? Now she can go through her emotional process. I wasn't directing my conversation to her at all. But I want you guys to understand that nobody outside of you is doing anything to you. It's all mechanical. They're showing up. People show up in my life all the time, and they bring me to deep awareness.


What am I learning? The mental process in this world. That's why design bumped into me. What am I learning? Love and direction. What am I learning here? Pain, pleasure, the emotional intelligence of the world. Instinctive knowing - what to let go of and what to hold on to. Then I get to sell it and teach it. I get to use this powerful design through this meatsuit and show up for you guys. It's difficult for emotional people because I bring composure and justice. It can be disconcerting, but most of my clients are emotional because they're sick and tired of being tossed and turned by the wave. I accept your process, and I'm hopeful that you can see the mechanics.


But I am NOT going to take it on and try to fix it for you. It's not mine to fix. I'm going to completely disengage from that. I know what the world wants. I see it all day long. Most of my day is spent studying through this first line. I study everything from science to psychology to the interaction, the planet, and conspiracy theories. I study so much because I can see and feel what is happening in this reality.


If you truly want to get real, I'm here for you. The quality of what I bring and the accumulation of my knowledge is my discipline. Saturn is my discipline. I have accumulated violated vast amounts of knowledge and then applied it. I have looked at the mechanics of it so that I can present it to you, show up as your coach, and you get to walk through this information. Do you want to know yourself to the depths of who you are and never have to have shame? Never have to say, "I'm sorry for that." I'm not sorry for how I present myself. It's in the design. I can't change it. If I was trying to be a people pleaser and trying to keep everybody happy, I've lost connection with who I am. I have no idea what's going to be spoken about. I respond to the energy field and to those people that ask me for information.


I have eight activations in the first line, six activations in the third line, and five activations in the fourth line. A solid foundation has to be there. Then I'm going to let life bump into me. I'm going to make mistakes. It is what it is. But if you want hard-ass coaching, if you want to know yourself to these depths, ask me. Let me respond. I have a treasure trove of information, and I have the key to it all. It's right here in the mechanics. 


Can you invest in yourself?

Are you ready to let go of the bullshit stories and stand in your power? I am wondering if you are moved to embrace your God Code. There is no choice, and because there is no choice, there is absolutely no blame! When your body moves you, here is my contact info.

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