3 Manifestor Myths: Break Out of the Conditioning to have Peace

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It is fun to watch this type walk around on our planet. Ra, the creator of the human design system was a manifestor type. He innovated this system with the connection to the ‘voice’. What is funny is that he never considered himself to be a spiritual person until his encounter with the esoteric process that channeled the human design system. He was a very intelligent man how had studied many different avenues of information.


In most of his teachings he spoke about the Generator/Manifesting Generator (builder)Types because they are 70% of the population, even though he was a manifestor.


I have been in a relationship with an ego manifestor for close to 30 years and knowing the information of his type has totally changed my outlook on him and our relationship. He and I have also been partners in 2 businesses as well and watching him operate is so interesting!


Let’s walk through a few myths that have surfaced about the manifestor type.


Myth #1 - They must tell people what the end result will be….

Manifestors are the pathway creators for humanity….being moved to innovate from the space of their inner authority. The Manifestor type must have a motor (Root, Solar Plexus, or Ego) connect to the throat either directly or indirectly. The Sacral must be undefined.


Manifestors are connected to the cosmic creation, they are designed with a closed and repelling aura because this hard candy coating is required as they forge new pathways. Inside the aura, they feel alone and can have the ‘black sheep of the family’ feeling. No one can get into the aura bubble, so there is a deep feeling of being alone.


Throughout history the Manifestor has ruled with an iron fist, using anger to motive others to get out of their way. This was an effective strategy 400 years ago, but today, there is a new strategy. The strategy of informing, prior to taking action, and using that information to move people out of the way.


Informing is NOT about telling people about the end result of your action. It is to leave bread crumbs along the way to your end result and the reason for this is because the Manifestor type is designed to ‘shoulder’ the burden of a brand new creation on planet earth. But the other types do not have the same aura to take on this burden. So Manifestors DO NOT need to inform and share the whole process; they just need to give small pieces of information.


Myth #2 - They must have an idea to manifest or to make money

Again, the connection they have to cosmic creation is the superpower that they have. Manifestors are designed to be moved from an inner authority, just like the rest of us. No one is designed to use the conditioned mind to make decisions. Manifestation happens with the correct communication and the right action. Manifestation is not about getting an idea and then forcing action. 


Once you see, recognize or experience something that needs to be innovated, you can initiate yourself through their inner authority. So, you are the initiator, and the best way for you to present yourself to the world is by INFORMING them that you are coming and what you are doing. This small detail brings big PEACE to your life!


It is not “oh, I have this idea and I will make it happen’; it is more like “I see there is a space that needs to have new creation in that spot.”. Ideas are mental and there are 80,000 thoughts flying through our minds each day…the process in the HD system is to innovate from the cellular structure and the body moving them into action. All too often, an idea is created and no one buys because there was no need. However, when a Manifestor looks out into the sea of people and can recognize a solution for those on their fractal, they innovate with purpose!


Myth#3 - They do the work to get the creation to fruition.

Manifestors make up 9% of the population and designed to put their energy in the beginning stages of creation….the builders or generators and manifesting generators are the workers of the planet. Builders are designed so their energy resource is requested and they can respond. And this is the reason the information aspect of the Manifestors strategy is so important. The world of builders have been ‘enslaved’ for thousands of years. Manifestors ‘told’ the builders what to do. Now there is a mutual back and forth where the Manifestor recognizes a solution, is moved to innovate and then the information bread crumbs left along the way give the builders something to ‘respond’ to. The relationship between these two is designed in a way that the Manifestor needs to create allies for the building of the project. Now, this is not always easy. Manifestors get very creative inside their bubble and it feels futile to try to get anyone to help so they say “I will just do it myself”. This causes great burnout.


The process is to look like this….


Manifestor SEES the space and is moved to create the solution, opening new doorways, or forging new pathways.  


Advisors, successfully, guide the builders to the correct doorway or pathway so the builder can work with satisfaction by using their energy on the correct innovation.


The evaluators are assessing and providing real time clarity on how the system is working.


This is not a ‘one man show’. Once the entire system works properly, we will notice a major relaxation on the planet.


If you are a Manifestor, your over arching role in this life is to create new pathways and doorways for humanity. Appreciate the power of your aura and accept the ‘aloneness’ within your bubble. Honor your body only innovate what you are moved towards from the inner authority. Inform using little bread crumbs along the way. The rest of us can not shoulder the burden like you can AND the best part, have fun looking through your eyes into the world. I, for one, am excited to see what you are opening up for us to move into!


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