Who/What is Breathing You?

Nov 01, 2019

10 Min Read + 20 Min Video

The Human Design System is deep and there is a ton of information that can be contemplated. Contraction is how we begin and expansion is how we move through to the stop codons that are in the throat or the manifestation. A good contemplation is to watch the breath and understand how are you processing the information field.


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I want to play around and have you go deeper and deeper into this system. If you want to know it and be able to bring this to your clients in a way that will assist them, their contemplation piece has to take place. We have the 41st trait, and that 41st trait or gate sits in the root Center. That root Center that's that drive that stamina, that's stress, that adrenal energy. That 41st trade is all about desires and what it's called is contraction. I want you to take a moment and contemplate it. Who or what is breathing you? Who or what is breathing life into this entirety? There is this contraction and expansion. It's built right into the human design system, the entirety of the universe, and right into your physical meat suit. That is our start codon. This start codon that goes into contraction. What the 41st trait is saying to us is let's narrow down the experience. We have a plethora of possibilities that can take place. All the experiences that we can have, but what the 41st gate/trait is saying is let's narrow it down to one possibility so that we can experience it. Within that trait, it's saying multitasking is a killer. Multitasking creates stress, which is a very unhealthy pressure when it's turned inward. There's this contraction so that the expansion can happen. On the other end, the stop codons are the 12th trait, the 56, and the 33. I'd like you to contemplate that as well. Experiences and the individual empowerment all stop with 33, 56, and the 12. Then the new coding can take place.


What's fascinating is that there's nothing in the logical circuitry or the tribal circuitry for stop codons. There's only three. Two of them are collective abstracts, and one is an individual trait. All in the communication and action, all in the throat Center because we're going to stop once the manifestation has taken place. If you are a vision board person or a goal setter, once the manifestation has happened, you put up something new on your vision board. The contraction and expansion of that experience can begin to take place. 


Contemplate that logic. Never has a stop codon. Isn't that interesting. Why would that be? Logic is moving us into the future. If it had a stop codon, we would stop moving into the future. But experiences come to an end so that we can start all over and do this contraction expansion. What's breathing us? What is that underlying energy that's moving us into the future?


The 12th trait/gate is the gate of caution, articulation, stand still, and it's about being cautious in the temptation. The temptation wants us to multitask. The temptation wants us to take all of these possibilities and try to make them all happen at once. But what this trait is saying, is hold on a minute. We need to be cautious. We need to act or not based on what the one start codon told us that we need to take hold and bring to a stop. If you're multitasking, what happens? When the body's in stress mode, all of a sudden, the breath is only happening from a small place in the lungs. The deep breathing ceases, and shallow breath starts to happen. I also want you to contemplate is this. The 41st trait is pointed from the root Center up to the solar plex, up to that emotional intelligence. 


Emotional intelligence is about breath. It is about our lungs, our filtration system, our skin, and our kidneys. When get stressed, we only breathe from the tips of our lungs. It's about watching how the physical body will adjust to what's going on. Where does stress always happen? It happens from mental anxiety, nervousness, or fear. All mental. The head and Ajna, the conceptualization, and the inspiration are not connected to the root. Know that all the BS that's happening up in the head and the conceptualization, it's all BS. It's about watching how the physical body is responding. What's going on? If there is a reaction and if there's shortness of breath, guaranteed the stress has taken over. Multitasking has become a defining movement in your life. The physical body is in fight-or-flight mode, so it's shortened of the breath. 


Breath gets you in tune with your nervous system because that is also a part of the solar plex. When the nervous system is short-circuiting, when there's a decode happening there, an incorrect code, then the physical body ends up being in pain. That's okay because that's a good indicator that you're not making decisions correctly, and you are most likely running strictly off of stress and mental pressure instead of paying attention to the physical body. Pain is an indicator that we have disregarded the intelligence of the physical body. 


How do you get back? You get back by correct decision-making. If you don't know your strategy and authority and your human design bodygraph, I encourage you to grab your bodygraph off of one of the trusted sites that I use and begin to move your physical body through strategy and authority, and watch what is breathing you. Is it mental distortion? Is it a mental dis-ease? Is it mental dis-repair? Are you being moved from deep breaths, one process at a time, coming to fruition, and then starting the process over again through a whole new experience? Most of what they teach in spirituality and classes can be found in the mechanical piece of the human design system. 


But teaching that doesn't understand the human design system begins to distort it a little bit. Understanding the mechanics of who you are and understanding deeply the mechanics of the human design system, there's a profundity there that can bring you a massive amount of wellness, abundance, and joy. o


That was my contemplation piece - who is breathing you, what is breathing you? Is the conditioning breathing you, or is the influence breathing you? Are the health and wellness breathing you, or is it the dis-ease breathing you? The beauty that's taking place all around us, we are it in a small scale. What's taking place in the diverse or the universe or whatever, this is also happening in our meat suits. 


What science has now discovered in quantum physics has blown Newtonian physics right out of the water. Physics 200 years into the future is going to blow quantum physics right out of the water. As we sit right now with the intelligence that we have and at this moment, is we have this dark energy, and we have this dark matter. One is pulling us apart, and one is pulling us together. There's always this absolute contraction and expansion. That is how our physicality also operates. Expanding our lungs, contracting our lungs. What is the heart doing? It operates in a pulse. There is a contraction and expansion. The entire universe is operating off of this premise. Our physical bodies are operating off this premise. Watch the breath. What's the expansion and contraction happening through the breath? Are you feeding the stress, or are you loving the fuel and moving from a place of fuel? Are you feeding the not-self, or are you breathing into the wisdom of the experience? There are hours and hours of contemplation that can happen through the bodygraph. 


Still, have fun with it and go through every line, every quality, drop into the tone, understand your base. Declutter I say that a lot. Declutter so that you can see it. I am a people watcher, and I just watch. When we can place the physical body in health and wellness, and everything that we see is in health and wellness. Are there going to be times when you bump up against the side? Yep because we're not perfect. We're not built to be perfect. We're built to be perfecting all the time by making those little adjustments. That's what science does for us. That's what science moves us forward through. But the stop codons are in the individual circuitry and the collective abstract so that there is no stop going into the future and there's no stop of the tribe. It's just about our experiences. 


What does that tell you? Quit talking about the bad experiences in your life. Let them stop and start anew. We have all had bad experiences. We have all had traumatic experiences. We have all had we've all either seen it or experienced the inhumanity. But we need to stop that energy so that we can start something new. If we're not stopping it, we're continuing to let that experience create dis-ease, distortion, and dis-repair in our physical bodies. When we continue to sit in that muck and that mire and we continue to breathe just in the very top of our lungs only, we're completely cut off from the intelligence of our physical bodies. 


The 50th trait is our intelligence. Intelligence does not sit in the mind. Intelligence sits in the physical body, and emotional quotient sits in the physical body. If you cannot breathe into that, if you are not breathing into that, then you've completely got stuck in all of the muck and the mire. You have to breathe deeply and watch what's breathing you. If you're being breathed by stress and mental dis-ease, that's what you're permeating. Watch what's breathing you. Good contemplation for the day.



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Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do. Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises or life choices. We're living a new reality--a new and evolving normal that has been triggered by the world-wide pandemic of 2020. I am providing a simplified, mechanical look at this information through the tool that is known as Human Design. Once the mechanics of the information are seen, the processing of the information can be from awareness vs. Fear.


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