What Does the Science of Differentiation Really Mean?

decision making Jan 29, 2020
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When Human Design first bumped into me back in 2012, the first action I took was to purchase the 'text' book from the International Human Design School (IHDS) called Human Design, The Science of Differentiation.


At the time, I had no idea what this knowledge was going to bring to me and the word Differentiation caught my eye.


In my early classes at the IHDS, the word differentiation was not spoken of much. The main focus of the early classes is to drill into the student that the mind has no business making decisions for life.


This concept seemed to land easily for me, with my limited language and understanding prior to Human Design, I used to say I made those decisions by 'following my intuition' and at some level this was true. Yet, once I learned more about my design, I understood this feeling to actually be called Sacral or Gut decisions. My chart is above, and the red square in the middle, lower of the graphic has a red square and that square represents my Inner Authority. Inner Authority is like an internal GPS that I can rely on to make decisions that are best for me. Each one of us has an area within our physical bodies that we can rely on as our Inner Authority or GPS.


As I moved through the initial classes and moved into the more advanced teachings, the Differentiation piece began to reveal itself.


If you do not already have a copy of your chart, Click Here and it will take you over to grab your chart.


If you look at my chart, compared to your chart, you will notice that we have totally different charts. Those shapes within the chart are called centers or functions and they are like energy hubs. The roadways (red and black) between the centers/functions are called channels or strengths, and then there are half roadways (red and black) that are called gates or traits. 


All these activations or areas that are colored in, create your unique representation of the universe. 


On the surface, as the lingo goes, these centers, channels, and gates, provide an energy frequency that we call Type. There are 4 Types in the Human Design System. And each type has a special way to interact with other people. We call this strategy. It is like playing a game and the strategy for your game lies within the electromagnetic frequency of your body. (take a look at my other blogs on types to get a better understanding of this dynamic).


So then, we look at inner authority. The inner authority provides a reliable place within the body where decisions can be made. It is a tactic that can be implemented within the strategy. You may be asking, why not make a decision from the mind? Well, this is the foundational teaching of human design. We remove the mind as the decision-maker because the mind is filled with conditioning, peer pressure, and it never wants to be blamed for a bad decision and will always take the credit for a good decision. 


Our minds are actually designed for a more important role, more on that in a moment.


So now that the strategy and authority are being experimented with, it is now time to get serious.


Under all that surface information, is a plethora of knowledge that can assist us to actually become the differentiated being we are meant to be.


Differentiation is our right as Human Beings. We are meant to have a totally unique experience, a totally differentiated life. 


How can we enhance our differentiation besides making decisions from a place of strategy and authority?


Step 1: Primary Health System

This is the Design (RED activation) Sun/Earth configuration. This is the intake of food. This is NOT about one diet or another diet. This is the intake of food into the brain/body. This is how to nourish the brain and body so the next 3 steps can then be revealed. This step is important to begin the moment a baby is birthed. This strengthens the differentiation for the life. This assists with strengthening the inner authority. In 1781, our body's life span began to lengthen with the discovery of Uranus. Our life span has gone from a 30-year Saturnian life span to an 84-year Urainain life cycle. The vessel, the body, is what is housing the experiences we are having! Now that we are living longer lives, it is important to nourish the vessel correctly so the experience can be differentiated! This activation is a component of purpose. An unhealthy brain/body and the vessel will not have the strength to fulfill the purpose. 


Step 2: Environment

This is the Design (RED activations) of the nodes. The nodes are the trajectory for the life. Within the nodes is your storyline, who you are designed to be attuned to so your purpose can be 'used' correctly. The environment is the best place for your physical body to interact with so it can have clear decision-making.  Your body will naturally be drawn to the right environment when it is nourished correctly. This correct environment becomes important around the age of 30 as the Saturn return happens. 


(Here is the important Role that our minds play and if the mind is cluttered with decisions all day long, this healthy psychology is unable to surface...).


Step 3: Perspective

We have now moved over to the Personality (black activations) Nodes and this is no longer the brain or body, this is the psychology. The healthy mind. Perspective is how we are designed to see what our storyline is revealing to us. If steps 1 and 2 are not correct, then the view or perspective can easily be 'hijacked' by the conditioned mind and this conditioned mind will pull you into a trajectory or a storyline that is someone else's. What do I mean by that? This is about caving into peer pressure or jumping onto a trend that is not for you. It is about seeing life through muddy lenses per se. Your perspective gives you a view of how your purpose, on your stage of life, is designed to be viewed and witnessed. 


Step 4: Motivation

Personality (black activations) Sun/Earth. This is how the mind is designed to be motivated. Motivation is the representation of the purpose. The Sun/Earth is 70% of who we are. The Incarnation Cross or the purpose is embedded within these activations. We are designed to interact with others who then pull this purpose or motivate us to represent our purpose!


The 4 transformations are the representation of what we call Color. Color is an aspect of how we are decoding the neutrino ocean.


Then we also have the variables. This represents the architecture of the true awareness of our cognitive potential. This awareness architecture is what we call Tone. This is another aspect of how we are decoding.


Here is a quick version. As there are layers and layers and layers to all of this information, this is a coles note version.


The Design Sun/Earth (Top left arrow): This is how we take in information

  • If the Arrow is pointing Left ⬅️, your brain and body are active. They need to be feed on a regular schedule and they discriminate the information that passes through them and they store it neatly in files. 
  • If the Arrow is Pointing Right ➡️, your brain and body are passive. They don't require the same number of calories. They soak in everything! And the information is not stored in a strategic fashion. 


Design Nodes (Bottom Left arrow): This is how we are designed to be seen or see our environment.

  • If the Arrow is pointing Left ⬅️, you are to be Observed within your environment.
  • If the Arrow is pointing Right ➡️, you are to be Observing your environment.


Personality Nodes (Bottom Right arrow): This is how we are designed to witness our environment. 

  • If the Arrow is pointing Left ⬅️, you will have a focused view. 
  • If the Arrow is pointing Right ➡️, you will have a peripheral view. 


Personality Sun/Earth (Top Right Arrow): This is how we are designed to present the information we have taken in. 

  • If the Arrow is pointing Left ⬅️, the Mind is strategic.
  • If the Arrow is pointing Right ➡️, the Mind is Receptive. 


Now to through more your way, there is a whole biology aspect and this is the correct food groups to assist you with your experiment. As this science is the chemistry of the DNA/RNA, The Biology indicates what is required by the body to have a deeply differentiated life! 


So this gives you a taste of a few of the layers that can be uncovered in every person's design. Each layer represents a new experiment to differentiate the life from the other. We are designed to be unique. We are designed to live a magnificent life that is nothing like anyone else. 


How I envision this is similar to Clark Kent and Superman. Within each of our Human Meat Suits, there is this amazingly powerful frequency that can stand in the face of fear and come to awareness; that can guide us to the next correct experience we are needing to grow and progress in our own evolution; that is deeply rooted in love and is ready to take its place in the flow to discover the strength of its tenacity; that is ready to transcend the limitations of conditioning and stand in the truth of its purpose, and it is ready to differentiate from all the other people on the planet.


The expansion of the universe is counting on this differentiation. God had a thought: Can human beings be self-reflected conscious within a Human Meat Suit? And through this cognition or self-reflected consciousness, be differentiated.


It is all an experiment...


You may or may not appreciate that you are in an experiment, yet, when we can get out of our own way through the decision making that happens by using the strategy and authority, we have a bird's eye view of the life. We can witness the beauty of the construct. 


Have fun! There is nothing serious going on here!



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