The Emotion of Money

Aug 04, 2019

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The 55th Trait is the emotional indicator of money of this material plane. There are numerous ‘money’ places in the human design bodygraph, however, the emotion of abundance sits in this trait.

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What I want to chat today about is the emotion of money. Abundance is a question of spirit. The important piece here to understand is that nothing is outside of you. There is zero that is outside of you. You are the author, the book, the publisher, and the paper that the book is written on. You are it all. I just want to show you what I see in the bodygraph. 


When I look at money, or I think about money, there are many places in the bodygraph because we are meant to be living on this material plane. Money is just an object, exchange, and currency. We're exchanging for this perceived value, so don't get so caught up in it. Relax into the fact that there is nothing outside of you. When I look at this 55th trait/gate that sits in the emotional intelligence or the solar plex and then take a look at the stock market. We have the emotional waves that happen through the emotional solar plex or this emotional intelligence. For the 55th trait, the emotional wave cruises along, gets excited, cruises along, and falls. It spikes up and down and then, for the most part, looks fairly stable until it peaks. Then you take a look at all the rest of them, and if you were to pull up the stock market, this is what you're going to see. 


What is the graph telling you? It's telling you where the spirit is in that particular company, commodity, ETF, sector, country, or in their currency. It's telling you what is the spirit behind it, and here's the bad part. There are so many times that the emotions of people are being hijacked. There's falsified information so that these emotions place that stock in a higher emotional state than what it should be. Pay attention to that. 


I was having a good conversation with a client the other day, and this is what we were talking about. She and I have the 50th trait, and the quality of that is corruption. I have some corrupt values. Some people's toes would probably curl up to know the experiences I've had in my life. However, they were just experiences, and I don't judge myself based on those experiences. I also use that ability to see the corruption that's happening in this world and there's a ginormous amount. I want you to take a look at the 55th trait. Abundance is strictly a question of spirit. 


Look at each one of the qualities and lines. If this is defined in your bodygraph, check out the quality that you bring behind this. If it isn't, pay attention to all these different qualities that show up in our world. That's what the keynotes are telling you. That's what the keynotes of every line, quality, gate, trait, function, Center, and every stream understand all of these keynotes are life. Some of us have that quality, gate, or trait. It's in our energy field. Others of us are learning about it. For me, I'm provoking. I have the 39th trait, so I'm provoking people's spirits. Some people can hear me, and some people cannot. Some people get pissed off. On YouTube, some people can only listen to me for a very brief period, and then I've pissed them off, or they're like, oh, she's full of crap, and they walk away. I've poked something in their spirit. 


The first line is all about cooperation. The second line is distrust. Isn't that interesting? Abundance and distrust? Spirit and distrust? I want you to play around with these keynotes and see where you're at. Innocence, assimilation, growth, selfishness. We are on the Material Plane. What I hope is that everybody grabs the definitive book from the IHDS. That's the information that Ra has written. His information is who I follow. There's a couple of his students from early years that have broken off and done their own thing, but I still follow Ra's information. What happens here in this trait is there's this fear and nervousness about emptiness. It's like, I'll never have my spirit. My spirit's broken and I feel completely empty. There's this fear and nervousness. It's impossible for you to be severed from your soul or any of that. Know that it's always going to be the shadow or the distraction that's pulling you off game, but your soul is always there. Your spirit is just waiting. 


Where do we witness this? We witness this in the stock market. This is the trait of eating disorders. If you don't have it, that could be a possibility, and if you do have it, it can be a possibility. Remember, this is all a duality. All of this information is information. It's all about strategy and authority. Emotional breakdowns can happen here because there's this thought of, my spirit has been broken. I can't pick up the pieces. My emotional wave is way down. I'm very upset. Then there are emotional breakdowns around this. I'm not saying if you've had an emotional breakdown that that's a good or a bad thing. I'm just saying it's an experience that you've had or are having, and your spirit is just sitting there waiting. Remember, this is the emotional system. It's waiting and waiting. 


In the future, understand that this trait is taking an adjustment. There's going to be a mutation and a breakdown that happens here. What you're going to notice is that the motor piece of the emotional intelligence is breaking away, and it is going to be more of just an awareness piece. 


Let's just take a look at these lines. I'm going to read these to you straight from the Rave I'Ching. These are Ra's words. Cooperation is the potential defined spirit through cooperation with powerful forces. Distrust, emotional stability, and the strength of the Spirit are dependent on being trusted by others. Abundance is hampered by slander or gossip. Just breathe these in and take these in. Look at how they play out in our world. 



Innocence - the emotional possibility to recognize that despite one's best efforts, failure is possible and does not need to affect the spirit. Know that the 3rd line is innocence. I'm one of these people in the 1 3. Failure, mistakes, trial, and error are in the fabric of my being. Without mistakes, errors, or failures, I can't grow. There is no spirit in that. I can just innocently sit in it knowing I messed up, but it's okay. 



Assimilation - the possible spirit that comes when emotional awareness and energy are balanced and principled. What's it asking you? The 4th line is very rigid. It can move both ways. It can go towards the top of the hexagram, but it can also dabble with the bottom hexagram. It's like this bridge, like the juxtaposed incarnation crosses. There's a bridge happening here. It's saying be balanced and be principled. 



Then we have growth. The emotional strength and spirit are deprived of positions of power. Get out of your head what power means. The conditioned construct of power is immediately people think of the Queen, a CEO, or rich people. Those are the people conditioning others. The power lies within you. How do you grow? By nurturing your own spirit, trusting yourself, innocently sitting in your spirit, and cooperating with your higher-self. This is an inside game, and then we bond with others in this illusion of separateness. Sometimes I speak, and I think, oh god. I probably just lost them there. There is nothing outside of you. 



Self-ishness is the possibility of finding the spirit through materialism. There is that possibility. Know that the 6th hexagram is always looking into the future. It's always moving into the future. The next gate that happens in the mandala is the 37th gate. What's the 37th gate all about? It's about family and friends. It's tribal, and what does tribal circuitry require? It requires food, shelter, and abundance. The 6th line is looking towards how do we become material? If I don't have enough, it's impossible for me to give. This is where Ra speaks about David's cup. If your cup isn't full and running over, there's nothing to give to people. We look at some people that have more than enough when we think, oh, those people are greedy. In some cases, that might be true, but in other situations, there are some magnificent people in the world. Maybe they're giving a hand up, and we forget about that. We have been in this cost of planning, and that has conditioned us to believe that we should be taking handouts. That the government should be handing out to us, that big business should be handing out to us, and that big farmers should be handing out to us because they're making billions of dollars. But the truth is you can't give if there's nothing there. I am NOT saying that there isn't anything there in their coffers, but in their spirit is there anything there to give? It's okay to be self-ish because self-ish is self first. You play a part. Your piece of the puzzle is required, so you need to take care of yourself, and your spirit needs to be fulfilled, happy, joyous, and empowered so that you can give to your family and support your tribe. It's on its own; there's nothing that's separate. It all plays a part. Now, whether or not you have this defined, abundance is strictly a question of spirit. If you're in a victim story and you feel as though your cup is empty, just take a look at that. Begin to live life through strategy and authority so that your spirit can be rebuilt.


I do a ton of videos about a lot of things that I see so much in our world, and I go, oh, well that's this piece of design or that piece of human design or whatever. I see it all. I see it in every date when I interact with people, on the news, I see it everywhere. I do watch the mainstream media because I want to see exactly how they're conditioning people. It is sad because they're trying to strip away our power every day - our hijacked perceptions. What does the design is teaching is to take back your power and stand in your own self-actualization. 


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What I love is I have this great mentorship program. This mentorship program takes you through decision-making, every piece of the design, the primary health system, the psychology piece, how you profit, all kinds of things. So when you step out at the end, you have your own marketing package, you know how you best are going to profit in this world, and then you can create your business around you. It's about us taking back our power. We do that by making decisions correctly through our own strategy and our own inner authority. Then instead of letting the conditioning beat us down, we use that conditioning for wisdom. We then influence others in a healthy way so that there's a whole win-win situation. That a feeling of abundance and that spirit is filled over the brim for everybody. Yes and no, it's about money, but it's not. Money is an outside representation. It's about what's on the inside. What is happening with your spirit? That's really what it's about. 


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Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do. Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises or life choices. We're living a new reality--a new and evolving normal that has been triggered by the world-wide pandemic of 2020. I am providing a simplified, mechanical look at this information through the tool that is known as Human Design. Once the mechanics of the information are seen, the processing of the information can be from awareness vs. Fear.


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