Stop Setting Goals and Do this Instead....

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Knowing the mechanics of the Universe through the lens of the Human Design System has allowed me to see concepts at a different perceptivity than before Human Design!

Human's are OBSESSED with money, fame, fortune and forcing life....

We are told to set goals and plan out our life. We are told that if we don't 'make it happen' that we are weak and that we will never have success....

Over the last 400 years, we have been in the energy called the Cross of Planning. 

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 The focus of the Cross of Planning energy, that has been the larger energy we are under as a civilization, created bargains and contracts that led humanity to stop making decisions as an individual. These bargains had us hand over our decision making to the governments, large organizations and to the tribe. The bargain began through propaganda and the promise that these large organizations and governments would have our best interest at heart....This Cross also created valuation systems that gave more value to the things that a person owns and their bank account level. This was a system that served us until now....

The 2020 year disrupted the world. The energy of the Cross of Planning is breaking down and the governments and large organizations, worldwide, have a sense that they are no longer going to have there was some super drastic measures taken to make one last push for this control. 

As humanity shifts into the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix in the 2027 year, we are being asked to take back our power and stand in our own charismatic energy and to re-integrate our own inner truth into our lives. Leaving the propaganda and delusion of the bargains behind and moving into a reality that we create/manifest. We are being initiated into our own awakening. We are asked to start a new capitalistic business cycle where the relationship is the core of the buying process. Every business must have the spirit of the individual within the product or service so the solution to the buyer problem is solved with a deep empathic feeling of acceptance. 

Sounds really nice right?

Well, it is going to the be the future. Instead of filling the emotional disfunction our planet with more stuff, it will an interaction that is based in the spirit of each party. 

Now let's get back to the title of this blog. 

Stop Setting Goals and DO this Instead....

If you have been following my work with this system, you will know I speak about the quantum physics world a lot! We are in this huge soup of potential call the scalar field. The Neutrino ocean that feeds this potential has trillions of packets of information flowing through every square centimeter of our humanness per second. The potential to collapse the quantum field into manifestation is infinite....

The mechanics of your human design gives you the map how to collapse the quantum field with as much ease as possible....this is the strategy and authority to begin with and then recognizing each mechanic within your map (bodygraph) then allows you to interact with the correct people and energy to transcend the 3D world and enter into the 5D world. 

Goal Setting is stopping the potential of all that is to land your manifestations....Goal setting is confining and it is usually placing blinders on the goal setter so they can't see the greater possibilities that are available. 

This Proverb says it all:

 The Heart or the Ego Center in the Human Design Bodygraph has a focus on the material plane and it also branches off to initiate us into our awakening. So what this proverb is saying in simplistic terms is this....Stop Goal Setting and Making Plans without the guidance of your Human the Lord's Purpose is built right into your design....

So instead of sitting down Jan 1 of every calendar year and setting goals, sit down with your human design chart and begin to set STANDARDS!

Get to know the conditioning that is deep within. Set the Standard that you will no longer let that conditioning make choices in your life. Set a Standard that you will only trust your inner authority. Set a Standard that no matter what is happening in the world that you will honor your purpose and honor your inner truth. Set the Standard that the mechanics of your Chart will be the only way you show up, day in and day out. Set a Standard about connecting with the healthy psychology of your chart and you will nourish the body how it is intended to be nourished with the PHS. 

And then watch how the quantum field is no longer confined to a goal. Most people set a monetary goal, a weight goal, how much stuff they will own goal or a boundaries goal....

For example:

I will lose 20 lbs by February 20th....this is a goal....instead, set a standard....I do 25 jumping jacks in the morning before I shower. This is a standard. These are none negotiables. No matter where you are in the world, weather you are on holidays or on a work trip, you will get out of bed and do the 25 jumping jacks. This is you standard. Some may say a routine....and it may turn into that....however, if you look at it as a standard for you health then the 'habit' is no longer another thing you have to do. 

I will eat healthy to help loose weight....this is a goal...instead, set a standard....I will trust my body to indicate the length of fasting it requires, the best food for it. I will honor my PHS and authority to purchase the food that best nourished my body. 


I will set a goal of $120,000 income for this year....this is a goal...instead, set a standard....the content I put out into the world provides limitless value for the user and for me! I attract clients that are able and willing to exchange high quality value.


As you can see, the standard is much different that a set goal. The standard is a non negotiable way I or you will show up each day in the truth our our own unique designs; how we will be purpose centric and to operate for an internal valuation. 


So for the 2021 year, I encourage you to stop interfering with the Lord's Purpose and trust that the quantum physics world is just waiting for you to get out of the way and let the flow of potential create worlds! 


Have fun Friend!!

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