Quarter of Civilization

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The second quarter is focused on the form’s journey through life and what is needed to manifest support for humanity after birth. This is where the minds carefully initiated (formulated) concepts are concertized into form. However, the most important part of this is to understand that the manifestation does not happen through the mind, it happens through the motor connect to the throat! Here is where we build the material plane. Purpose is fulfilled through manifesting through the movement of spirit into form!

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We have now gone through the quarter of initiation and we have now walked through the whole quarter of civilization. What I love about this about the program, the design, is we can evolve in this or not. It really is the story of being human. 


Quarter of Civilization: Purpose Fulfilled Through Form

I love how there are very interesting pieces that we walk through in this. With the quarter of civilization, here we are. We began this quarter in the second gate. The quarter of civilization focuses on the forms journey through life, so the actual physical body. What is needed to manifest support for Humanity after birth? What do we need in this form in order to sustain our physical bodies until we lose our physical bodies? The first quarter was all about the mind. Now the second quarter is how to take those concepts that the mind was thinking and concretize them into form. Now if you remember, the quarter of initiation was all of the gates in the solar plex except for one. 


I don't know if any of you have ever listened to Abraham Hicks. It is a frequency that is channeled through Esther Hicks. This frequency talks about the law of attraction. The law of attraction indicates to us that we get what we feel. Even though our minds are creating a thought, it is how we feel about that thought. That's why it is so imperative for us as human beings, because we are so damn powerful, to pay attention to how we feeling when we are thinking something. Positive thoughts aside, we can try to do all kinds of positive thoughts all day long, but if we're still feeling anxious, nervous, worried, what are we gonna get? Anxious, nervous, and worried because the law of attraction communicates to us through frequency. Thoughts do become things, however, the frequency of the thought becomes things. If when you look at this quarter here, this quarter of civilization, it's that form. It's that you know this Maya that we live on. It's the physical body because we have decided to collapse the quantum field and what we perceive is what we perceive. There's nothing outside of your perception and what I love is that human design walks into that. Of course, that's something for really in-depth study and work that you can do so that you can grasp, am I perceiving this correctly? Am I perceiving this from my highest self or am I perceiving this from a place of being mind-controlled?


There's a mixture of manifestation, projection, builder, and reflective energy in this in this quarter. Let's take a look at this. Manifestation - ALL 11 gates of the throat are present in this quarter. Projection - we have a projected channel here, we have two projected channels here, and three here, three here, all projection. Builder - builder energy here, builder energy here, here, and here. Then, of course, the manifestation happens right here when we connect these three channels to a motor. It looks like an actual reflector or evaluator chart because there's actually no channels making definition in here. It's just dormant potential so if you notice there is no connection to a motor yet. As I said, this is a reflective chart so there's no connection to a motor. We need to have a motor connected to the throat in order for manifestation to happen. But if you look around our world, there's a shit-ton of initiation happening out of the mind and people pushing forward, pushing their physical bodies, depleting their physical bodies, for what? Money. We are all here to profit in our own particular ways and there's a whole coaching package on profiting. However, we have a distorted view of what ambition looks like because we, the collectives, think that by initiating through the mind, that's what ambition is. Totally distorted. Ambition is a fuel that is here to fuel us right down from our root up. It is not lying down. If you look at these quarters, it's fun to see this. We started off with the witness, we walked all the way through that and we saw that this is the quarter of initiation and initiation really its purpose fulfilled through the mind. However, everyone except for one of the gates in this beautiful solar plex motor was present. The ego center and the identity center or in the willpower and the identity and direction they were defined so we have a definition there. It's all about connecting a motor to the throat to create manifestation. Purpose is fulfilled through manifesting, through the movement of spirit into form. We are collapsing the quantum field into this material plane by following our strategy and our authority. There are layers and layers of this information. 


However, the simplistic piece of this is we are quantum computers. Do you know that they have these quantum computers called D-wave and our PCs are linear thinkers and these D-wave computers are quantum thinkers, so they're actually emulating humans. Our minds can process copious amounts of information every millisecond and we're doing it you don't even have a clue that you're doing it and these quantum computers are doing the exact same thing. What strategy and authority gives to us is when we allow for the aura to navigate on this material plane and to interact and interface with others, it's providing us with all of the possibilities on the quantum field. Say you want blah blah, whatever it is a car okay let's just choose that and you want that car. Now you just let the auric field provide the possibilities. What are all of the possibilities for me to get this car and then you get to sit back and drop in to the inner authority. As those possibilities pop up, your inner authority is going to say, okay, with all of these things that are popping up, which one is probable to allow me to expand and get me to my end result? Does that sound like a little mind-blowing? That we have all of this capability and we are pissing around are not-self, in this mind that is mind-controlled. It's sick, it's not healthy, that not-self piece of us. We have this massive, beautiful quantum computer right here reading our skulls that we completely decimate by having it make decisions for us. Use the strategy, use your authority. We are meant to speak in frequencies and then manifest what is best for us to manifest. Best for us and best for the expansion of the one. 


As we walk through here, let's just take a look at this. We have the 2nd gate which is our higher knowing. It is the most receptive gate in the I Ching and in Human Design. We start off with the witness and then the next corridor is all about our higher self. That higher self sits in the identity and direction. Of course it does, our liver sits here and our liver is our incarnation spot. So here we have this higher self that's going okay, we've witnessed all of this, we've walked through that quarter, we've received the information from the mind and from the emotional frequency. Now, how can we assimilate this information, contribute, how can we contemplate and bring our skills and be able to progress, educate, and throw in a little bit of romance, music, and poetry for the whole love of humanity? How do we use our fuel to concentrate and focus on one thing at a time? Our fuel to provoke the spirit. We are trying to move our spirit, provoke our spirit, move that into form. Our spirit was over here in the 55th gate and now we're giving it that nudge. Let's go, let's fuel this up. To begin something new and pay attention to the details, understand that we can speak about our experiences, stimulated others with our experience, influence ourselves to move forward into the future. To then remember all of this, retreat, and go, we're doing a hell of a good job when we're only halfway through the wheel. A motor must be involved in the process of manifestation and this is crucial. If you are trying to manifest from the not-self or from the mind, the ambitious look of our world is going to continue to be distorted and sick. Manifestation must come from a motor. There's probably going to be a ton of questions. What if you don't have a motor? What if you don't have the throat? This whole entire program is in our DNA. It is what is defined within you, what is activated within you. That's your real strength, that's what you can stand up and use. If you don't have the throat defined, it's not that you can't manifest, but what you're going to notice is that the people that have defined throats, you're attracting them into your life. You're attracting them into your life because we are here to co-create and collaborate and is what we're going to get into in the next quarter.


If design is intriguing you and you want to see how your little quantum bit of information is processing this whole field of information. If you want to really grasp how to navigate on this plane and how to collapse this material plane into beautiful co-creative experiences and things, let's have a conversation. I love this stuff so when you're ready and your strategy and authority move you here, I'll be here for you. Human Design goes into everything like individual coaching, relationship coaching, career coaching, a business, family, entrepreneurial, information, whatever you want, it's here because this is the program. 



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Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do. Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises or life choices. We're living a new reality--a new and evolving normal that has been triggered by the world-wide pandemic of 2020. I am providing a simplified, mechanical look at this information through the tool that is known as Human Design. Once the mechanics of the information are seen, the processing of the information can be from awareness vs. Fear.


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