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Sep 20, 2020

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JM: Welcome live to Close-Up Radio everybody this is your host Jim Masters. We're broadcasting globally on the Close-Up Radio network which is a service of Close-Up Television and radio. It's a pleasure to have you here. It is 1 p.m EST on September 16, 2020. It's hard to believe that half the month of September is already gone. That's why you have to maximize your time and enjoy every moment. We thank you very much for joining us here on our broadcast series. It's always a pleasure to have you here and we are welcoming live and direct from Wembley Alberta, Canada, Leann Wolff. After 10 years as a branch manager at a financial institution, Leann simply could not endure the rat-race any longer. She says, when you're a woman there are so many expectations of you that there comes a point where the physical body says enough is enough. So Leann actually walked away from a very lucrative career to care for herself. She recognized she had a calling she would need to honor. Today, Leann is the founder of Power of Self where she helps her clients break through what's holding them back and move into self-mastery. Her clients are really on a mission to find themselves. Too often, we're too busy to even take time to do that but now I think with everything that's happened this year of 2020, there is time and a lot of people are reevaluating their lives. They're taking time to see and reflect on what is important in their life and what do they really want to do with the rest of their life. Too often we dumb down our strengths to make ourselves conform to what people are expecting from us. She gives people permission to actually be themselves and know the power of their frequency. Mastering your own frequency means really being your authentic self all day long not just at certain times of the day. Leann helps people master their own frequency using a tool called the Human Design System. It combines ancient science astrology and so much more and we're going to talk about how this all works. We're very excited to expand upon this as well. It marries everything with today's science of quantum physics and biomechanics. Really exciting stuff. My pleasure to welcome her to the show as we talk about this entire opportunity for you to learn about this way to master and really also be in touch with yourself and really appreciate your talents, your wisdom, your wit, and the things that sometimes as I said you might dumb down or hide or just not share with the world. It's very important to share it all with the world. The world is waiting for your gifts to be shared, absolutely. Leann, welcome to Close-Up Radio. It's an honor and a pleasure to have you with us here on the show today.


LW: Thank you, Jim. I totally appreciate the opportunity to be able to share my gifts and talents and to talk about the Human Design System with you today.


JM: I really love this whole idea, let's talk about it. What is it about? I mean you walked away from the lucrative job in the financial institution to really focus on this kind of work where you have more of an impact on people's lives. It isn't so transactional as maybe working in a financial institution as you're really getting to the core of people's personalities, emotion, their hopes, dreams, and desires, What was it about that that was really tugging at you and calling you so deeply that you walked away from the lucrative job to really want to create something like this that on much more of a deeper, long-lasting, more humanistic connecting way?


LW: Well, I'm designed to be a coach and a manager - that's built right into my system. As I was coaching my staff for the 10 years that I worked at the financial institution, I just knew like there was something missing here. I don't want people to be just at a job to be at a job to pay bills. I want them to be completely fulfilled. I could see that in some of the staff members. They were not completely fulfilled. Others were totally fulfilled and they loved it and they're still working at that place of business. That's really what ignited this fire in me to break away from the conformity and to really get people to hone in on who they are and be able to walk on this Earth and absolutely contribute from a place of satisfaction, success, peace, and awe instead of feeling frustrated that they have to go to work every day, not being heard at work, and just having this breakdown of the body because they're placing themselves in a career or a job that they really don't love. That's really why I chose to walk away and to do individual coaching and to teach people their own self-mastery.


JM: That is cool and that is really important. I think that's something that we all can learn from and really appreciate. It's very important. The power of self. I just love that expression too. Tell us about what the power of self is and some of the work you do in relation to that Leann.


LW: When we look at this from a scientific aspect, each one of us really is this breath of the stars we are this unique aspect of time-space. There is a self built right into that inside that unique time-space aspect is a frequency. When I look at it in a bigger picture, it really is your God code. This is what God said, "can you please represent this frequency?" So when we can tap back into that and allow for that expression of that frequency to be your guide, to be what you express in the world, it just becomes so powerful. We can change the frequency of the universe by aligning to the correctness of our own frequency. Then people can navigate on this planet. They can move into careers that are correct for them. They can have family relationships that are healthy and yummy and bring such joy to them. They can make money on the material plane and it's not drudgery or difficult, it can become an ease. So that's really what Power of Self is. It's aligning with that frequency and letting it work through you.


JM: Frequency is so important and you hear it talked about so much now Leann and people are really starting to understand what it's about and that there is all these different frequencies that exist and our own frequency and our own aura and everything that we put out makes an impact on others lives and our own as well. The frequencies we receive do the same thing. You mentioned in the introduction sort of like all the world is a stage. We've always heard that expression and we put on our various, no pun intended as far as this year, but we put on our various masks based on the situation we're in, who we're with, those different versions of ourself based on the scenario and the people were around. Too often we have to sort of create a character at work to survive the week, to be able to get through it all, dealing with people who under normal circumstances you probably wouldn't socialize with, and then when you get home in the evening, you can take that mask off. We all have people that were around sometimes where you don't even need to have a mask because they're comfortable and authentic and open, you're comfortable and authentic and open and neither has to have a mask. Those relationships and those conversations with those folks are so refreshing and so liberating. But some people don't have the ability or understanding on how to still be yourself all day long. Isn't there this feeling that if they are themselves all day long, and even in a business climate or out socially at a party or something, if they're totally authentic, it makes them vulnerable so they fear that?


LW: Yep, completely. Vulnerability and shame are really what keep us behind that veil or that cloak or that mask. Then we are so fearful and nervous that if we are authentic, nobody will accept us.


JM: How do we master that? How does Leann Wolff stay Leann Wolff true to herself? Jim Masters stay true to himself all day long without altering based on the scenario and the people and things of that nature? People listening right now might not even realize there's a way to remain yourself all day long.


LW: So when I take a look at the Human Design System, the whole point of this system is for us to take decision making and drop it into our bodies and relieve the mental plane or the mind of that decision making. What human design does is it says, "listen you are in a material body. Let's navigate on this planet with other people and let's use that intelligence of that body to interact correctly." Then once we can do that, and it's called your inner authority and your strategy, so if we can follow the strategy, trust the inner authority, then what happens is that the mind can then become aligned with your own purpose. It no longer has to meddle or get you to conform or get you to change in any way based on the circumstances. Your body will tell you, this is the correct interaction for me or not. If it's not the right workplace, if it isn't the correct party to be at, if it's not the correct place to eat at, your physical body gives you clues and indications. That's really what human design does is it says, "honor the vessel, honor the body and move with the body on this planet and let the mind just witness it." I want to take it a little bit farther and that witnessing is we live in a world of quantum physics. The observer effect of quantum physics became something that fascinated scientists. As soon as you observe something, you change the outcome. That's really what we want our minds to do is to begin to observe how we are interacting in the world and keep it focused on that observation instead of having it focused on making decisions and having that decision fatigue and mental fatigue and trying to figure everything out. The strategy allows us to interact through our energy field and then the inner authority is our guide. "This is the correct person to interact with." "This is the correct career to be with or not." For me, it's like a walking meditation because it's really just witnessing and pulling yourself up to that 30,000-foot view and watching the beauty of all of this unfold. Did that help you, Jim?


JM: Yeah, it's beautifully said. I think you hit it right on the mark. How did you come into this realization for yourself, Leann?


LW: As soon as the Human Design System bumped into me, so after I had walked away from my lucrative career, I gave myself some time to just decompress and let the body let go of some of that stress that was happening. As soon as I picked up the system and I began to read and I connected with it, I'm like, this totally makes sense. So I'm going to give you an example. My type is called a manifesting generator. I'm here to respond to people entering into my energy field. Then I'm designed to go into my gut and make a decision. Is this the correct interaction or not? That realization and going ah, I get it, just made so much sense to me. Everything started to fall together for me when I found out about this information. It became easy to just stand in that truth that inside of me I have my own GPS guide and it's going to tell me my navigation. My mind doesn't have to get involved in that it, doesn't have to meddle in it, and I can just watch it all unfold for me. That really was the realization when I could recognize the power of this system and be able to just get out of my own way.


JM: That's right. I like the way you said that. When you realize to get out of your own way, that is huge. Oftentimes, we don't know when to do that and we are our own worst enemy and honoring a calling too sometimes that's not it doesn't come so fluidly and easily, right?


LW: Yep, exactly. One of the things that the system teaches us is we cannot be focused on money. We have to be focused on the cellular feeling in our body. For me, it's satisfaction. I do, I create, and I work at the things that bring me satisfaction and because I can come from that place, I'm not focused on money. I attract what I need to. My bills are paid, I have a beautiful place to live. I have a cattle ranch that I get to hang out with and be in nature and all that kind of stuff and it just happens. I don't have to "force it to take place." It happens through me because I'm representing the frequency that I've been asked to represent.


JM: I like the way you said that and we should pause on that. Did everybody hear what Leann said? Don't just focus on the money and make the money the main thing. Money is important. Money pays bills, it covers health care, puts food on the table, a roof over your head, all those other things. However, it shouldn't be the driving force because look at the people that win the lottery. They win millions and millions of dollars and then they look in the mirror and they're like, "this doesn't change how happy I am. I'm not happier." Matter of fact, things usually happen that go south in a way sometimes when they're thrust with riches. There are different ways of saying you're a rich person and if you're rich because you're fulfilled, satisfied, loved, you love and you allow others to love you, which also can be difficult sometimes for people. It's important and if you take the risk you also can initiate problem-solving abilities, which is really important. If we sort of thrust ourselves into a new situation, as uncomfortable as it may seem whatever it is in the very beginning, we sort of draw upon those strengths and find a way and that's what you've done, right? Sometimes you have to go towards the fire to confront fear, to learn a new skill, to have resilience and confidence in yourself. Then you can share that fantastic aura, energy, and frequency with others because people will see you and say, "wow. What's changed? What's different?" You're in touch with self, you're reliant and appreciative of self.


LW: That's exactly what it is. What I introduce my clients to is that, and some of your listeners may go "what?", but the dollar and the coins in your pocket there's actually no intrinsic value to any of that. The only way it holds any kind of value is that there's a promise from our government that when they get loans from other people with other countries or they take a loan from the federal reserve, that they will have enough ability to tax people in order to pay that back. There's no actual intrinsic value. So that's why I introduce people to stop chasing the dollar. Stop chasing money. Come back to your intrinsic value because when you hold your intrinsic value and you walk around on this planet and you serve people and you show up where you need to show up and you use your skillset or you use your talent, all of a sudden, money flows through you because you're designed for that. We don't have to chase something that doesn't have an intrinsic value. Be your intrinsic value and watch how everything just falls into place.


JM: That's right, exactly. The word value is so important there and what you're describing. I mean you've really helped people. Where do you think this desire to help people comes from? You mentioned that you realized when you were working for the financial institution that there's certain, I can't tell you how many people I know personally that are friends, people I've interviewed in this format of close-up television radio and things of that nature where they were lawyers, they were in the banking industry, they were in corporate America or corporate Canada in your case, they were in the corporate structure very good jobs, great retirement plan, health care, all of that. However, there was something missing that wasn't being expressed, tapped into, and it was this real pull of humanity as opposed to it being very bottom-line oriented and stockholder oriented and just get it done however you can get it done mentality. Numbers, figures, transactional, and how do we make the most profit the folks that are in this corporate sort of structured business mentality are craving the connection with people. Many of them are therapists, life coaches, nurses, massage therapists, and do like the work you do with the Power of Self. It's amazing how when you're working at like the financial institution, there's this other thing that's out there that's pulling at you and pulls you into wanting to really connect with people. You've helped many people. That desire is born and bred inside you, isn't it?


LW: Yep. So when I look at my human design, that is just my trajectory. My trajectory in this life, my path in this life, is to be of service and to utilize my skills, talents, and wisdom to be of service and to contribute to society in a way that they can be empowered. With my people, I don't want me to be their crutch. I want them to be able to be so empowered that they can walk around on this planet and just know themselves at such deep levels and trust themselves at such deep levels that they're not looking for answers outside of their own skin. That they are so connected with that source of self that there is nothing else and they can just move from that place.


JM: Exactly right and that's what's important too. To realize that and to live in what we say corporate environments. As I mentioned, especially in the financial sector, sometimes can be dehumanizing. It's more about the numbers the bottom line that you got to satisfy. Sometimes you feel even like an object. It's very hard if you're a person also that's spiritual, a person that's very human-centric. If somebody is in that environment but they're it's pulling at them to something is missing they're realizing that okay, I like the income and I like the different things and but I'm scared to leave that. I mean you took a risk and I'm sure it wasn't just a flip of a switch for you. I'm sure you did a pro-con list and you really sorted out and then made the move which probably when you look back in hindsight you're so glad that you did. But there might be people listening to our show live right now or later in the archive saying, "well, I'm scared. I'm not enjoying this job anymore, yeah I like the money and I like the "security" but what's secure anymore? Nothing is as secure as it used to be. How do I put that one foot in front of the other and really pursue my true deep passion?"


LW: Here's my plug. I help people step into different careers. I help people walk into their entrepreneurship because that's really where we're flowing to as universal energy. We're moving towards that individual intrinsic value versus giving our autonomy away to big governments and big business. For me, really it is let's repackage all of your experiences that you've already had. Let's repackage that in a way and present it to the world through your correct design. Let's sell it to them so that instead of being in the conformity or being conditioned by what you think people want from you, you can really be that influential person and stand in your truth and then sell all of that experience. I stepped into this place but I had 35 years of experience and bumping into different things, roles, and careers because I needed that so that I could get here. We don't want to discount where you've been. We want to just honor that, repackage it, and place it so that you can stand in that truth and move forward. Yes, there is going to be fear, of course, there's going to be nervousness, but the energy frequency of our planet is supporting us right now to do this. To be aware, to be awake, and to take this transformational energy that is holding us, it's supporting us right now, to move into our own self-mastery, to move into our own autonomy, and to be that individual in the group. Maybe you do totally love being in corporate America or corporate Canada. Great, but maybe you don't love the role that you're in. Well then let's take all those experiences and hone it in and then put out that energy so the universe goes, "this is the place that this being needs to be in." Instead of pushing up against the river, let's go with the river and let those puzzle pieces fall where they need to fall.


JM: I like that. Yeah, that's a good way to look at it. That's a really good way to look at it. Obviously, it's a delicate thing to be a mentor as well. You can't be too much of a guide but it doesn't work really without a guide. I love this topic of human design. Can you define it a little bit more for us? It's not molding, it's really much more of a different type of thing, isn't it? People may hear human design and say, "oh, what are we just creating assembly line molded factory-assembled versions of ourselves?" But not at all, right? It's the opposite of that, right?


LW: It's completely the opposite of that. Again, going back to the first few moments of the show is that you are a unique aspect of time-space. There was this beautiful imprint and you get to be that imprint and it's not a limitation. It really is a transcendence because when we can align to that, we can transcend the conformity. We can transcend the expectations on us. We can actually be it. Again, it takes the ancient sciences married with today's science, and it provides us with this beautiful quantum aspect of you in this time-space reality. There's eight billion of us on the planet and we're all completely unique. What the system gets to do is it helps you align to that uniqueness instead of being so far away from it that you feel frustrated or angry or not at peace. We align it so that you can feel that intrinsic cellular feeling of self-love, self-mastery, and you can be on point every day, all day long.


JM: Which is so important. All-day, every day. That's what's really important. Obviously, we're assigned this frequency when we're born and the rest is up to us and how we're going to navigate the world in that frequency. Are you in harmony or dissonant? Now, I'm a libra. I'm just throwing in astrology here and I'm really in tune with it. I'm definitely about balance, harmony, and seeing both sides of a question when somebody presents a question. I'm empathetic, sympathetic, prophetic, visual, creative, the referee, the umpire, the one that isn't the extreme one. I take the extreme on that side, take the extreme on the other side, and bring those two together. Always looking for the balance, for things to be fair, equitable, balanced, harmonious. Now with that, I often then follow that up with saying I should have been born on Venus, the planet of love instead of Earth. Then people say, "no, we need Libras because you're the ones that sort of help balance things out and make it harmonious. Otherwise, the Earth would implode without Libras!"


LW: I'll just throw this in at the end here, Jim. Your actual life work theme or your incarnation cross, your purpose in life, is to be the vessel of love. You are bringing love inside of that harmony.


JM: Yeah, that's what I heard and that's what people have said. They feel that frequency, that sort of pours out. But sometimes it can make you vulnerable, right? Being a vessel of love.


LW: Of course, yeah.


JM: And in our culture, in our world being a male too on top of it in this culture.


LW: What I love is that you can recognize it and you can see that there's conformity there, right? Being a male and being on the vessel of love, well that's conformity. So human design lets us break out of that conformant and show up in my loving nature. No matter what because I have no other choice.


JM: Exactly, that's beautifully said. I like that.


LW: For them, they walk away, right?


JM: Yeah, right. We're pretty much wrapped here. I can't believe this. This was too short! I want more, I love this conversation. Hopefully, we'll have you come back and maybe we can hear success stories, testimonials, and things but the website is which of course is for Canada. Now, she's in beautiful Wembley Alberta, Canada but that doesn't mean anything because she can work with clients throughout Canada, United States, and beyond so check it out at Very happy you made that choice in life to go into this kind of impactful and beautiful work. What's great about that is when you work with your clients, you can see both sides. Meaning you've had a taste of corporate and of sort of that get it done, finish that inbox, bottom-line way of thinking. So you can be in tune with somebody who might be a client of yours at the beginning who is of that mindset and is trying to shift from that. Then, of course, being the person that you are understanding the human condition, you can relate to people that are that way automatically and just want to express themselves more deeply. It's full circle for you, isn't it Leann?


LW: Yeah, it totally is. I say this like I have an awesome life. I say it all the time because I'm not working. I just get to be me all day long and it's so beautiful. I love it.


JM: It's what you love doing and it's what comes naturally. I look at mine that way too. I mean not that there isn't work involved and blood, sweat, and tears and hours and time and toil, all that's there but that's what adds to the pleasure of the work and obviously you're a communicator and I'm a communicator and we have this desire and need to want to reach people and communicate with them and lift them up and inspire them. When that happens, you're also lifted and inspired yourself too along the way, aren't you?


LW: Yep, exactly.


JM: It's a full-circle situation. That's right. Well again, I encourage folks to go to and connect with Leann Wolff a very special guest. Leann, this was terrific thanks for joining me on the show today as my special guest and I hope we get a chance to explore and chat some more on Close-Up Radio. It was a pleasure having you. The half-hour went by and it felt like 10 minutes to me.


LW: Yeah, exactly. I appreciate it, Jim. Thanks for the conversation.


JM: You are very welcome. You be well and you take care and we'll chat again soon take care now.


LW: Sounds good. Thank you.


JM: Our very special guest Leann Wolff of Power of Self. What a fascinating, eye-opening, and inspirational conversation. I love these kinds of conversations with people because you're left with a deeper understanding of life but in this case of yourself. is the website. Check that out and from all of us here at Close-Up Radio, this is your host, Jim Masters, thank you for your time this time till next time.


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