What is a Fractal in the Human Design System?

bodygraph fractals Oct 11, 2019
fractal, bodygraph, human design

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I am not an expert when it comes to fractals, however, here is my take on the fractal that is spoken about in the human design System. The information is deep, to say the least.

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I'm going to chat a little bit today about fractals. I will tell you right now I'm not an expert at this. I've completed the differentiation degree and we've briefly gone over this, but it's deep. When Ra taught human design he taught it for, I believe it was 25 years that he was here before he passed, and there were still pieces of this system that he didn't teach his students. Here's my take on it, I believe he didn't teach because he didn't think that the information would land in the cells, he didn't believe that his students were ready for the information. I know that there's quite a bit of stuff that he took with him, I can sense it when I listen to his recordings and when I can sit in his energy field. But what do fractals mean? Everything is just a formula, your bodygraph's a formula, every single thing is a formula and we get to experience that formula. 


Then we get to play around again and retest that formula and then we get to play around with it and then we get to have these real epiphanies that happen through us. There's this big pot of soup that's happening, but what fractals indicate is that sacred geometry, and if you see the image behind me this image came from one of the slides from a differentiation degree, so no I did not make this. Ra got some profound information about the start or even as he would call it, the start before the beginning. I know that a lot of this stuff went to the grave with him however, the fractal piece of this is that we're all kind of dropped into a particular line. Let's say that we start here in the middle, and the names for this is The Camel and The Dog. This information you can get from The Rave cosmology. 


I will tell you that I'm not an expert at this and I haven't meditated on this enough, I haven't sat with it. I can get through portions of Ra's information but it's so deep that I know I'm not absorbing. I'm a right-brain body being and the moment I can feel myself removing myself from his conversation, from his energy, I know that the cells are full. They can't listen anymore, they can't absorb any more. I know that I need to then take time and allow for whatever it was to settle down and in my cellular structure. When it's correct my physical body will move me to those studies again and I can re-listen and go to the next piece of it. I've been learning about myself through the Human Design System. Each one of us drops in and there's a fractal. There's going to be this fractal line that we decided to be on because we're not touching everybody, we can't. It's an impossibility in this structure. We're in this meat-suit, I'm never going to be able to touch the seven or eight billion people or however many people on this planet. It's an impossibility in my physical meat-suit. Am I touching them energetically? Yes, most likely because we are in this web. 


What the fractal is all about is that we came on this particular trajectory, this particular line. I'm not saying this is the line, I'm just saying that for visual purposes. Some of us have fractals that are lengthy and deep and we're able to contact and touch and impact lots of people. Some of us don't have large fractals and we are going to have a very small intimate group of people that we impact. Again, this study is very deep, I'm just barely brushing the surface of it. It's all about sacred geometry. Nay-sayers are saying that the Big Bang was all nonsense, I have no idea. Consciously I'm not there, I don't meditate on that, I have no idea what took place. If I did I'd probably be a billionaire because people want to know that answer. However, the whole sacred geometry and the fracturing of the information. There's this fracture that takes place, and those that are along this particular fracture is who you're going to connect with. They can hear you, they want to be in your energy field, they resonate with you, and you're going to provoke them or not and that's okay. There's going to be this little bit of curiosity that takes place. It's this fracture-line that your people are going to be on. We have this particular fractal of people that we impact and they impact us. It's all based on sacred geometry and that fracture that took place on the crystal. 


Again, in human design language, we have a personality crystal that hovers. The design crystal is like, "No, you're not coming in". It just hovers above the head. It's not actually in the physical body, it's in the auric field only. We have our design crystal that resides within the physical body and the magnetic monopole. This dynamic takes place between the personality crystal, the design crystal, and the monopole. If you play around with the MMI software, I don't know how many of you have it or don't have it, but there is the tone that is a triangle, the color that is six-sided, and the base that is a rectangle. 


Then you see the bodygraph and it has that triangular shape. Buck Meister Fuller, he's a scientist, he also saw these fractals and he could see this patterning that takes place. Again, patterns, formulas, sacred geometry, all of it is just a formula, it's a pattern. When we put stuff together we create this neut. We live in this neutrino ocean and the neutrino ocean is flowing through us. The neutrinos come from the stars, they have this information. It's like tiny information packets and these information packets are coming out of these stars and they hold this little bit of information. Then they, for example, go through Pluto and they are conditioned or influenced by Pluto as well. 


All of a sudden there's an add-on to the formula. The formula then flows down and it flows through us. Very simplistic, I have no idea the path of all these neutrinos, I have no idea. If then it flows through us it provides us with this little information package. That information package is really for us to then say, "Oh, we're influenced by this information, we're in this information stoop". The evolutionary path of the program is saying, "Through your frequency, you're interpreting this information". This interpretation is based on your unique God code, that is in the body graph, that's your unique God code. You're then going to represent this information from your frequency and those that can hear it, those that can do anything with that information are going to be on your fractal. 


When the time is correct, what you will see is that if you are a generator or a manifesting generator, or a builder, people will ask you for that information. If you are a projector or advisor they will invite you in to share this information. If you are a manifestor or an innovator what you will notice is that you're taking your signals from the program. The program is saying, "This needs to be innovated for you, the innovator to open up the door and create what needs to be created". If you are a reflector, you are sitting in this pot of soup and you're sampling all of this information and, as the unicorn that you are, there's not many of you. You're saying, "I see what the manifestor or the innovator is creating". Based on the evolutionary program, because the reflectors, the evaluators, the innovators, and the manifestors, are based on the program. They are here to innovate based on the program and evaluate based on the program. The evaluators are saying, "We are on track or we are off-track". The builders and the advisors, or the manifesting generators, and the projectors, they are here to build it. The projectors and the advisors are here to guide that building. They are having more of a human experience than the manifestors, innovators, evaluators, and reflectors because those two types are connected with this program. 


As the transits go around, as the neutrino ocean is providing us with the information on our evolutionary movement, two types are connected fully to that and two types are doing the hands-on, nitty-gritty, working and being. I'm not saying that the projectors are here to do all the work, they are here to guide that work. The fractal is that group of people that are wanting your interpretation of the neutrino ocean. They want your interpretation. Your interpretation is going to help them on their evolutionary path. Your interpretation through your God code will assist them in some way shape or form. We are all here together in this pot of soup. We're not in it alone, we chose to be in this huge pot of soup together so that we can influence each other to move farther into the evolutionary path. 


The unfortunate piece is that instead of influencing each other healthily, we have turned around and started to condition each other. If we could just make that tiny little shift from conditioning to influencing and presenting our frequency in a way that is healthy for ourselves and healthy for everyone. Then the adjustment and the wellness piece of the evolution can take place. I'm not saying that the way we're moving forward is all wrong. I don't know, I have no idea. However, what I do know is that if the physical meat-suit that you are in is showing any kind of unease, disrepair, if it's unwell, that is the clear indication that your frequency, all the information that's meant to be flowing through you, there's a disconnect happening. There's a huge disconnect. 


The physical body is our intelligence field and when the mind is healthy, that's our antenna. It's able to decode all the information that is flowing through our meat-suits. On your fractal, you're going to have this group of people that are waiting for you to get healthy. They're waiting for you to get healthy and how you do that is your correct decision making. That correct decision-making frees up your cellular structure. That freed up cellular structure, or decluttered cellular structure can be repaired because there's not more condition junk in there. Instead of going to the dump and throwing our stuff at the dump, it's like saying, "Let's be conscious of this, let's be aware of what we're putting into our cellular structure, let's be aware of what we are doing to our planet, let's be aware of the clutter". When you can declutter and open up those cells, then the information that's coming through the neutrino field can land. When it can land, then your God code, your frequency can then present that information based on your strengths, your qualities, your traits that sit in the bodygraph.


That's really what was asked of you. Like I say, some of us have a fractal that has millions of people some of us may only have thousands of people. I'm not an expert in this so I can't give you that answer. Like, "How many people am I going to impact?" I don't have that answer. I know it's in this information somewhere, it's deeper than where I've got to. I have been studying this information for seven years, experimenting with it and studying it. I will tell you that I am still just scratching the surface, I've immersed myself in it. If you feel like you're anxious and you want all the answers today, I will tell you that human design is not the place for you then. This is a process, this is comprehending the information but experimenting with it. If you think that you're just going to get a reading and everything in your life is going to change, that's not going to happen. This is not a quick fix, this is process work, this is deep, this is a scientific formula. 


So relax into the information and how will you know if your fractal is there? You will know it because the disrepair in the body is repaired. The dis-ease in the body is eased. The physical body adjusts and then all of a sudden you're aware because you're making decisions correctly for yourself. You can see who's entering into your work field, who's asking me, who is inviting me, what am I sampling here, and who am I impacting, what am I impacting? If you can't see it and you're not aware of it and the physical body is in disrepair, none of this matters, none of it matters. It doesn't matter who's on your fractal or not. If you're bringing unhealthiness there's going to be all kinds of unhealthiness and those people can't see you. You can't see them, they can't see you, so it's about you getting correct first because there is absolutely nothing else. It's only about you, that's it. You're creating me so that you can get a tidbit of information here and I am creating you as well. We are creating each other so that we can get the information we need to get. We're just in this information pot of soup. 


What I hope that I can do is influence you into a better life, into healthy decision-making, into being able to see your fractal, being able to interact with the people you're meant to interact with. Instead of being fully distracted and doing a whole bunch of stuff that creates disrepair in your physical body because it's only about the physical body. Without it, you're just having a pure positive energy experience. We were asked, "Could you please have a human experience? Could you be self-reflected consciousness in a meat-suit? Is that possible?" That's the experiment right now. The bio verse, the universe, the god, whatever you want to call it, is constantly streaming out information. can you see it? Can you see what you're meant to do? Can you become aware of those that you're going to meld with on this fractal? The clutter and the disconnect, if that's taking place, there's no way to move forward on this fractal in a healthy way. It truly is about decision-making, clearing up the mind so that the conceptualization of the information field can be clean and crisp and clear. 


When you have a radio tuner right or radio and you're tuning the button, if it's off even by a point of a hertz, there's static. For the most part that's what we're living in, we are living in noise and static so the people on your fractal can't hear you. They're not picking up what you're laying down. The moment you're able to get clear, the moment you're able to make decisions and honor your meat-suit, love it, honor it, respect it, everything in your life can then open up and change. It's only you, that's it, it's you in this information field. Those that are ready to step on to your fractal, they're there. It's like in the wheat, we're all the weeds we're trying to get out of the weeds. They're there and when you're clean and crisp, they can hear you. It's like you're pulling them out of the weeds. 


I live on a gravel road and the grass and the weeds on the side of the roads can get tall and people are just sitting there waiting. She's clean, she's crisp, he's clean, he's crisp. I can hear him calling me out of the weeds. I can hear that message. All of a sudden, they stand on the road with you, they stand on your fractal with you and you guys get to move down the fractal together being healthy influences. I'm not saying that you're going to do everything together. I'm saying that all of a sudden, he's healthy, she's healthy, and this wellness starts to walk down the road and it influences those that are ready and can hear you. That is my take on the fractal. It is way deep, it is a formula. 


I will tell you that I am not an expert in it; that is my interpretation of it. What I love is that Ra has this profundity about him and also I know that he took some information to the grave. I can just sense that. Hopefully, for those of us that are on this human design journey and are deeply committed to the experiment, that he can continue to drop that information into us.


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