Key Benefits of the Human Design System

how to make decisions human design self reliance key benefits of the human design system Feb 05, 2024
Human design show you how to be self reliant with an image of leann

Human Design Provides the Steps to Self-Reliance

 Are you tired others telling you what you should and shouldn't do?

Do you tend to 'poll' all your friends and family hoping they will have the answer to your problems? Only to find out all this 'polling' pulls you deeper into confusion and 

If so, Human Design provides you with the tools to break free from conforming opinions and belief systems so you can be self reliant. 


Step 1: Make your own decisions from your internal GPS (Removed the Conditioned Mind From Making Decisions)

 The mind is an interested aspect of our human existence. When used for decision making, it will play both sides of the fence...If you do this, this could happen. If you would have done that, this would have happened. You should do this so that happens. 

If will also reprimand you if you make a mistake, or run into a problem. 

The Human Design System removes the mind as the decision maker and reconnects you to the power within. By using the intelligence of the body (emotional intelligence, response, intuition, will power, self-identity and voice cues) to make decisions. 

Step 2: Be informed by discerning what information is correct for you (What is You and What isn’t You)

Human Design helps you pin point your strengths and your weaknesses so you can center yourself in your strengths. The weaknesses are not something you 'have to work on'. Those weaknesses show you who you can bring into your life to help you in those areas.

Step 3: Know where you are going and honor yourself and others along the way (Using Higher Consciousness to Lead the Way)

The Human Design System aligns you to your purpose, helps you lean into your magic and shows you how to use your internal motivation to change the world. 

Step 4: Assume responsibility and self-discipline to make the adjustments necessary for continuous growth. (Know Your Signposts)

Energy is the name of the game. If you are operating from lower, dense energy like frustration, anger, disappointment and bitterness, your life mostly feels like you are efforting to make ends meet. Human Design show you how to manage your energy so you can create and life a lighter energy field and attract in the life you are deserving of. 

Step 5: Be aware of the narration in the mind. (Is the mind your foe or your ally)

Mindset is key....that is the reason we leave the mind out of the decision making! Use your mind to it's full capacity. The mind can be used as a radio tuner to go out into the consciousness field and tune into the frequency of what ever you want to create, then it can bring that frequency into your mind so your body can decide if using your energy for that particular version of the creation is correct or not. 


Human Design is all encompassing!

-Decision Making




-Life Cycles

Whatever you want to discover, it can be found through the lens of Human Design


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