Manifestor / Innovator Introduction

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Manifestor / Innovator Introduction

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I want to take a brief look at a manifestor or an innovator. Manifestor is more of a human design term and the innovator is a BG5 OC 16 term. In the business world, we call them innovators. I'm going to briefly show four different manifestors so that you can see that there are so many configurations but these are just four. With 69,120 incarnations that can happen and millions of different blueprint configurations that can happen, these are just four. 


What is a Manifestor? 

When I picture a manifestor in my head, I picture that they are the gateway opener. Manifestors' auras are closed and repelling. Those are not negative words. When I first sit-down with manifestors they immediately start to cringe when they hear that. They want to be loved and they want to be liked. These people are here to open doorways and gateways for us. 


When I picture an analogy, they are the nose of the plane. They are the first on the scene creating this pathway for the rest of us to respond to, to feel invited to, to be initiated into, or not. That closed and repelling aura, how I see it is most of the population are scared of these beings because they are so powerful. Unfortunately, we've suppressed these people because of our fear, which is that not-self mind that has done this. 


Manifestors are creative. That closed and repelling aura, they're closed in because they are waiting for that next impulse. That next inspiring creative spark that's going to happen for them to then move forward in their innovative way. When I say that they're waiting - manifestors aren't particularly waiting, we all are. Every single being on the planet is kind of waiting. As the evolutionary movement happens, we're all waiting for that next step. 


As a manifestor, waiting looks a little different because it's all about that inspiring spark that takes place. They get initiated by the universe, take that initiation, process it through their being, and present it to the rest of us in this most innovative, creative way. That closed aura, they're in there, they're mulling in their creativity. They're waiting for that ability to impact others. That impact comes from that repelling aura. That repelling aura is pushing people and energetics out of the way so they can create that pathway. 


We have tried to control these beings since the beginning of this nine-centered being. We try to control them by asking them a whole bunch of stupid questions, getting in their way, and then they almost feel defeated. Then instead of waiting for inspiration, they're waiting for people. They're not here to wait for people, they're waiting for that inspiring moment and then they can go and make that impact. For a manifestor to live that manifestor innovative life, what's important is that they use a strategy that we call to inform. That informing gets people out of the way. 



Here's a basic example. You grab your keys, jump in the car and you're going to get butter. The people that are left in the house are like, oh who pissed him off, oh my god is he mad, oh what happened, what went wrong? They start to go into panic mode and don't know what they should do. What they want to do immediately is get on the phone and ask you a bunch of questions. What did we do, are you okay, what's happening? 


Simplistically, what could happen there is instead of grabbing your keys, jumping in the car, and being gone, you know what you're doing. This is what manifestors do, this is what manifestor kids do, they just go. There's this innate sense in them that like they're almost indestructible with this repelling aura. This closed and repelling aura. The simplest way is to say, hey guys I have to run to the store, I'll be back in five minutes. Suddenly, all tension is released. Those people get to go, okay he's made a statement, he's informed us, then we get to move into life how we need to move into life. That's a very simplistic example. 


Informing and Responding

By informing, you allow the other types in human design to process that information through their response mechanism or their strategy. For manifesting generators and generators they can respond to whatever gateway you're opening. They can then go, hey this is great, I want to go through this doorway and build that creation with that manifestor for our projectors or our advisors. They can then advise other people as to this door. They'll feel this invitation from the manifestor to inform, invite other people, and coach other people through the door. They feel invited to go, okay here's the door. Now they get to be the advisor or the coach and coach those that are responding to that movement forward. 


Then we have our reflectors or evaluators. They're here to be initiated by manifestors. That initiation is for them to then evaluate the process like, how are we doing here? When I look at the analogy of an airplane, the manifestors that knows it's that tip, it's breaking trail, it's breaking a pathway, so that the remainder can move through. Our generators are the engines of the plane. They are building, working, and keeping this thing afloat. Our projectors or our advisors are the little rudder. They guide you this way or that way and then our evaluators and reflectors are the instrument panels. How are we doing? Is this nose going down, are we on the right path? 


Manifestors are so critical to our expansion and evolution in this life and we try so hard to suppress them. I challenge anybody that has a manifestor in your life to quit asking stupid questions. Ask these people or make a statement, inform me when it's going to impact me or what I like to do is I like to tell my husband, who's a manifestor, I tell him my schedule. This is what's going on for me so that he is aware for himself so when he's out creating and wants to initiate me into that creation process, he knows when I'm available and when I'm not. When I'm available, I then get to respond to whatever he's creating if it's right for me. 


Information goes both ways for the manifestors. Let them know what your schedule is and then everybody can be in the information. It's not a manifestors role to give a step-by-step play. I don't want a play-by-play. I want to have the gist of what's happening. When I have consultations with manifestors and coach them, immediately they go, but if I inform people they're going to try to control me. It's the opposite. People try to control you when they're scared of you. Once the information is there, they can drop into their strategy. Instead of having fear run it, we can have information run it. Then you can feel peaceful as a manifestor because people are like okay, they move out of your way, I have to stand in the way. 



That anger that comes from the not-self, that anger is happening because of the resistance, questions, and you've been trained to be a generator or manifesting generator and wait for other people. You're waiting, but it's completely different. In your waiting, there's a creative process that's happening within you that nobody else is doing. When's that next impulse going to come for me to then initiate? 


Always inform before your action. Like my example, you grab the keys, jump in your car, and you run to the store. If you inform before that little bit of action, everybody can relax. The tension can dissipate. Simple examples here, but when we look at a manifestor, there are so many different configurations. What happens is when these three motors are connected to the throat, that is what creates a manifestor. 


The sacral center is also a motor, but if it's defined or colored in, you immediately have a generator or a manifesting generator. That channel is connected directly to the throat. We see that the heart center is where the will power is connected to the throat, but it's also connected in two ways. It runs through the spleen as well and with some manifestors, the will power goes up through the G Center and then to the throat. Completely different configurations and different ways for these manifestors to feel the impulse. Sometimes it's spontaneous and other times it's more of a will power, the "I will" that comes out of the voice. 


For some, it's an emotional process that comes through as this impulse. It's about an emotional intelligence that takes place for them. Here's a little bit of a caveat, human design is all about decision making, strategy, and authority. What's fascinating is that it's a little bit different for manifestors. It's not about the decisions for themselves. It is more so about how they're going to impact other people. These beings happen to have this innate knowing inside of them. If there's some emotional knowing, splenic knowing, or willpower knowing that they're going to move forward with this impulse or not. The decision-making is to get people out of your way. The strategy and authority is to get other people out of your mind because manifestors are connected to the energies of the transiting system. They're connected to the ethers, and when the impulse takes place within them, the strategy and authority is used for the other. It is used so that you can move forward peacefully and initiate peacefully.

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices. I am filtering the Maia through adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

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