How to Walk Through Uncertainty and Anxiety towards Self Mastery

Apr 14, 2020

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The mind is designed to decode the experience and process the consciousness field.


Overthinking and anxiety is created when we are trying to ‘figure’ it all out. Relax into strategy and authority so the data processor is not clogged up!


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Welcome back friend and if you are new here, I am so grateful that my information has found you. Today's article is walking through the uncertainty and knowing that you're fully supported in this process. 


I am an incessant researcher, a coach, a teacher, and a course creator. I help men and women all over the world just step into their self-mastery so that they can absolutely walk through the pain of those old patterns and stand in the pleasure of their particular direction and be fully inspired to let go of the past and stand in the present. 


We're going to walk through understanding the role of the mind and why that uncertainty is so profound for us. 


"Everybody is so interested in healing the mind, it's a joke. They're not there to be healed. They are there to be experienced. It doesn't matter what kind of trip your mind goes through. If it's about not making your decisions then it is just something that it does. It's what your mind does. 


When you take its decision-making power away then you just get to see what your mental system is there to measure, and it begins to operate the way in which your mind was intended to operate as a way of translating cognitively your experience of being on this plane. It isn't there to be the driver. It isn't about figuring it out what you have to do and where you have to go and all of that stuff. It just isn't. 


It's about seeing. Out of 'the seeing' your authority will move you. That's what you get. And because it's your authority that moves you, that seeing becomes an expression. It becomes an awareness. It becomes the outer authority that is there to be shared with others. " 

~Ra Uru Hu


5th Line

This leads into what we are going to cover in this article which is the fifth line expression of all of the gates in the mind. Uncertainty lies within the Ajna Center which wants to be able to conceptualize. That's its job, to be able to concretize the visual stimulation and the frequency field, the matrix if you'd like to call it that, or the consciousness field. However you refer to it, it is that connection to our higher self. The head center is where we get inspiration but when we use these two sets together, they function as 'the mind' and one of two things can happen here. The first thing is there can be the 'conditioned' mind that is trying so desperately to figure out life, to make decisions. Or, the second thing that can happen is that decision-making can be removed. The mind can then witness and through that witnessing, it can become a beautiful decoder and able to express the outer authority. 


I wanted to walk through the fifth line because it is always the highest expression in the 61. Pluto has been in the 61 for a very long time. Truth and transformation. It's going to remain there until 2021. While it is there, we have this mental fuel and pressure for us to drop into. When we look at inner truth and that influence of the 'enlightened father figure', I translate this to mean the consciousness field. This consciousness field has a recognized wisdom and powerful assertion that can mold a generation by its influence.  


61st Line

With that 61 that influence you're able to empower yourself and then bring a universalized influence to those that need it when you're connected to your higher source. When we look at the 63, which is ‘doubt’, know it is always part of the logical stream. This is about sharing, patterns, theory. There is going to be a new beginning every single time we test a pattern. However, the authority and sincerity of purpose to pursue the same values in the new beginning that allowed it to transcend, the old values stay the same. This means we can transcend the old patterns. What we are transcending right now is from the 'Cross of Planning' to the 'Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix'. It's really critical for us to see that each one of these 400 year cycles is like a building block for us. Whatever took place, even though you know humanity gave away the authority, we're now learning to bring it back because that is the new stepping stone we are going towards. 


64th Line

64's confusion & promise. The values promised in any new order are demonstrated through harmonic interactions with others. We need each other to experience this life with. If it was just a clone of me all over the world, or a clone of you all over the world, there would be no growth. We need to interact with something different so that this promise of that new order and that harmonic interaction with others can take place because we're having new experiences every day. 


47th Line

Then, when we look at the 47 we begin to touch base with the anxiety. It lies within the Ajna center which wants to concretize and understand. It wants to come to a rationale and if it can't do that it will chew on something and keep you distracted, so then you'll miss out on what you're supposed to see. This is why it is vital to allow for the Ajna Center to concretize and conceptualize in its own time. There's really no need to try to force it.  


The reality is that every new experience has the potential to bring confusion but there's promise that each new experience is going to bring us this harmony so that confusion turns into a realization. The 47 puts all these pictures that it is scene of the experience and puts it in order for us and that realization, that 5th line is 'The Saint', so this position has special significance and there is no planet in detriment. 


'The gift in times of oppression is to maintain without hypocrisy a harmonic relationship with one's oppressors while providing aid and succor to the oppressed.' The 64 talks about a 'new world order' and the 47 talks about 'The Saint' and being able to maintain a harmonic relationship with one's oppressors. No matter what happens on this planet, even if your physical body is incarcerated, if it is in jail or locked up in a room, you still have freedom because you are a soul. So realization at its most exalted, acceptance of the weight of the abstract process and the grace that naturally follows. We all need to walk through experiences and we will conquer ties and make sense of those experiences in the correct timing. Even if there's resistance there, when we can just understand and watch the interaction, it's different than trying to figure out the interaction. The realization will come in once the experience has come to a close. 


24th Line

The 24 is this rationalizing. We've come from the inner truth which is all about that connection to source and the ability to know that life is a mystery. The rationalizing, this interpretation, this describing or explaining will happen again in its own timing and the confession piece here is that the courage to admit the mistakes of the past. The practical value of starting with a clean slate. Whether or not today or tomorrow there is any kind of rationalization, it doesn't matter. That is to say, we can clean the slate every time. This is tying in the whole trial and error process to the 5th line. By knowing that mistakes have been made in the past and it's all good as it leads to this confession of the inner truth. For example, my truth today doesn't look like my truth from last week even in today's unprecedented times and how quickly information processes through us. 


I'll confess what I did last week; I made some mistakes but here I am right now coming to that rationalization and interpreting the matrix field differently this week and that's all part of it.  My mind wants to freak out. All these people in the world are locked up in their homes during quarantine and I have this sense of anxiety for them through the collective, picking that up and walking through that uncertainty. What is this going to look like when we all come to a confession? It's going to be very interesting. 


4th Line

The 4 is formulization and seduction. Seduction is allowing others to assume responsibility as a shield against potential punishment. Unearned reward and recognition, the potential to succeed through the understanding of others. There is a seduction to the collective answers, to the logical patterns and data. 


The 4th line is called 'The liar', so this role-playing as an art form 'The Actor' so it influences us. The 4th line is always about influence but it's a liar, and those lies can be very seductive because 99.9% of the time, it cannot stand in its truth. It cannot be true for everyone because we have 8 billion different experiences happening on this planet and experiences bring this lie to the theory. For example just because one pharmaceutical drug may work for one person and the next person may be hospitalized because there are 8 billion different DNA codes on this planet in humanity.


It's very seductive to get pulled into those answers and that formula, instead of connecting to our own higher truths and listening to the influence that is there from our connection. Then we can allow for that rationalizing to happen so that we could confess our truth versus being seduced into the answers and formulas of others. 


That's important to grasp here and what the Ajna Center wants is to grab on to those answers and believe them to be truthful but they may not be truthful for you. Therefore it can cause a lot of anxiety, so we need to learn that everybody's perspective has merit in their truths but your truth needs to be from the connection that you have with your higher source, with the consciousness field.  


17th Line

The 17 is 'Opinions'. No human is an island. I couldn't have opinions about different theories had I not seen different aspects of it. No different from that 4th line that seduces us into the answers. Yet the opinion that there is no one opinion is correct because we are in this together. 


The recognition, however understood, that there is no end to hierarchies. The ultimate creative expression of interdependency, whether as God's will or global synthesis, opinions that can express the value of being organized whether mundane or spiritual, we need each other so that we can interact and test those opinions. 


43rd Line

Now we are going to go to the 43, Insight, which is this breakthrough. When we see the 61 and we watch how the individuality runs straight down and in the middle, it's all in between those collective streams and tribal streams. 


The individual is the core of all of this, the individuality is the stream that is so powerful for us so this insight, progression and step-by-step adaptation to relationships which hinder breakthrough through practical actions which will not jeopardize eventual success. The gift of knowing when a unique insight can be shared effectively with others. Your insights are your progression into your truths and into your rationalizing so that you get to confess and then those insights can then be shared with others. But they're there first for you, to empower you and there's so much anxiety around this about being rejected for your own breakthroughs.  


I want you to also recognize that between the Head Center, the Ajna Center and the Throat, these are all projected channels which require invitation and recognition. Somebody has to recognize you for the brilliance and outer authority that you bring and they can ask you for it so that you then can share/ express it with them so that they become empowered as you become empowered. Your insights, your breakthroughs may or may not help them but you will know when to express that because they recognize it and they're inviting it out from you. 


11th Line

Onto the 11, 'The Philanthropist' which is the motiveless nurturing of the disenfranchised to ensure harmony, philosophic and humanitarian ideas. So the highest expression of ideas is actually for other people. Ra said this and most of the teachers in human design, if they have done any kind of decoding in this book, recognized that ideas are not here to be manifested. They're here to be shared for the other person. The Head Center and the Ajna Center between them have no motor and manifestation happens from the physical body and then up to the Throat Center. That physical body that's connected with a motor so if you don't have your throat connected to your motor, you're here to co-create and collaborate so that those manifestations can happen with other people. 


I'm not saying you can't manifest on your own. But, if we're using our mind and we're overthinking everything, then unfortunately what is being manifest is not being picked up by the fractal because they didn't ask for it, they didn't require it or they didn't invite it. When we take a look at these two functions together, the inspiration and the conceptualization, it is critical to understand that the mind is not here to think and think endlessly and keep you on a hamster wheel. The mind is here to decode your experiences and then you get to witness that decoding. What will happen here is that the uncertainty becomes very mentally defensive and then we act out of our shadow versus being the decoder. 


Stop overthinking and then allow for that wisdom and that knowledge to be expressed as an outer authority. If you are stepping into your experiment just watch how the mind is functioning for you, especially if it's trying to figure things out. If that uncertainty has got it tied up in knots, if the anxiety is palpable, just take a moment and breathe. Remind yourself of your strategy, your inner authority, and relax into that process because we are all in this together. There isn't one human being that has been in the energy that we are going to walk into in 2027 so there is mass confusion as to what we should/ shouldn't believe.  


There are rabbit holes with all kinds of information and remember that theories of other people can be very seductive for you to become 'the philanthropist'. It's about you coming to your breakthrough for you to be that philanthropist for Humanity and harmonizing the relationships. It's about coming to that own rationalizing, that own decoding of your experience, and what your connection is with higher self. Your truth is not everybody else's truth. If you are guiding people through this keep asking them questions to get them to drop into themselves. 


For our Manifestors, provide them with statements so that they can grab their inner truth out of that collective field, out of that matrix, out of that evolutionary consciousness. For the other 3 types, continue to ask those questions so that they can go in because the formulas that are presented on the outside can be very seductive and are based on lies. 


Play with this information. If you haven't already then you can grab the 'Complete Rave I'Ching' book. If you want to work with me check out the options here


The next 7 years are going to be very tumultuous. The mental plane is going to get very thick with anxiety and I would love to help you step into your self-mastery and then guide others as they request that from you. Nobody's been to the future, we're all in this together we're all sitting in this uncertainty. In the meantime please go forth and use your God code to influence others into their self-mastery.  

As I have said before, my filters are adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you.



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Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises or life choices. We're living a new reality--a new and evolving normal that has been triggered by the world-wide pandemic of 2020. I am providing a simplified, mechanical look at this information through the tool that is known as Human Design. Once the mechanics of the information are seen, the processing of the information can be from awareness vs. Fear.


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