5 Tips to Start and Grow Your Spiritual Business

5 tips to start and grow your spiritual business benefits of working with a human design business coach decision making frequency human design astrology human design centers human design for success human design near me human design types May 27, 2021
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9 Min Read + 20 Min Video

  1. Creation is Finished. Creativeness is a Deep Receptivity
  2. Visioneer – What do you want?
  3. Make Decisions with your Strategy and Authority
  4. Use the Universal Laws to your Advantage
  5. Get Support to work through your Blocks


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We're going to chat about five tips to start or grow your spiritual business. Tip number one is that creation is already finished. It's the creativeness that allows us to have this deep receptivity. What does this mean? Both Neville Goddard and Ra Uru Hu that created the human design system have said that creation is done, we are not creators, we are manifesters. Creativeness is our receptivity to seeing and perceiving what is out there and for us to have experience and joy. Spirit is in everything. Spirit is in money and materialism because spirit is energy. I don't think we should destroy materialism. We are material, we're in a meat-suit. If we didn't have materialism, we wouldn't be here. Enjoy materialism and love it. You get to collapse your quantum reality. You get to collapse your quantum reality based on your vibration. Creation is already done, it's all there. What do you want to align to? 


This leads me into tip number two, which has to do with vision. What do you want? Ra always said just be yourself and let it come to you. I've asked before about what you want materially, but what do you also want emotionally? How do you want to feel? What is it that you want your home to feel like? What is it that you want to feel like when you're in your brand new car? What do you want the spirit of that car to feel like? Both things are happening. What is the spirit of your materialism, of your home, of the car that you drive, of the food that you're eating, of the water that you're consuming, but yet, what is the spirit and the emotionality that you are experiencing as well? If you're not visioneering or stepping in and being the vision of what you want, then it's difficult for quantum reality to collapse in front of you. What will that materialism feel like? What is that emotional sensation that will ooze out of your cellular structure? 


Tip number three is all about decision-making. If we're not using our strategy and authority that is prescribed right in our human design, if we're making decisions from a conditioned mind, it's always going to tell us we can't do or that we can't have that. It's going to get you to lose focus. That conditioned mind gets you to stay small. Decisions are the most powerful thing that we can do as human beings. Decisions create prosperity, stop procrastination, and allow us to set boundaries. This means that you get to decide who you have in your life, who you're going to interact with, and that's all based on your strategy and your authority. Prosperity and abundance are built right into the human design system. It's built right into the universal laws. There is no lack, creation is already there. How are you aligning to it or are you aligning to it? Does manifestation feel far away from who you are and what you want? Are you stressed out because you keep writing and journaling this stuff but nothing ever happens? I hear that a lot, we need to trust our frequency and our vibration. 


Number four, we have to use the laws of the universe to our advantage. You're here because you have been introduced to human design somewhere along the way. Human design is mechanical. It tells us how this is all going to work, which is intriguing. But yet, the universal laws are the laws and when we can lean into it and take advantage of these laws, we have the mechanical piece. In the human design bodygraph, the throat center is all about manifestation. This meat-suit that you are in, this reality that you are, creating day in and day out and collapsing your quantum, it's all about the manifestation and the actions that you take. Some of you could point out that your throat center is undefined or it's open. That is okay, manifestation is at the core. It's using your mechanical structure to move you in that direction so that the action that you take is perfect for you. What is the signature of your chart? Is it satisfaction, peace, surprise, or success? These are all emotional feelings, these are all sensations that the cellular structure is designed to hold for your type. That's what it is that you want. What you have in your cellular structure are those emotions. Are you operating through frustration, bitterness, disappointment, and anger? Is that the vibration that you have in your cellular structure? If you have a radio and you want to dial into Rock and Roll FM and it's on 99.3 but you have your radio frequency on 88.2, you can't hear that frequency but that frequency is in the ethers. All you have to do is tune into it. How do you tune into it? By knowing the vibration. What is the frequency of your design? What's the signature, what is the vibratory energy that is designed to come off of that? What will happen is you will manifest and your quantum will collapse right in front of you based on the correctness of your vibration. 


Point number five, you have to get support to work through your blocks because those old subconscious patterns need to be upgraded and it's those old subconscious patterns that are stifling the frequency. Ra loved music. It was built right into his design. That was who he was. But music is vibration, strumming a guitar, tapping on the drums or whatever, there's a vibration there. That moves out into the ether so that you can hear it and then it moves into your body and you can dance. Imagine somebody playing the drums and somebody else comes along and throws a weighted blanket over the top of the drums. There's no longer any vibration, the frequency can't move out. That's what happens with our old subconscious patterns saying you're not good enough, you don't deserve a good life. Your outside environment is stifling you. All of those things that get put inside that subconscious mind are like weighted blankets so that the frequency is very dense and it can't move out. Then more density shows up in your reality, but the minute that we can lift those weighted blankets off with support, which is my job, the note that you are designed to put out into the universe is at its best tone. The life that they have been envisioning can be collapsed right in front of their eyes so that the decisions that they make keep them on track and so they can throw out procrastination, and stop barricading themselves and putting up barriers in their life. 


The prosperity and the abundance that the universe is built on can flow through. The laws of the universe are honored and used so that you can take advantage of them. That's the beauty of getting support. Now is a good time to start your spiritual business because that's where we're going. That's what the cross of the sleeping phoenix is saying, “we are awakening to the beauty and the preciousness of our entrepreneurial movement.” We can have, do, and be anything that we want to be. 


To review, creation is already finished. Creativity is a deep receptivity. What are you willing to receive and what are you willing and able to receive? You have to ask yourself that and do the homework. Secondly, envision what you want. Set a monetary goal, but set your standards. How do you want it to feel? Envision the life that you want a month from now. It's an internal game. Adjust the internal because the external can match you. Three, decision-making is the key to prosperity. Decision-making is how you are going to get rid of procrastination and putting up all these boundaries and feeling like you're lacking because decisions move you closer to abundance. We're all designed for it. Four, use the universal laws to your advantage. We are all in this patterned world and when we can drop into the laws of the universe, you're fully taking advantage of the whole thing. Are you getting support? Are you trying to do this all by yourself? Are you going alone and trying to put another band-aid on top of another band-aid? 


If you are ready and willing to be supported and to take off all of those weighted blankets and step into the power of who you are, I'm here to help you do all of this with ease. Clients that I have in my program have been able to move into new buildings that they didn't even know were there. They are attracting other human beings to help them in their endeavors. They are making more money than they did when they first started with me, and they are attracting emotional relationships that fulfill them. They tell me that they feel like they're not doing anything and that's exactly where we're all designed to be because at the very heart and soul of your cells is the 5 and the 15 that says be in the flow. If you're moving with the stream with your mouth open, you are going to experience and you will be able to digest the life that you want. If you've turned yourself around in the river and you're paddling for all your worth, you cannot see all the abundance that's flowing past you.

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices. I am filtering the Maia through adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

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