#1 Way Entrepreneurs Kill Their Business Before it Begins

Feb 26, 2021

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“Shoes that don’t fit are not a bargain at any price.”- Keith J. Cunningham. Getting Clarity is the most important piece that you need to begin a business, with purpose as the core mechanism.


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We always believe that our problem is this and yet the actual cause of the holdback from Point A to Point B is always that. I'm going to provide you some information through the human design system. However, the one thing that is so fun to me is to watch people, to hear people, and to notice what they are doing. What's going on with them? What's their body language? Where's this story coming from and how hard are they trying to hold on to that constructed story? That becomes a whole new thing to uncover. 


Over the past few weeks, I've conducted a ton of sessions and everybody wants to be an entrepreneur. They want it for various reasons. They want to be able to inspire other people, have a pure direction for themselves, be able to step into their purpose, have time and freedom, and be able to buy things that they want to buy. They believe that the entrepreneurial world will provide that for them. I get to listen to them and watch what's happening inside of their physicality. 


This past week, there was a lady that came into a session, and I get clients to fill out a form before our meetings because I want to see where they're at. If you were just to journal and write down where you are at at the moment, it gives me an insight into what is going on. She laid it out for me and there was a plethora of information there that gave me such great insight. Then I started going backward and looking at all the other forms that had been filled out, going and diving deep into those conversations that I've had with clientele. 


This is what became apparent. Entrepreneurs never have a shortage of ideas. Do you have a shortage of ideas? Probably not, you probably have journals and notes and all kinds of stuff of this idea or that idea. The problem is never a shortage of ideas. Ra always said that the mind is not for us to use or make decisions. Total contradiction to what anybody else tells you, but where do ideas lie? Our ideas lie in the mind. 


What does that mean? What's the big deal? I know all of this. What you have to grasp is that there's a process happening. There's a first quarter, a second quarter, a third quarter, and a fourth quarter. The fourth quarter is about transportation, transformation, and mutation. Most people want to jump to that. They want to jump to that 11th gate. They want to jump to ideas and go into all of these ideas. Yet, we have hundreds of thousands of thoughts and ideas flowing through us. This is what we've been told, have an idea and run with it. This is what the whole world has told us to do. 


But ideas are the transformation spot so it's not ideas that are a problem for us. The problem is clarity. What do I mean by that? It always starts with you. You are the clarity that we need to dive into. We have an idea and we're told through business books to have an idea and then chase it and try to fit yourself into that. Then you'll wonder, how do I find my niche? How do I find who's going to buy this? How do I create Facebook ads and get this fabulous idea into the hands of everybody? All of a sudden, all of these ideas that we're chasing become a place of frustration, bitterness, anger, and disappointment because the idea wasn't for us. It was just filtering through us. 


This is a quote from Keith J. Cunningham, and his quote says, "Shoes that don't fit are not a bargain at any price". That's a profound quote because if the idea doesn't fit with your design. You're going to spend copious amounts of money and pain to try to squeeze yourself into that idea. I see it every day when I talk to clients and they're like, well I have this idea or this idea. I'll ask them, where did it come from? How did this idea present itself? To which they replied, I thought about it and then I chased it. 


The strategy and authority of the design didn't come into play. I'm just being facetious here, but I use questions to pull out this information and then we take a look at the design. If the idea feels good, let's reverse engineer and go back and see what's the starting point of all of this. Is that starting point even a fit for who you are? Shoes that don't fit are not a bargain at any price. Trying to get to that transformation that's in the 11th gate in that fourth quarter. Trying to get there first is futile. 


One of the other quotes that I've heard is, "There are no new ideas under the sun. Everything's filtering through us at all times. It's about how we are able to then filter it". The number one problem that is killing entrepreneurs before they even step up to the gate is clarity. Why do I say that? The first quarter is the quarter of initiation. The first quarter provides us six of the seven gates in the emotional center. What does the emotional center do for us? It provides us with clarity. The number one thing that is killing an entrepreneur's business before they even get out the gate is clarity, followed up by or preceded by the notion that all the ideas that flow through are for you. 


I get to walk clients through if that idea was designed for them and if it wasn't, to then share it with someone else, and then that person the idea was for can run with it. You're like, hold on a minute. I don't want to give away my million-dollar idea. I'm not saying that you have to give away your million-dollar idea. What I am saying is that if there is no clarity, the idea is dead in the water. The idea is the transformation and the clarity. Is it even correct for you? Then we walk around the mandala and we get that clarity. We go through the design and see what aspects can be extrapolated out so that you can be the entrepreneur that you truly want to be. This is mind healthy psychology and a conscious connection to source mind, not the chattery condition saying you should do this, should do that, that's a great idea, let's run run run, grab it, quick, hurry. That mind is not going to serve you, but the conscious connection to the source and your clarity within your human design bodygraph, that consciousness is an initiation source. 


However, there is a completely different understanding about the conscious connection and the conditioned unhealthy mind. Two different tonalities happen there. Why do I say tonality? The acoustic field of the individual circuitry is what provides us with information. That's what empowers us and because that first quarter has the channel of initiation in it and it’s acoustic. If you are inundated with ideas and you don't know where to start or you have been chasing ideas for years now and it has cost you a tremendous amount of money, time, frustration, bitterness, disappointment, and anger, connect with me and I will bring you clarity. I will help you walk through the design with a holistic look. I provide you with the absolute profound structure on how to structure this business. How do you have this framework? You can duplicate it a thousand times and that's what I get to do. 


If you're ready and you're willing and you are open to receiving my help, get on a discovery call with me. Let's start pulling out all of this stuff that you believe are the reasons that you're not a millionaire and let's go in and extrapolate a part of the actual cause of it. We can then come together and we can co-create a space so that you can be the entrepreneur that you need to be. I'm going to give you some homework here because, on top of clarity, this is about diving deep into the subconscious. This is about diving deep into emotionality, this is about diving deep into things that are holding us back. 


Human design is not an excuse mechanism. Human design is not here to say, oh well I have an undefined spleen so that's why I'm stuck in fear. No, that's not what human design is about. It's so interesting to watch the conversations around the excuses. Human design is not an excuse mechanism. Human design was provided to us through Ra so that we could transcend our limitations, recognize conditioning, and embody wisdom. It's not an excuse mechanism and if you're using it as such, I would highly recommend that you begin to notice yourself putting the excuses into your language. 


I know my design inside and out and I see how my subconscious started to place things in there because I had fear and I was nervous. All of a sudden, things started getting in there which held me back from my direction so I recognized it. But, it isn't an excuse mechanism. It's to see the wisdom and go back to extrapolate what went on in those moments. What can I pull out of that? 


Your homework is to notice yourself attempting to insert excuses based on what you currently know about your human design and the excuses that are holding you back. Maybe it is the absolute cheering of moving forward, but I would recommend that you begin to notice your language and how you're talking about it. Notice how you're talking about yourself. Notice the excuses or not. Once you can begin to do that, then and only then are you able to have the clarity that you need to move into the wisdom and the ability to connect with the consciousness field.

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices. I am filtering the Maia through adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

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