Great Awakening with 2020 Vision

Apr 09, 2020

10 Min Read + 17 Min Video

These next 13 months will empower us to go into our own inner truth and transcend the limitations if we can trust our Human Design Chart and the Strategy and Authority.


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Hello friend. Today's conversation is going to be how the actual program and how the transits are supporting us in this 2020 year. The year 2020 is like having 20/20 hindsight being able to have 20/20 vision, and I believe that once we can stand in our strategy and Authority and become very aware the beauty of the program plays out no matter how much anxiety that you could be feeling as this shift takes place I want you to know that you are fully supported through the program. 


I want you to be able to recognize how powerful the program is. I'm talking about this transit. You have your natal chart, and I have my natal chart. Whatever frequency is on your bodygraph, that's the frequency that you are designed to interact with other people using and holding that frequency. What I'm going to show you is what the transits provide. I'm going to show you the entire year so that you can grasp how this is happening on our planet for our benefit. I know it feels very personal. We get caught up in that personal aspect of what is happening on this planet. 


Today's Chart

Here we are in the transits. This is today's chart. Today is April 8th, and April 9th is Ra's birthday. This energy of the Clarion is coming through. This shock is happening on our planet. We are completely in this energy of having this shock. It comes around once a year, always at this time of year. This profound energy to universalize what this shock is, and today it's telling us that you need to go in and ask yourself, "are you in self-love? Are you in the love of humanity?" How are you presenting that information? How are you contemplating that information? What does it look like intuitively, and how are you taking care of yourself? What is that nourishment that you're doing for yourself so that you can show up fully for your tribe and show up fully in your design and present your particular energy to the rest of the world? 


The 22 has been sitting here in Neptune. It's been veiled, and it's been there for a very long time. It's going to continue to be there until March 15, 2021. We have a long time that the grace of God is holding us, literally supporting us in this mutative energy. Today, this darkening of the light, there's this crisis happening through Mercury and this thinking. There's still this crisis that is percolating and happening on the planet. But when I look at this, the tagline here is Darkening of the Light - The Gate of Crisis.  


Close your eyes for a minute. It's dark in there. The dark is the void or gap. This allows us to come to the light when we close those eyes, come into self, come into that meditative energy, and allow for that gap, hesitation, pause, or darkening to provide us with a beautiful ability to then step into our own light. 


Why am I going into this today? I've done a couple of videos about the 61. I've talked a lot about it. It's been sitting here since October 24th, 2019 and it is going to continue to sit there until April 15, 2021. The 60 has also been there for a long time and dances in and out of Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto for a long time now. The 60 has been in there since February 12th, and it's going to stay there until August 20, 2020. Then Mars is also going to dance in there, and Pluto is going to pop over into the 60. 



What I see here is that there is this pressure sandwich happening for us. Mental pressure and adrenal fuel, drive, and stamina. There's this pressure down here as well. These two pressure centers are designed to get us to contract into ourselves and to come within so that we can then express from the inside out. What I love is that the 41 is also asking us to do this right now - to contract in and come inward. This pressure sandwich is taking place in the 61, and the 60 are both mutative. This is about mutation. Individuality is about mutation and both of these channels sit in the quarter of transformation and the quarter of mutation. 


We're getting a lot of mutation right now, and we know that. We can see it and recognize that. The program is here supporting that now. I'm going to bring you forward a little bit so that you can recognize how profound this is and how much pressure and support you're going to have this year. 


April 27th comes along, and in this chart, you might see the amazing pressure sandwich happening here. The head Center, which is inspiration. The Ajna Center, which is conceptualization. Channel of awareness - dropping in. What is your inner truth? 24 is all about this rationalizing. What is rationalizing? Rationalizing is about interpreting, describing, and explaining. This is your own journey. You're walking in this in your individuality and in your uniqueness. You get to rationalize this and interpret this through your inner truth. You're being supported and pressured to do this at this moment. 


Then we have the 60 to the 3. Well, if there isn't any other energy on this planet that is more mutative, this is it. This is the channel of mutation. It is format energy, so it is going to format the energy of our planet. What is that new innovation, mutation, or limitation that is provided to us? How is that difficulty in the beginning? We're going to be coming out April 25th, 2020 as the 3 goes in there. We're just going to be moving into this new world. If you need to grieve the old so that the new can present itself, please do that. That difficulty at the beginning - once we all come out of our homes and integrate back in with each other, this is going to be a different kind of interaction. It's okay that the energy is supporting us in that. 



Now, I'm going to pop you over to the first of every month so that you can see that the channel of awareness and this 60th gate and this acceptance of limitation is the first step in transcendence. This is all about transcending, waking up, and becoming aware by dropping into this awareness that your truth is your truth, your perspective, your motivation, your frequency, it's yours. There's nobody else that can hold the same space as you on this planet. 


All year long, we have the channel of awareness, and we have the 60th gate. There is going to be pressure to find your inner truth and to transcend this mundane experience. This is a simulation. The only way to break out and feel free is to be free within. The 60th gate is saying that to you. The only way to freedom is to transcend and accept the limitation and transcend it. I'm not going day by day, but I want you to be aware of how this year, this 2020 vision, is going to provide us with this profound energy. 


If you look, all of a sudden the 60 has popped out. But the awareness is still there and present. Again, awareness and dropping into your own inner truths. It is critically important as we allow for the planets and the transits to support us in this. Then we come to November and how are we going to surrender to all of this and how can we transmit this to our tribe? As we bring December in, there seems to be this pressure sandwich that pops back in. 


I'm telling you this because I want you to understand that there is divine intervention. No matter what aspect you look at, whether you look at this through the eyes of love, whether you look at this for the eyes of the shadow, we are being supported. For this entire year, the mutation is still taking place for us. This isn't a quick process. As you can see, the transits are telling us that you need to be patient. We still have this energy on our planet. This energy of mutation and awareness. Again, these outer planets are constantly popping in and out of those awareness aspects. I want you to see the profundity of this.


How do you get there? How do you come to all of this? I have a program called the self-mastery movement. I'll let you guys respond. I'm letting you know that here's the time to have your own 20/20 vision. You'll look back in hindsight and realize all of those experiences brought you here so that you can stand in your own self-mastery. These next seven years that we have - as we move into this new sleeping Phoenix and across the penetration energy, we have a whole year or more of the program pressuring and supporting us. I would love to help you guys get to a place where you can recognize that there's nothing outside of yourself. You have the freedom because you get to transcend the limitation. How do you transcend the limitation? Through your own awareness and inner truth. If standing in your own power brings a response, visit this page

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Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.


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We're living a new reality--a new and evolving normal that has been triggered by the world-wide pandemic of 2020. I am providing a simplified, mechanical look at this information through the tool that is known as Human Design. Once the mechanics of the information are seen, the processing of the information can be from awareness vs. Fear.


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