Conditioning, Wisdom, Influence and Limitation

Aug 24, 2019

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Conditioning is a required mechanism in the scheme of life. Once we can recognize it, we can use the wisdom to influence others from the alignment we have to our fixed energy. This is all about mechanics and seeing the life play out without the interference of a conditioned mind. Relax into this information. Have fun! There is nothing serious going on here! We are seeing the best place in history right now.

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Hello friend. Today is a big topic. There's going to be a lot of information here, but I think it's important to see some aspects of design that need to be to be looked at to be seen in numerous different ways, so I'm going to talk about conditioning with influence and limitation today.



Conditioning is where the shadow is, or the not-self resides. Conditioning is when we're making decisions from the conditioned mind, and this creates dis-ease. The mind itself is beautiful when it's not in control. Think about any decision in your life and what the mind does. It plays both sides of the fence. It's constantly saying this and that. It's always back and forth because it doesn't want to be blamed for the bad that may arise under the decision, but it sure wants to take the praise. If the decision is right and things go well, it claims the credit. That's what the mind wants to do. This is where we make decisions. Through peer pressure or chasing a whole bunch of BS. This is our openness and where we are experiencing life, which is a beautiful thing as well.


The collective mindset. When we're listening to that mind, it can hold us back from the role, from our purpose, and our power because it wants the status quo. It doesn't want a lot of change even though the collective process is leading to identification and progress. Yet, the mind is scared. It's full of fear because all of these millions of years of experience that are sitting in our cellular structure has fear has been handed over to the mind instead of allowing it to be a body process. All the mind is trying to do is keep us alive. It's trying to keep us safe, so it'll put up the resistance. It doesn't want you to not be safe. However, it is also a boat taking some risks. I'm not saying stupid risks like jump out of an airplane without a parachute. It's about stepping into the experience of life.


If none of us allowed for our innovation to be presented to the world, we would still be foraging for berries, hunting wild game, and living in a cave. Our innovation, taking and stepping into those risks, and going in and finding our spirit, this is evolution. It doesn't matter whether you believe in evolution or not, there's been this progressive movement of mankind. I'm not saying that we started from apes. There's this momentum forward of comprehending all of this. These mechanics are deep. Ra was on this planet for close to 30 years trying to teach us all of this, and he still had years and years of information jam-packed into his cellular structure that he took with him. Hopefully his children and the people at the IHDS and Jovian Archive that he has dropped some nuggets for our researching all of this. The mechanics of who we are is so complex. The mind itself is beautiful as long as we allow it to do its real work. Its real work isn't to hold us back from our role, purpose, and power, But that's what happens. Its real work is to experience and witness how this beautiful meatsuit was meant to house this soul or energetic or whatever it is. When those two Quantums marry, how can we become a self-reflected consciousness? That's the game right now. If you're reading this, it's almost guaranteed you're seeking out some kind of spiritual aspect of yourself. You are spiritual, and your meatsuit is holding that spirituality.


How do you get the meatsuit to get out of the way so that you can fully express this spirit and honor that it's the vehicle that we're meant to follow and not the mind? The mind is not the soul. You're going to go, "yeah, but I get intuitive hits." You sure do. The brain itself is a beautiful antenna and receiver. What's held inside this brain is like this beautiful software that allows for you to download. But remember, there is an evolution and a program that's all happening right. It still isn't about what it is about is trusting that the vehicle is life. You're trying to get your humanness out of the way so that you can have self-reflected consciousness. When I say humaneness, I mean the mind that has again been handed over all of this awareness from millions of years on the planet. Then it says, "oh well, there's all this awareness. Now I'm going to turn it into fear, anxiety, and nervousness. We're going to worry about this meatsuit." Well, these meatsuits come and go, so don't be worried about it. You and I aren't going to be here forever, it isn't possible.


So there's condition where the mind is running amok, it's chasing after all of this BS, and it feels like resistance, frustration, bitterness, anger, and disappointment. That's what resistance feels like. But on the other hand, when we're trusting that the vehicle knows and the energy of the vehicle knows before the mind can even grab onto it. The HeartMath Institute indicated that the electromagnetic field of the body is 6 seconds ahead of the mind. Comprehending that when we let the vehicle walk in life, just move. We're always moving a million miles an hour on this planet. We don't even know it. There's an illusion happening that you and I are standing still and look at how great this concept of all of this is and we're creating all of it. It's all being created here. I am only perceiving, and you're only there because I'm perceiving you. All of this stuff can go so deep, and yet, on the surface level, all we're asking through the human design system is don't make decisions from the mind. Trust the vessel, the physical body has knowledge and wisdom. It's already 6 seconds ahead of what you can even comprehend, and it will move you where you need to be moved.


But if the mind gets in the way, all of that is a different story. There's going to be disrepair most likely in the cellular structure because of the resistance. Then what we do is we create a victim story around that. Now, I have the 56th gate in my design, and stories and analogies are big. Stories give us a visual, but it isn't about using those stories to hold me back and create a victim. It's about realizing that was the experience and moving to the next one. It's a cycle and constantly moving. Then I can meditate and look at the experience and go, "okay, ah. That's what it was." I asked the universe for whatever it was, and there presented itself.



Now, what is wisdom? Wisdom is allowing for the conditioning to happen. We have to be conditioned. We're not in this bubble. We're not in this alone. We're having all of these experiences with different people, at different times, different everything, so that we can gain some wisdom through experience. The deep learning process of our openness allows us to experience, and this is the curriculum that you and I are meant to come here and do. In my design, I have tons of places to be able to learn, like all of this openness. Anything white is ginormous pools of curriculum for me to dip my being in, come out of that, and I get to teach it. That's what we do. We have experiences, we learn from it, and we get grokked the wisdom out of that experience for ourselves. My wisdom is going to be something that I share with you, and that's going to be my outer authority.


However, it's not your wisdom. You heard this, and now you get to have your own experience. You're going to experience human design the way you need to. I know exactly how I've been experiencing it, and it is fascinating to watch it flow through my vessel.


I want you to understand is that there's a conditioning, and the conditioning can get very hard. It's going to rip you apart, there is disrepair, and the cells are up in arms because they feel this resistance constantly. Again, the electromagnetic of our physical body is reading 6 seconds into the future, and the mind is then catching up. If we're letting the mind make decisions, the physical vessel is like hold on a minute. I've already told your inner authority no, the mind is going forward, and then all of a sudden something happens.


I'm not saying that you're not going to see challenges, even if you do follow your strategy and authority. There's going to be challenges. We're humans, and for me, I'm 1 3. Life's supposed to bump into me, and it does. But the wisdom - we're meant to have these experiences and let that conditioning flow through us. We are all meant to be conditioned. If we're not meant to be conditioned, we wouldn't be in this big pot of stew. Grokking wisdom under those experiences. Now that's my learning, wisdom, and where I can put it into my cells.



What's influence? Influence is selling people what they need from your definition. There's the human design side that talks all about conditioning, not-self, and wisdom. Then we flip over to the BG5 world, and we see the conditioning as shadows. Through those shadows, we are grokking a great amount of wisdom from experience. Not just from reading a textbook, and that's what a lot of people do. When they read a textbook and think they know it. No, you don't. I could regurgitate all of Ra's information, but if I'm not experiencing it, there's no point in this. It's about having experiences to share them with you.


Influencing on the business side is about us having a healthy business world. We are in a capitalist world. We are in a world that is all about, "I am selling me to you." I don't care if you are on the tip of a mountain in Peru and growing coffee beans. You're selling yourself, and you're selling what you can bring to the land and what you can bring to these plants. Then whatever is being produced, you're selling that to the world. No matter how we look at this, we are selling ourselves to the other all the time. I'm selling my wisdom from my limitation. I am selling my wisdom, my experience, and my relationship to this information.


I'm on the right angle cross of contagion. It's the 3rd version. It's in the quarter of bonding, and it's about relationships. I am selling me to the other based on my interrelationships that I have in my life. Again, we're all meant to sell each other. I'm influencing you from my outer authority.



Limitation is your definition. It is what is fixed in you. I'm five feet tall, and I'm not going to be a success in the NBA. It ain't going to happen.


Here's a funny story for you. When I was in high school, I played volleyball. I was a setter, and I can't jump very high. My coach bought us these shoes that had springboards on the bottom, and they got your muscles to train so that you were more springy and could jump better. He bought it for myself and the captain. She was a hitter. She was tall, strong, and she could fly through the air like a bird. That wasn't me. When I jumped, my fingers barely got to the top of the net. That's my limitation, but here I am training with these shoes, hoping that I can jump higher. It never happened. I didn't even get a quarter of an inch, and I trained for years with these shoes. My limitation was that I'm five feet tall. My limitation is my design. Here's my limitation. This is my definition, it's my limitation.


Now, here's what I'm going to share about my wisdom. The 46 gate is all about the wellness of the body, determination, serendipity, luck, determination, dedication, and effort. At the core base of it, it's about the love of the body. I have the 29th gate. My 29th gate - this commitment, perseverance, and saying yes to experiences so that I can experience it. This 29th gate is pointing to that 46th gate. I have learned so much about the health and wellness of your body.


I am creating a mentorship package around biology, the four transformations because I've done all of that schooling. I have experienced it for 7 years, and I've watched this. I have done case studies on people and what they're selling you for a weight loss program. What they're selling you health and wellness. There's been a ton of wisdom that I have grokked out of this. I have purchased pretty much every multi-level marketing weight loss system. I have followed at one point or another the keto diet, a vegan diet, all kinds of others. I've tested it all. I'm a 1 3, so my physical body is the 3rd line. Trial and error.


What am I learning the most? My 29th trait that's my sun earth, my core essence, this 29th trait is pointing to this 46. This is a massive conditioner for me. However, that conditioning has turned into a great amount of wisdom. I have taken all that wisdom, information, and the mechanics that have been brought from Ra, and I've created this entire program that is a mentorship program about your health and wellness. I've done the differentiation degree, I've done the holistic, I've done it all. I have done the whole business side, I have done a massive amount of the IHDS side. Can I teach you any of that? No, that's why it's a mentorship program because it's not about me teaching you each piece. This is about a mentorship that is going to have you, as the being, enter in knowing your mechanics. I was conditioned, bought everything on the planet. My 14th trait is a part of my future and my grounding. If you see here, my future movement and my grounding are in this 14th trait. All of these personal resources that I've used to buy all of these different programs and learn this information, and I've been conditioned. I've grokked the wisdom out of it, and now I get to share that and sell it so that you can be influenced. I'm not selling you something you don't need because that's not what design and BG5 are all about. Your mind wants weight-loss. That's one of the number one things that is searched on Google and Amazon. I know that because I use those tools. Again, wisdom, because I want to learn about weight loss, so I've done all this research about it. My first line mind. I am showing you how to pull this information into your own design.


I've created a program a mentorship program where you can take a program that isn't going to sell you something generic. It is all about you. Your wellness, your health, how to use your profile and your definition, and use all of what you have to step into the wellness of your physicality and your psychology, so that you can move forward. That's the influence.


What's the limitation? I am speaking to the people on my fractal. They can hear me. I'm getting conversations from people all over the world every single day because they can hear me. There's going to be a whole group of people that can't hear me. I'm speaking to my fractal who are ready to step into this information and who are done beating their head against the wall and spending resources on a whole bunch of BS that doesn't work. They are seeing how the conditioning has brought them nowhere because that's what conditioning does. Now they want to grok the wisdom out of all of the BS that they were sold that didn't work, didn't give them what they needed, and now they're not putting up with it anymore. They can hear my influence, and they accept my limitation. I'm only selling through my instrument. If you can't hear me, you can't hear me. Those people have already stopped reading.


Design is complex. Something that Ra said - if he could take all of the rightness, go through every aspect of the design through the rightness, and then go through every aspect of human design through the leftness, you'd have two different programs. The information is completely different. The left is old. It's strategic and seven-centered, so it's bringing that seven-centered energy. The right is all future. If you see here, I have the right brain-body with a right mind. However, my nodal configuration, my storyline, is all left.


My class was interesting in my differentiation degree. I'll tell you, I just went back and listened to a whole bunch of the classes as a right-brain body right-minded person, I have no idea what I've absorbed. I don't know until somebody asks me. When they ask me, my conditioning starts to panic because I am not strategic in my mind and in my brain-body. I've been trying to condition myself to be that, but I'm not that.


If you've ever looked at the variable Church, there's this evolution from the quad left to the quad right. There's this four-step evolution. The whole class was on one of these four steps. We had the whole spectrum from quad left to quad right. My variable and the other variable in that line that brought us to where we are now. It's fun to understand that there's this evolution and that the whole class was on it. It was a deeply profound experience for me, and the second time, it was even more profound. As I pay attention to my biology, to my PHFS, to my rave psychology, to all of that, as I watch this happen, my cells are disembarking and letting go of all the crap in there. When I do that, I can then absorb more. It's this right brain-body, right mind system.


My left nodal configuration - I'm bringing all of the seven-centered strategy that's brought to us about our momentum. Who I am is this right-brain, right body, right mind being. They work completely differently. However, the creation of my brain-body and my mind is well into the future. What I love about human design is that it's always leading-edge because it's your mechanics. If you can trust the mechanics, if you can trust your limitation, let life flow through you. Recognize the conditioning, grok the wisdom, and influence people based on that formula. You have something beautiful happening. Don't try to condition someone because someone conditioned you. If we look into our past, unfortunately, those are the cycles that have happened and the BS that continues to happen. If you can use this formula, recognize conditioning, grok wisdom, don't become a victim to the conditioning. Grok wisdom. Turn around and influence other people and deliver that influence from your limitation so that influence is something that they need, not what the conditioned mind is telling them that they want. When you impart that wisdom to them and they get to take that wisdom and move it through their system, they'll realize it's helped them. I'm telling you there's no other formula on the planet that will work the way this will.


I have two mentorship groups on the go. One is strictly business, and one is strictly wellness. It's about paying attention to those two sides in the world. Without the vessel, there is no business or material plane. This is material, but it has to be aligned and be well. How do you get there? How's the simplicity of starting together? Strategy and authority, and decision making. From there, all of the information in these mechanics is powerful. But if the mind is still running the show, it'll never be powerful. Here is that the formula for a healthy life. Let me know if a mentorship program is right for you. We can get you started.


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Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do. Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises or life choices. We're living a new reality--a new and evolving normal that has been triggered by the world-wide pandemic of 2020. I am providing a simplified, mechanical look at this information through the tool that is known as Human Design. Once the mechanics of the information are seen, the processing of the information can be from awareness vs. Fear. 

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