Animal Protein and the BodyGraph

Aug 29, 2019

10 Min Read + 15 Min Video

I wanted to share a small piece of my experiment with animal protein and the bodygraph and how it works for me. 


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I had mentioned that I wanted to do a quick video just about biology and PHS system or psychology. It has been such a fascinating piece of Human Design and through the experiments that I've had in my life. 


I have this 29th trait as my core essence or my conscious sun and that sits right here in the Sacral Center. The 29th trait is all about perseverance and saying yes being committed and it's in the channel of discovery but I don't have the whole channel. There's still this little piece of discovery in there but I don't have the full channel. However, this is how it operates for my design. It's pointing towards a completely undefined G Center or Identity Center and this has been probably one of the biggest teachers of my life - this completely undefined G Center. The 46 trait is all about determination but it's also about the love of the body. This has been a great piece of study for me. That first line mind, 29th trait pointing up to an undefined 46 gait or trait in a completely open Identity Center. This is a fascinating area of study. I've done great amounts of study on the human body. It fascinates me if you were to look at my bookshelves, there's a ginormous amount of books about the physical body if there are indications what's going on inside the body from the nails, the tongue, the eyes, studying Ru Veda, studying Chinese medicine, all that kind of stuff. I'm not an expert in any of it so I'm not going to sell that to you but what I'm going to tell you about is my experiment with it and my experience with it. That's really what we're built to do.


I have done the whole PHS and rave psychology, the whole differentiation degree. Information is great - I know all the information on it. However, what's fascinating is knowing, experiencing, and experimenting with the information so that I can then become an authority on it and share my wisdom. 


Here's what I'd like to share with you today. About nine months ago, I was like, I have all this information. How do I get some weight off my body? I need to lose for me at that point I wanted to lose about 25-30 pounds. Not that I'm ginormous, but it was still just I could feel that that was important for my physical body. What I do love about Human Design is there's so much information and experimenting with it it has been so much fun and it's going to continue to be fun. The information about my right brain-body that was important for me to know that as a passive right brain-body, I'm gonna hold a little bit of fat around my being because it's important for my right brain-body being. I'm constantly absorbing the information field and I'm taking it all in. If you're a right brain-body, you're taking it all in and it's to allow for the information to flow through me and not hold on to it. I still need a little bit of this buffer zone of the fat that is required around my physical body. No, I don't need to be a couple of hundred pounds overweight, I don't need to be obese, none of that. There needs to be this healthy expression of a buffer zone for my physical body. You may or may not find that with you if you're a right brain-body, but when the information came to me about that and I can see that on my physical body I no longer need to beat myself up. I can accept the fact that that's okay.


I experimented with the keto diet. The person that popped into my reality was Dave Asprey of the Bulletproof Diet. It was interesting to see his take on health and wellness. He's super intelligent and he has done a lot of experiments himself, he spent a ton of money biohacking his body. Now, if he just knew his design, then he could probably save himself a lot of heartaches. I don't know his exact time of birth off the internet so his primary health system and history of psychology are most likely not right. What I wanted to look at was the biology piece - what is in his bodygraph. What struck me is he has the 52 9 and whether or not you've ever had any experience with the rave biology, I don't know, but rave biology was brought to me through the differentiation degree from the International Human Design School. The teacher there is Andrea Reikowolf. She's out of Austria and her, Ra, and Martin Grassinger, who is a homeopath from Austria, went through all this information. They looked at the biology piece because that was Andrea's forte. She's a biologist and Martin Grassinger is being that homeopath. They went through it and they looked at the biology.


Today, I'm just going to share with you about meat or animal proteins. The 52 9, this channel of focused concentration is about animal proteins. It's fascinating to see that Dave Asprey, who is a part of the bulletproof diet, keto, meat, animal protein, and that's the whole point of keto and that works for him. There's a lot of other biology here that also plays a part in it, but I just want to stick to this animal protein. It's good for his body and then, of course, he's telling everybody that. He's trying to condition you to believe that it's good for your body too and it may or may not be who knows. You get to experiment with it. I could indicate that to you through your design, but you can experiment with it. 


Then there is Marcus Rothkranz and his whole thing is raw. Raw vegan and when I look at his Design - Dave's a generator so he's responding all the time, hopefully to life - with Marcus, he has no animal protein in his biology. Here this 50 to 9 is completely wide-open. He is a vegan and again, other parts in the bodygraph indicate a lot of this as well. His whole thing is plant-based and yes, I know that Dave also has plants with meat, but Marcus is like dead set against any kind of animal product. It shows in here this is part of his design. I clicked on one of his videos and he was saying thank you to his mom and how his mom raised him and that his mom just let him be and go do what he needed to do. I love that. As a manifestor, that's what they're built to do they're just meant to go do things. I love that his mom got out of his way and let him do that. That was special to hear that knowing that his design is a manifestor. I just wanted to share those two little tidbits with you so that you can see how Marcus is sharing his experience with us. His experience is vegan and it's good for his body. He wants everybody to be vegan but it's not good for everybody. Dave is sharing his experience with his physical body and his physical body needs animal protein. He is sharing that experience with everybody and he wants everybody to eat animal protein. Again, not good for everybody. 


Now, come to me. I only have the 9th trait here. Animal protein for me, I can process it in my physical body but only through response. On the keto diet, I noticed a ginormous amount of increase in joint pain. Eating meat and eating lots of meat. I'm a cattle rancher so I have completely organic natural, super loved meat and I do eat meat don't get me wrong I eat animal protein. Then I was introduced to Marcus and I relaxed off the meat for a while and for about two weeks I didn't eat any meat. I noticed that my joint pain subsided but I could feel in my mind that there was a sensation of not being connected. I don't know how to explain it to you, it wasn't fog but it was like there was something there was some kind of fuel missing. Now what I do after I've done these little experiments, is I just watch how my physical body responds during the meal. So 80-90% of my diet is plant-based. However, I supplement the animal protein when my physical body begins to respond to it. It will reach out for that animal protein when it needs it. If I need fuel from my brain and I need fuel for my physical body to do what I'm doing, what I notice is that it will reach out to animal protein. I don't need animal protein every single day, it's not a requirement. My physical body is not responding to that. 


The whole point of this video is so that you can see that this is just one small part of the biology piece of Human Design. It is interesting to see how Dave is selling the keto diet. He's having his outer Authority which is all great and wonderful and those that need to hear it and pick it up will do that, but it's so important to understand that it's not for everyone. Now again with Marcus, he's trying to convert everybody to veganism and stop with the animal protein. Not for everyone. His physical body doesn't require that kind of fuel. However, Dave's does require it. There's a massive difference between these two definitions and then knowing your own is so important. 


If you want to know your biology, reach out to me we can create a package for you we can create some kind of consultant consulting for you so that you can get the information and experiment with it. That's what's important. I've spent the money, I've played around with it, I've tested it, I know the information. You get to play with this however you want to play with it but if it's of interest to you and you want to reach out and you want to work with me, great. If not, at least you know a little bit more about animal proteins and the Human Design biology of that piece. 


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Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do. Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises or life choices. We're living a new reality--a new and evolving normal that has been triggered by the world-wide pandemic of 2020. I am providing a simplified, mechanical look at this information through the tool that is known as Human Design. Once the mechanics of the information are seen, the processing of the information can be from awareness vs. Fear.


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