2027 Global Cycles and the Great Mutation | Ra Uru Hu | Jovian Archive

Aug 10, 2023


hello the wall over there just arrived online nice to see you and welcome to
all of you that have come in online nice to see you our rooms filling up so you've got a
nice energy here everybody getting ready we'll get started in a few minutes all
right hello and welcome to the eighth annual human design event here in Toronto nice to see you all it's always
nice to start one of these adventures you never know where it's going to lead 10 days is quite a journey so there's
there's a great deal and that's available here in this event I think it's it's something that's very exciting
for all of us there's an enormous amount of really exciting stuff that's that's
gonna be here so I hope you're all going to enjoy and enjoy each other's company alright let's get down to to today's
story I wanted to start with something that you know we are living in perhaps
some of the most extraordinary times that one can actually imagine it's
something that that I've often shared with students of mine one of the things that I love so much about human design
is far beyond the the the obvious that we deal with in the basic mechanics that
is helping people with the possibility of being able to change their life and
being able to discover who they are as a being human design is deeply complex
knowledge is very profound it covers many many areas and it looks at mechanics both at the microcosmic and
macrocosmic level I've been fascinated most of my adult life with
said am I finally wrong is the real is there a God is that a bowling alley yes
something like that
that's a lovely sound isn't it the world is coming to an end you can hear it most
of my adult life I've been fascinated by by the flow of history events the way
things move and the way history has been
laid out the way in which we've been taught history has been well it's been
deeply unfair in a sense that we never really get to know what's really gone on or why we get stories about mythologies
about this in that person we know very little about the lives we know very
little about why things change we know very little about why civilization rises
and falls while the world why the world suddenly changes at any given moment one
of the most fascinating areas of the knowledge is global cycles and global
cycles is looking at the larger mechanical pattern and it's a pattern that's very very ancient and it's not
that human design is unique in its recognition of that pattern it belongs
to ancient Hindu Brahmin culture and it's deeply connected to the precession
of the equinoxes you know in the early years when I described the nature of the synthesis of human design I would remind
people then it it borrows in that sense both from Western and Eastern astrology
the Hindu Brahmin understanding of the larger cycles was deeply profound and
the precession of the equinoxes is something that we can see within the context of the mandala The Rave mandala
and because the rave mandala is such a deep synthesis and carries so much fundamental information were actually
able to see the larger flow of the mechanics and in seeing that flow of the
mechanics we're able to see the changing literally the changing of the cycles we entered into what is the cycle
that has defined our world for a very long time in 1615 and that cycle that we
entered into is the cycle that's called the cross of planning and everything
about the nature of the cross of planning is that the cross of planning
is rooted in the definition between the emotional system and the ego in the
channel the 40:37 the channel of community every cycle is built on a
cross and they are built on crosses that are fundamentally right-angled the way the procession operates and the cross
that we have been living under in a sense in 1615 is called the cross of planning it involves the sixteenth gate
and it involves the Ninth Gate and the four D and the thirty seven so if you
look here at this drawing here you can see that here is the forty thirty seven
cross and here you can see the nine sixteen cross now this is called the
cross of planning and everything about the cross of planning let me try to
explain something to you because I think it's one of the most difficult things for people to grasp but I I entered into
that dilemma when I try to describe pentas or or woz you know trans art form so we have no conscious access to it's
very hard to understand something the only way I can compare it is to God if
you'll pardon my sense of humor today on Good Friday there is this all-knowing
all sensing thing in the background that's influencing us it's influencing
us the right mystery hey the program works in mysterious ways there's this
great mystery okay and this great mystery actually has physical themes physical themes and those physical
themes have been penetrating our cells our genetic code for hundreds hundreds
of years in 1615 your parents your grandparents your great-grandparents great-great-grandparents going back and
back and back and back they were all born under the cross of planning and the
cross of planning is defined our world since 1615 our world has changed radically radically compared to any
other epoch in our history and it began with the power of the 40:37 because this
is the channel of community this is the channel of the bargain this is the channel that says the 40th gate you work
for us you work for us and the 37th gate
says you work for us and I will give you the affection you need and in return we're going to have this rich bargain
this rich bargain in which we work together to fulfill the demands of the
community and I want you understand how profound that is our history has never
been about the community it was about you know Ramses or Alexander or Napoleon
was never about the community never if
you knew something you were a black magician and you didn't tell anybody else because you would give up your
power if you learnt something you didn't offer it to the community screw them you kept
it for yourself for your own advantages but beginning in 1615 every single
intellectual development in humanity was offered to the community because there
was no choice and it wasn't like human being suddenly changed overnight overnight and became nice and friendly
you strip away the programming you've got a world full of killer monkeys you
know this is what the not-self world is it's a control mechanism we're living
under an enormous control mechanism and it's going to go away think about what
the 4037 brought us the first thing that he brought us was the true Industrial Age the Bill
factories the industrial age of the building of factories and the beginning of providing organized work for the
community led to a number of demands what are you going to do with the children
institutionalized education began the great programming of minds began the
community began to be propagandized and formed by the institutionalization of
education along with that came benefits that is what we would eventually call
modern medicine the building of hospitals care facilities all of these
things the establishment of true modern States true modern states that all went
through revolutionary transformation during this time in which the people rose up into power the American
Revolution the French Revolution the revolutions all through Europe all of
these revolutions that transformed this ancient rulership from above in which
the community was nothing but fodder to a world in which the community demanded everything is for us we think that
modern democracy is because we have become more enlightened and more aware
if you believe that I have things to sell you an incredible prices because it
has nothing to do with us human beings are so malleable we are so deeply
conditioned take the nodes of the moon there are approximately three months in
a gate those nodes in the moon will go into a gate and make a connection for
somebody that gives them a definition that suddenly they think they've got this and that and the other thing and off they go and they're running and
three months later goes away and they drop like a stone well we're about to have this on a global scale because
we're used to all of this stuff we are used to everything being for the
community we're you to institutionalize science can you imagine I mean if you go back to the
very beginning of the Cross of planning you know to the Newton's and whatever you know you go back and you have these
individual flashes of genius that define the nature of what science was going to
be and you can pick their names out of the history books at the beginning of the cycle and now Nobel Prizes by
committee you know 39 professors sharing the Nobel Prize for some obscure little whatever
and finding some truth we live in a totally different world we live in a
vast institutionalized deeply controlled world and it's not because this is what
we want it's not because this is what we've worked for think about all these
philosophers that actually think we've done a great job you know I have a huge
ego and I'm not mad enough to think that I've done anything you know the madness
of it because all of those philosophers are leading us down a trail that's going to be incredibly depressing because the
fact of the matter is at the moment that this cycle changes all of those things that we have taken for granted about our
interrelationships with other human beings on this planet wave goodbye you
think it is natural for us that we are able to have a world in which we are all
connected and everything works and we respect each other and all this stuff sounds nice doesn't it but you see this
is where we are at the end of the Cross of planning and if you look all around
you you will see that all of these institutions are beginning to fall apart
all of them governmental non-governmental charities
all of these things school systems governments international aid agencies
think about international aid now one of the things that's so obvious to me about
the nature of the world is how incredibly cruel it is we have 40,000 babies die an hour that don't need to
you know we live in a hellish place it's a hellish place see there is an
arrogance and those that have been able to avoid most of this to try to turn
away from what that is think about all those children in the world today that
will not survive till tomorrow unless there is some foreign agency some
foreign service some charity that's going to deliver their medicine their food that whatever it is we spend
billions and billions and billions and billions in delivering all of these services all over the world through
these kinds of agencies this is the cross of planning this is what Marshall
McLuhan taught here in Toronto when he said the world is a global village we
have to be concerned for our world community we have that amongst all of those that you know want peace on earth
and you know all the spiritual stuff but
you see it's falling like a stone and we have no control over that
none whatsoever it's not like it can be saved with the financial institutions
you know this way of trying to control the energy of the world organize the
energy of the world for the benefit of the community you know when you look at
the cross the planning you see it's got the sixteenth gate the gate of skills the ninth gate gated detail all this
profound digging into things this incredible energy and skills to serve
the community this city this morning when I got up and
I looked out at this city there are millions and millions of people that are here and this morning they have to eat
you know they have to make a living they have to get from one place to the next
they have to be able to count on certain things being available they have to
count on the trust that's inherent in community in the way in which we create
these bargains in our modern lives to be able to have these kinds of vast vast communities function without everybody
going crazy and killing each other you think it's natural that you have a place
like Shanghai that is thirteen million human beings you think that something is
going to be able to maintain that when the background frequency changes you see
because it's not in us to be community with the world I'm sorry I know it's a
nice idea but it's not what we're like because if you take away the background
frequencies that insists that all of us deal with being in this community this
side or that you know those that hate globalization those that love it you know the whole dynamic of it see we're
so blind we're so lost in the propaganda
of this age that we don't see it there's still people to think that we're going to get to Mars and that we're going to
go there things are going to get smaller and we're gonna have these little jet ships and we're gonna fly around you
know you think any kind of institution
can run if there's no background frequencies that says this is what you do
if the background frequency isn't there human beings aren't going to do that
they're not the 4037 says that
everything is about loyalty loyalty so
much of what we deal with in this life is rooted in those bargains and the
loyalty that arises out of it that favorite place that you like to shop or
eat or whatever all of these things are all built into this formula and it's a
globalized formula that's been here for hundreds of years hundreds of years
there's something to see here you can see that there is another cross in this diagram and when you're looking at this
mandala what you're looking at is the way in which the G Center really forms
the mechanism and the key of everything it's what holds it all together and the
eight gates out of the G Center in the way in which they divide the wheel precisely into its eight parts also
provide us with mechanisms locks and keys not only are we in the cross of
planning but there are other elements to our particular era and the most
important one for us here is this it's
what I call the return to Eden you see the lock system the thirteenth gate
represents the witness represents the secrets represents the keys the 61st
gate is the gate of inner truth we are now in the first line themes of this
retrograde process because the precession of the equinoxes moves backwards we entered into the first line
themes the first line of the 37 and the 40 and so forth we entered into those first line themes
at the beginning of the 1960's until 2027 we are living in time
where knowledge inner truth is possible and when 2027 comes the door closes we
have had many dark ages every cycle brings its own messy nations the cycle
that we are in now is a great opportunity for us at the close of a very important time for us this is our
flowering as humans please understand that after 2027 to humans will no longer
have the potential to flower our time will be over not that we're all going to
drop dead or anything but the fertility of what it is to be human is going to be
sacrificed to the fertility of the possibility of what it is to be rape that is we have a great mutation that's
taking place that's rooted in our emotional system this is the most
important time in the history of our particular branch of the human family in
the approximate 200,000 years that this form has existed from the 7 Center to
the 9 centered being in 1781 to this point now this is the place to find the
truth and if you look around you in this world if you google I hate saying that
because I don't like these people I don't but if you I like the service if
you google you cannot in your lifetime you could not read all the truths that
have been revealed in these years since the beginning of the 1960s there is
truth being revealed every millisecond literally this is the incredible
momentum that is there this speeding up that everyone sees there is this
unbelievable pressure on us to get it right now because we're not going to
have the support in the future and we're not where we're going is to the cross of
the sleeping Phoenix and the cross of the sleeping Phoenix is the darkness to the light of planning
and I don't mean that to sound heavy in that sense I just mean it in the sense
that we're dealing with absolute polarities the cross of planning is
fundamentally tribal we have had hundreds of years of the development of the global community the Sleeping
Phoenix is fundamentally individual those children that are coming into the
world those children that are going to be born post-2020 seven who are going to be like us that they're going to live in
a world that is going to be incredibly different from this one because the background frequency isn't saying make a
bargain with your neighbor the background frequency is saying forget
about your neighbor look after yourself
when the precession of the equinoxes leaves the thirty-seven one it enters into the fifty five six selfishness the
great global theme is gonna begin with selfishness that's a different world
think about all the support mechanisms and all of the bargains that you need to live your life right now you think about
it your life is saturated with dependencies and it's saturated with
dependencies and all the inherent bargains that are built into our civilization that we take for granted
the electricity will work the internet will run the stores will be open the
food will be on the shelves you know all of this stuff that we take for granted that we think were responsible for
vanity vanity vanity vanity vanity vanity it's all it is we're not in
charge of anything we're not in charge of our nature you
know we're not you just look at anybody's design and you can see that
we're not in charge of anything we're here in the movie our process is about
awareness it's about passenger consciousness it's about separating ourselves from what the cycles do and
please understand I'm not fear-mongering I'm not worried for my children my grandchildren I'm not because they will
have something that will allow them to navigate on any plane at any time that's
their strategy and authority strategy and authority is about the unique human
process it is not dependent on the tribe it's not dependent on agreements it's
not dependent on bargains it's not dependent on loyalty it's not dependent
on any of that it isn't and if you want
to survive you have to be able to have your own authority because there is
going to be no Authority you can turn to right now that's the way everybody is
trained you got a problem dial 911
you know there's some Authority somewhere someplace that's going to be
the key for you there's somebody that you can call you know well we'll call them and have them have it fixed right
see the Cross of planning is such an incredible seduction for us because we're at the end of it and it all looks
so well look at us look at what we've done yeah
well I see what we've done I see that
there's two billion of us who are hungry you know I see that there's hundreds of
millions of beings that are in violent zones I see that half of our specie
womankind is the most repressed and
controlled I mean the things that are going on in this planet it's not like
you know because when you scratch the surface you have nothing but ignorance and you have nothing but fear and we are
living in a world that is dominated by seven centered philosophies that have nothing to do with what it is to be us
we are not here to be afraid we are not here to struggle but that means that we
have to be able to stand on our own feet that you cannot expect that the world is
going to deliver for you you know this is what we expect now that the world's
going to deliver our governments are going to deliver you know all of this stuff but look at this world with these
horrendous religions what they do to humankind the control mechanisms that
are at work on this planet the ignorance that's here and all of it is maintained
at a certain level of civility only because of the background frequency you
know that day will come when that background frequency goes away where
it's going to be very hard to get a whole group of people together to do the same thing
you know all of this modern life of ours has been determined by our integration
into these communities our participation as citizens all of those things our
responsibilities to our nation-states to our religions all of that it's all built
on the cross of planning and it's kept everybody in a certain level of control
homogeneous a shoe the not-self this is the vast control mechanism at work you
are never going to be able to change it defeated you can't do anything you can't
you can't save the world I know that the
world is intent on not being saved it's not what the world is about it isn't
even what life is about everything that I understand about the
nature of being is that everything is about mutation and change the only thing
that is constant is change you know those great stories of Inca
civilizations that rose and overnight boom gone see what we're looking at is
the the crowning glory of our civilization a hundred years from today it's gone
gone the world as we know it gone you
take away the background frequency you change the frequency when you change the
frequency to me me me me iiii the US and
the we are done toast and that's a
different world and most human beings are ill-equipped for it because human
beings have never been contort how to be their own authority here's the great
trap of the cross of across the planning system you don't have to worry get it the officer is sir
get a dictionary or you know call your doctor or you go online or you don't
have to worry you don't have to decide anything you don't have to think and
they don't advertising tells them what
to wear what to smell what to eat where to go what authority human beings don't
have authority it's the first thing you must give up to be human the moment you
come into the world you have to deal with those authorities that are going to
control you and determine what your nature is going to be people aren't on
they don't know how how many times do I
have people connect to me and say I don't know what to do and I say you know
they don't know they don't understand look there's nothing to do I'm not telling you this
so you do something doesn't anything to do this is the movie it's the movie you
know I'm like the guy at the Opera that tries to explain to people what's going on because they don't understand you
know he's about to kill her because she made love with him you know we're not
about to get on stage and change the whole dynamic no no no don't do this
this is movie watching because there isn't anything else to do there isn't
you see it's not about us saying okay we have to stop this huge thing rolling off
the cliff we're not gonna do that hopefully we get
a good seat and you get to watch the movie and you get to see where all this
goes without fear without concern
because you see if you have your own authority you got a ticket I mean that's
the whole thing about this life and what's coming you don't have your own authority or are you ever going to be in
trouble you know what happens when you dial 911 nobody there and nobody answers
what happens when you go to the hospital and the doors closed what happens when
there is no police in the street because they're stealing see the Cross of
planning isn't just about some kind of you know funny concept up there and it
isn't it's in the whole fabric of our lives see there's all these people now trying
desperately to hold on to the Cross of planning you can see this in all the fundamentalism and religious and I'm not
picking on Islamic all the religions say the fundamentalist Jews Christians
Buddhists you know I mean you have fundamentalism everywhere they're all
and and they all want to go back you know like bin Laden you know they want to go back 400 years let's go back let's
go back to the beginning of the Cross of planning you know where everything was sort of like we're on you know
everything's okay and we're all together and we you know and we're all ignorant and we're all happy except for our women
know there's a backlash and we're beginning to feel it
you know there's this enormous fear I mean you know between you and me don't tell anybody but I mean the world's
basically broke I mean nobody's got that quite figured out yet I mean if the
eight countries were like people we would have foreclosed on Greece and
Iceland and I mean we would have foreclosed you know we would have taken it over repossessed the country you know
I mean we have real you know institutionalized problems that are
incredibly profound and there's all this haze over the top that says Oh everything's you know we'll work it out
we have our committees and the Committees of our committees and those other committees and eventually we'll
have an answer for you and of course all the politicians are doing the same thing they've always done during the Cross of
planning they say they're working for us huh and you notice that that's the
classic 40 right you know oh I'm working for you I've always wanted to work for
you where did I get the money well while I was working for you I was rewarding
myself you know one of the things that
was so obvious to me at the very beginning of my process is that I was
given knowledge not to save up people which I've been dealing with for a long time but to make sure that
children would survive in the future because that's really what it's all about it's about understanding that we
need to teach human beings particularly our young ones how to have their own
authority to begin to learn from a very early age that they don't need to be dependent that they don't need to seek
outer Authority in order to be able to find their way in order to be able to understand what's necessary for them any
human being following their strategy and authority is going to be able to navigate on this plane and it doesn't
matter what the plane looks like oh yeah obviously it is going to impact us in
one way or another not particularly this in that sense I mean we're talking about
of an evolutionary process and we're talking about a social dynamic right up
until 2027 you're going to have children that are being born under the cross of planning their lifetime let's say
approximately you know eighty to a hundred years it won't be until the last of those of us who have been born under
this frequency are gone that there will really be the radical changes that will
make the world then indistinguishable from this one what we're here to witness
is a number of things we're here to be witnesses of the deterioration because
it's what we're here to see we're here to understand that this frequency is breaking down and that as it's breaking
down we have our true opportunity for truth for truth you know for me this is
the Eden on the other side of the myth and what I mean by that is that the myth
was was fundamentally you know the beginnings of the development of
civilized human that is go out and seek knowledge you know go forth and multiply go out and seek knowledge we did a lot
of multiplying and we've sought our knowledge and we're actually at a place
where we have basically you know come to
the point where we're not going to be able to multiply anymore and we've come to that point where those truths that
are essential to us are becoming available well the reality is that at
every single level that you can look at in the sciences what is being revealed on a day to day basis is really quite
incredible there is this enormous enormous energy pushing us forward my
real concern about truth is that truth
moving forward into the future cannot be carried on the Internet I mean for as long as the internet net
lasts that's very nice but we have to return to an understanding that if we're
moving into an age of individuality that were returning to the age of the
oral tradition and it is one that is going to be very important it is part of
my teachings one of the things that I'll talk about particularly on Sunday for example in rave psychology psychology
lecture that I'm doing about understanding the nature of rightness now and recognizing that you know the
half of humanity has a right mind and that means that there is this enormous
potential for storing knowledge it is this storing of knowledge and
individuals that is going to be so important for us because it is literally humans that are going to be the resource
it's part of our process of coming to grips with what it means to go forward
as an individual rather than going forward as a specie humanity is caught
in the thrall you're not going to get him out of it you're not it's like that
crazy thing yesterday I don't know if any of you saw it on my Facebook page television presenter in Lebanon he does
a TV show where he does I guess astrological prediction you know it talks about what's coming up and
gives people advice he decides to go on a holy pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia may
one of one of their pilgrimages when he gets there they arrested they charged
him with sorcery they sentenced him to death he was supposed to be beheaded
today they've stayed the execution and today they were supposed to cut off his head now that's what I do every day on
Facebook you know I mean it's a capital
punishment crime what I do in Saudi Arabia and in Bahrain and in places
where sorcery now is a big problem
you're not going to be able to influence such a world I mean I know I've been at
this for 23 years you know if you're not ready and it's not your fractal it isn't
going to touch you it isn't because it isn't for everybody
as most human beings can't get out from underneath that shroud let alone their
own personal conditioning but on top of that the conditioning that's there in the frequency of our time and you see
they're the ones that are truly going to be at risk as we move forward they will
know I can't I never like to talk about
raves and I'm the guy that told everybody about them we have a mutation
that's taking place the mutation actually started in 1781 the mutation is
in the forty-ninth gate and the fifty-fifth gate they shared they are a codon called histidine it is why we have
had vast increases in autism prostate cancer all of these have been related to
this mutation that is taking place in the solar plexus them something I've been talking about all my years of
teaching but the human family is really
an extraordinary one when you think about the evolution of any specie we
have a very interesting history there have been many many variations in our family tree as a matter of fact they
just found a fascinating winding they found a finger in a cave in Russia
and at first they thought it was human you know some old human member of our
family Neanderthal probably and after doing a couple years of DNA research
they discovered that it's an entirely new specie and in that particular area of Russia
and at one time there were three kinds of us there were Neanderthals there were
the what we were to become the Homo sapiens who were brand new then and
there were also these other creatures who were even older than the Neanderthals who were still there and they made jewelry which always says
something really nice about a monkey no that's a joke anyway our family tree is
complex is what I'm trying to say and in 1781 the old seven centered model
disappeared in this nine centered model what we are right now by the way we're
temporary I mean I think it's one of the most interesting things about the way the program works right we're a
transitional form so what the ninth Center being is and out of our transitional form comes what's new and
that's going to be those beings that are borned with the transformed or mutated
emotional system now obviously in a lecture like this there's no way that
I'm gonna be able to go and explain in detail all of what that means there's a lot of material available at the website
and so forth and so on if you're interested in it but fundamentally what it means so you have
a grasp of it there's going to be children being born after 2027 that are
going to be a horrible shock and trauma for their parents the same shock and
trauma that a parent of a severely autistic child feels the sense of loss
that you don't have the promise that you thought you were going to have and the
concerns and all of the things that come with it I work with many many many mothers of autistic children it is quite
a thing to deal with but the rave is going to be even more so
in a sense I mean I assume that the first ones coming in will be very very
quickly institutionalized because it simply will not be understood what they are they will have a / poor vision poor
muscle tone they will probably never be efficient in terms of movement they probably won't
develop any sophisticated level of speech in the way in which we understand
it and yet they will be part of something that we have no access to we
all live in and were born into pentas
Penta is a transit form it's the foundation of the way in which life is organized on the planet a Penta begins
when three people come together if it maximizes at five three pentas together plus another being represents what's
called a wall which is the largest trance or form that really controls the way in which society operates we live in
pentas but we are not aware of them in my work in working with Penta knowledge
both in terms of its Family Practice application and its business application it's only when you're taught these
things that you can actually get to see it because it's incredible you get to see the way painter works I mean if you
if you look at a family grouping and you look at them within a Penta graph and you do the analysis of the pentagram you
see the whole family I mean then it's all control then you at the moment that the members of the family are outside of
that pent it's all different were controlled by these org forms The Rave
that's coming will be a conscious participant in other words they will be
part of what is a conscious Penta let me try to explain the difference as human
beings we are here as nine centered beings to fulfill our unique potential
it's what I teach it's my whole purpose for each human being to be able to
realize the possibility of what it is truly to fulfill their potential as themselves it is what our G Center in
the sense is all about it is about holding us together in the illusion of separateness so that we can express our
unique nature it's what we're here for it's what humans provides a mechanical way tools for
being able to get to that place of living out our uniqueness and in that uniqueness what we share all of us what
we know so deeply in our hearts is that we are alone we are alone we are alone
inside of these shells no matter what our relationships are and whatever their beauty may be or not we are alone within
these shells and everything about being alone within this shell is that we are here to fulfill the potential that is
there when I teach love yourself I'm not being philosophical I'm teaching you the
only thing that you can truly ever love everything else is just a movie but
yourself this is all you have this is what we are
about and this is what we are here to fulfill but those beings that are going
to be born raves they will never ever ever be interested it will never be the
point for them to be unique they're not interested in unique they're not
interested in their own identity they're not interested in soap they will simply
give they will be living components of a
trance or a form and the form itself will be the entity if you take three of
these babies and you put them together in a ward you know severely damaged children ward
you put these three babies together within hours nobody is going to be able
to go near them they have potentials
that are rooted in what we study for example in both rave psychology and
primary health system understanding the the higher tones of cognitive potential
the higher tones of cognitive potential the fourth fifth and sixth tones are
going to be realized through these beings they will have ways of relating
to reality that is different from us because they're going to be operating
out of an awareness system that is the emotional system and not the emotional system the way we understand our
emotional system ly9 centered human emotional system is dominated by waves
it is the motor function that is the whole thing and it's the motor function
that causes both the distortion and the possibilities it is also the motor dysfunction that in essence gives us the
nature of our world a world that seems to be a rollercoaster of pain and pleasure and all of that is delivered
from the emotional system but those that are going to be born post 2027 that are
going to carry this mutation in the solar plex Center are not going to be carrying a wave frequency as we
understand it it's the next progression we began with splenic awareness we
evolved as seven centered beings with as no awareness and now the fulfilment of
the ninth centered process is the fulfillment of the potential of emotional awareness you see our specie
is splitting up again it's what we do this family tree of ours very very rapid
evolution if you look at the history of human evolution we've gone through now as far as we know somewhere around
fourteen variations in four and a half million years
you know the shark has been the same for 200 million years the spider for 300
million you know the rat for half a billion I mean understand how different we are
this is this you know we're just moving along in this evolutionary progression
keeps branching and in that branching system we always end up with those
different branches of the family existing at same time for a certain amount of time
now in my process I was told that all this is coming and it's gonna come to an end anyway it's about 1,300 years away
according to The Voice we're not going to disappear that his humans are not
going to disappear we are going to be less and less fertile slowly but surely
as we move into the next two or three hundred years more and more of the right beings the raves are actually going to
be coming into the world but we're going to live together to the end we will each
have our way and we will have no connection to each other
cro-magnon Neanderthal never had a relationship there is no evidence in the
genetics that they ever made it that they ever connected to each other in any way we are not going to have any
connection to these creatures other than they came out of us because that's part of why we're here it's part of what the
nine centered mechanism is about I'm human I'm a nine centered human
everything I understand about the rave is not something I like because it's not something that is connected to me it's
not connected to uniqueness it's not connected to the magic of what it is to
be in one of these enclosed forms not being a spiritual person myself I don't
rationalize that raves giving of themselves to a larger whole is a
wonderful thing because as a human I know that we're going to compete with that larger hole and it's going to be
much more competent in dealing with the Material Plane that we will be pentas
dominate the world it's why we use it for business analysis nothing is more
aggressive than a Penta when it comes to material survival you're going to have beings who are going to be deeply rich
in a wareness potential that is all going to be given to a larger hole that
is not human will not care about us will
not have any of our stories my concern is humans moving forward that
we get to live out the fullness of the beauty of what it is to be us
despite the nature of the world despite everything that I have seen every time I
look at a chart no matter whose chart it is I understand the magic absolute
incredible magic of what it is to be us the possibility of what it is to be us
to truly be able to fulfill that uniqueness that allows us allows us to
walk this plane in the way we were intended free of guile free of fear
aware eyes open seeing life for what it is and taking in the richness of that
this is an incredible plane to live on you know and all we have to do is
understand you can't save everyone you can't spend your life being worried
about them cuz it isn't going to help what you have to do is begin to
understand the importance of selfishness for yourself because until you're
correct there is no one you can help there isn't you got to take care of your
own business first you got to take care of what it is to be here and to be free
of the control mechanisms that distort our lives and then be open to who's
there it is not a cross a planning commitment you don't owe it to anyone
it's about things being correct what I've learnt along my way is when there
are those that are ready they show up he's on to look for them they show up
when you're ready they're there when you love yourself love is everywhere you know it's just basic basic basic things
that are there for us so this huge cycle you know I love it
this enormous wheel turning it's not
something to fear please understand but it also means that you have to let go of
certain kinds of conditioned hope those fantasies those dreams all that nice
stuff about what could be might be should be it's all very sweet thank you very much it's useless it's useless
I'm a practical man you take care of your business you take care of yourself
you learn how to operate through your own authority so you can trust it so
that you're always safe that you're always correct that you can handle whatever is there and that's what
matters it's where you get your power it's where you get your strength and
only one person at a time because that's what this knowledge is one person at a
time you get it you practice it and you discover its truth this is what we have
to do so that we can do that for our children and our children's children then we can prepare those who need to be
prepared that we can be there for those that are ready and not with any kind of
you know Horror Story just excuse me it's time to learn how to be your own
authority because you can't trust the authorities around you anymore so stop
all right nice to start off the event
with all of you
and to all of you online nice that you were here nice to see that you're part
of this and we're going to continue in about 15 minutes
Randy Randy Richmond is going to be doing question and answer those of you that are online by the way if if you
want to stay online because the question and answers are free events you can just stay online and Randy will start in
what's that it's gonna be about 17 minutes okay so to all of you I hope you
have a great day and yeah well we'll keep on going

-Ra Uru Hu

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