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What Entrepreneur Style are you? Burnout happens when we are not honoring the type of entrepreneur our mechanics of human design​ are indicating for ourselves. You do not have to be something you are not….Be You and let the INCOME, CLIENTS and TIME flow through you. 

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Are you afraid to jump into your business because you're scared that burnout is going to take hold? I want to recognize that the human design system is beautiful. There's so much information in it. Because human design is so complicated, it is a science. It goes deep, it goes down right to the Akashic records and takes you into that "soul's journey". It's difficult to take one aspect of human design and say that it's the reason for whatever your outcome is. I want you to understand what kind of entrepreneur you are so that you can run your business based on that aspect. 


I won't say you're going to avoid burnout, but you can recognize it. You can begin to see if you are moving away from your truth. Creating burnout in our business is a space where you get to change up the dynamic of this based on how you make choices. We have total information overload, and that information overload is creating a fear-of-missing-out. There are around 125 different social platforms that we are inundated day in and day out. The scarcity tactics that are used to create the fear-of-missing-out play a disservice and create burnout. The people that need you and the people that are on your trajectory are patiently waiting for you. You don't have to push, you don't have to have this fear that you are missing out. They are patiently waiting for you. Your solution is going to bump into them. It is going to find them. They are seeking it and when you are ready, all of a sudden you appear. I encourage you to recognize that you will never miss out. Understand that deeply. 


Here's where I want to get to what type of entrepreneur you are. What type of entrepreneur are you? This is a massive light bulb for me and I'm hoping that it's a massive light bulb for you. I want to bring in the mechanics of human design so that we can see this and so that when we are on that cusp, we know that we're pushing ourselves a little bit too much. We can recognize if something isn't in line with who we are. 


Achievement Entrepreneur

I want to take it a little bit further and recognize the lifestyle entrepreneur. What's important is understanding that we are a mixture of these two aspects that we're going to talk about today. The ones who are "left" focused are the achievement entrepreneurs. Their disposition is that they need to achieve something difficult, they need to achieve something bigger. They want to create a huge legacy and they push their bodies, mind, and businesses to the breaking point. They're always looking for how they can hack this, how can I go faster, how can I go harder, how can I get more? 


We need them on the planet and it's awesome to have them. These are people like Stephen Coulter who pushes it. These are the entrepreneurs on Shark Tank and Dragon's Den who will tell you they work 16 hours a day all the time pushing for more. This is what they do and if you sign a contract with them, they are going to do the same to you. They are going to push you, they want you to be exactly like them. These people are chasing money, material value and a legacy. That's okay, that's how they're built. I don't sit over in this category. 


Lifestyle Entrepreneur

However, if you are a lifestyle entrepreneur, you guard your time. You want your time with your family and loved ones. The business isn't your only focus. You want to be able to pay somebody to do some of the back-end stuff so that you can just show up and you're not willing to sacrifice your body or your time. You're not willing to sacrifice any of that to chase materialism. Will materialism show up? Yes, I'm not saying because you're a lifestyle entrepreneur that you have to be broke or that you have to have no money. This is where we are heading right now. We are a mixture of the two. 


We are this intransitive being as Ra would call us. We go from chasing money and looking for value outside of ourselves to being the value. There's a mixture happening. You might have some left variables and some right variables, you might have a mixture and that's okay. That's what it's meant to do and sometimes you feel like you want to go and then other times you need to pull back. 


Lifestyle entrepreneurs want to set it and forget it. They want to have that passive income. Passive income worked at the early stages of the internet, creating a course, throwing it up there, charging the money, and directing people there. They take your course and you just sit back and you make all this money. However, because that worked so well, people began to create even more band-aid solutions. Humanity needs to have a connection. There needs to be a time where your solution connects with me and we create this transformation together. That is what we are headed towards, we are headed towards achieving union. 


Achievement Entrepreneurs vs. Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

What happened was the achievement entrepreneurs sold the lifestyle entrepreneurs on that. Look, it's easy, just come in and do these 12 steps and poof you set this up and you're going to have lots of income and don't worry about it. Meanwhile, they didn't tell you that to set up those 12 steps was going to take 20 hours a day for months and months to make that set and forget it happened. These lifestyle entrepreneurs just wanted passive income. They just wanted to sit back and allow for this to happen and for money to happen. In this process, they got burnt out. 


Now, let's bring it to today where lifestyle entrepreneurs recognize that for them to have passive income, there must be a transformation attached to it. That is where we are heading when we are the value and when you represent the value of your design and you show up in pure authenticity. I'm not saying you have to do 50 hours of one-on-one to create that transformation with people. I am saying that they want you and they want the authenticity of you. 


Again, our cross of planning is breaking down. There was a bargain there, the cross of planning asked you to bargain. If you bargain with me, you get to be the king of the hill of whatever but the bargain was there. There was no awakening or awareness happening. If we were to take a look at the ego center, that's why I'm saying this is the cross of planning


Three tribal energies are going through the ego along with one individual energy. The bargain is almost like selling your soul so that you can have all the materialism. You can't have the awakening, that's what was taking place but now we're moving to integration, we're moving towards achieving union. 


Your clients want transformation and you want to be this lifestyle entrepreneur. You don't want to give up your time and that's why you see this influx of connection aspects. You don't need to give up your time. No more trading dollars for time. This is about having it all because that's what the right move is. You can have it all by holding your value and showing up in your value. That's what's important. 


I am not pushing you to do something that isn't you. I am asking you to be yourself. Anybody that wants to be themselves and truthfully be themselves is not pushing on that left side of the bodygraph. Can you have a mixture? Yes, of course you can. Recognize the two differences and who you are and then play with, what are those moments of meshing? What are those moments of meshing that come through so that you can be true to yourself and come to the awakening, the integration of spirit, and the achievement of union while honoring your physical body? That's what this is about. 


This week's homework is going to go back to non-negotiable standards. If you're not willing to sacrifice your family time, your time, or your self-care time and work those 20 hours a week, what does that look like for you? What is that business that you're going to be able to step into? Passive income is an interesting aspect. We don't say things like passive health, or passive relationships, we do say passive income. Why is it that we want to set it, forget it, let money flow to us, and not understand that we are the value? It's not about having a passive life, it's about you showing up and being authentic. 


I would love for you to play around with that passive income thought process. I know that right-oriented beings are designed to be passive, but it's not about being uninvolved. We have to be involved because this is our life. Play around with this information. What are some of your non-negotiable standards? 


The last thing I want to talk about is the conditioning aspect. Remember that the left-oriented, achievement-oriented entrepreneur and that energy is still conditioning most of what you see online. However, the lifestyle entrepreneur is finally starting to come around. This is about talking to your clients, messaging your clients in a way that they come to you versus you chasing them. This is about you stepping in and holding your value and attracting those clients to you. You need to recognize who you are and how to break free of the FOMO. Understand that you are never going to miss out on anything. 


I am a part of some very high ticket coaching programs and I will tell you that the people that want to be lifestyle entrepreneurs are pushing themselves to be an achievement entrepreneur and they are making six, seven, and even eight figures in their coaching programs, but they are exhausted and burnt out. They created the FOMO for themselves and their clientele lifestyle entrepreneur does not do that. You will never miss out and you will also be able to create the income that sustains your lifestyle.

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices. I am filtering the Maia through adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

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