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I was interviewed and had the honor to chat with Jamie Dyer of The Week Before Podcast


It never fails to amaze me how the #humandesignsystem always proves itself, no matter who I am speaking to and what stage of life they may be experiencing.


Are you ready to step into your purpose and stand in your own truth? 


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Hello Friend,

I was honored to be asked as a guest on to Jamie Dyer's podcast. Jamie asks guests to talk about their life passions, and mine is of course Human Design. He had no prior knowledge of Human Design and was blown away with the level of detail I could provide about him, just from his chart.


Here is our interview and I hope you enjoy it. If you would like to chat with me to see what I can share about you and how it can help you in your life, please reach out and book a discovery call with me.


Jamie (J): My guest today is Leann Wolff. Welcome to the podcast Leann. Tell me; what is your passion?


Leann (L): Hey Jamie. I am a Human Design coach. My passion is to assist people in stepping into their purpose, to being their purpose, their true self. Really coming to a place of self mastery where the conditioned polarity of our mind isn't running their life. It really is from a heart-cantered spiritual aspect that is operating through the life. That's really what my passion is.


J: Wow! There is a lot to unpack there which I'm sure we will get to. Are you almost saying that certain things are destined?


L: When I close my eyes and I take a look inside, I can see that the World is the Universe. The Creation is a vibration. It's a frequency and you and I hold little tiny packets of vibratory information. There's been this pattern out there in the world which the Universe is created on. You and I get to hold on to and be this frequency and help the Universe expand its consciousness.


J: I find it fascinating and I apologize if any of my questions sound particularly uninformed but it's not something I'm particularly familiar with in deep terms. How do you help clients that you might have?


L: The Human Design system that I use in all of my coaching requires their birth data. I see the Human Design system as a leading edge personality test. In a lot of [other] personality tests they ask you a whole bunch of questions and your mind's trying to get in there to answer all these questions, trying to fit yourself in this box. What Human Design does is it takes your birth data and provides us with all the information that we require for relationships, wealth, business, career, spiritual awakening. Every aspect of the life is shown in this system. What I do is give the client permission to be themselves. I provide the information and they get to resonate to it and go, 'Oh! I've been trying not to be that, trying to disregard that, but now I can really truly step into it'.


J: And how do you discover these traits? Do you talk to them beforehand? Do you get any extra information personally or is it all literally from the air, as it were?


L: I don't talk to them at all. I just require their birth data and then I put it into the computer software program that the Human Design System uses. It (HDS) uses old esoteric foundations. The Chinese I ‘Ching, the Hindu Chakra system, the Kabbalah Tree of Life and Astrology. It marries all that with today's Quantum Physics and Biomechanics. There is a beautiful compilation of having that foundation and then bringing that nostalgia into today's leading edge science.


J: It amazes me and I realize that there will be some out there that will be a tad skeptical about this. I know before we started talking you offered for me to do what it is you do with your clients and all the things that you're talking about and it was pretty much conclusive. Obviously you asked for my birth time. I didn't know it exactly but it was pretty much there, which was incredible.


L: For me there's no mistakes in the Universe. So when creator said, 'Here you are. Here's your frequency', and you get to jump into this meat-suit and to represent this frequency. There's no mistakes.


J: You say we're all on frequencies, as it were? Do we all have a separate frequency or do we share them with others?


L: How I see it is like this big orchestra. There's eight billion people on the planet and each one of us gets to hold our own note in that orchestra so we're designed to blend, be in harmony and resonate to particular notes. You get to hold that note and then create the music in your life that you need to create, based off holding true to that frequency.


J: Again, there is a lot there. So you've created this chart for me and I looked at it. The words in it, you could apply them to me. How does this come to you?


L: About eight years ago I was in a corporate job and my physical body was breaking down, saying, 'No more', and the Human Design System bumped into me. It's a software program that was created by a Canadian man and it marries all of this information together. In these eight years I've been studying, taking classes, working with clients all over the world, to really hone in on all of these different aspects that happen through the 'Bodygraph'. It brings the information that is necessary from the I'Ching, Astrology, the Chakra system and the Tree of Life. It brings this all to the forefront so that I can then "read" your energy for you and basically talk it back to you, so that you can go, 'Oh yeah! That is me!'. Did that answer your question?


J: Yeah it it did. I have the chart in front of me. Can you talk us through some of the main areas of this chart, what it tells you because all I see is a bunch of numbers and symbols. Can you explain what they mean?


L: In the Human Design language, we talk about four different energy types. Even though we are all eight billion unique aspects of time and space we put us into these four little boxes because they provide us with an understanding of how we're designed to interact based off our auric field. So for you, you're a 'Projector' or what we would call an advisor. Your energy is very focused, it's very absorbing. So doing these one-on-one interviews is so palpable for you. It's so important because you get to focus in on one thing, one person and you get to bring my energy out. As a Projector, you get to focus in, absorb it and then your questions guide the movement. That's what Projectors get to do, you guys get to guide the energy on this planet by asking questions, by really getting to know the other person and then guiding them down the path that is correct for them.

So when I look at your particular chart, your purpose is to look out and see the patterns of the world, and then recognize those patterns and extrapolate the consciousness out of those patterns. You do that by having this very, very, very strong memory that allows you to bring all the memories from like eons and lifetimes and ages ago. All of that memory gets to come up through you to be expressed so that humanity can really move forward again from that solid foundation of the past. Then you get to transmit that memory to people so that they can progress, they can recognize where they're supposed to be putting their attention so that they can see that depth and go, 'Ah, that's where humanity was. This is where we can go.'.


J: Again, you've got it spot on there and there are ways though in which I didn't see myself previously. I'm looking down the headings here and I've got here 'not-self theme: Bitterness'. What does that mean?


L: On the Human Design Bodygraph what you'll notice is there's going to be nine centers. These are like energy hubs and any of them that are white or not colored in, these are spaces where you and I are designed to interact; we're designed to gather wisdom. But, what happens is when we make decisions through the mental capacity (our minds are polarity aspects so the mind is always saying this and that) is the mind wants to say, 'Oh, I've got to get better at this and I've got to try to be this', so it starts to pull you down pathways that are not actually for you. It's always saying 'If you would do this you could do this, you should do that', and then there's bitterness there because as a Projector you're designed to guide people. Now if that guidance is outside of the correct timing, people don't hear you, people don't believe you, they don't trust you. They don't take your guidance and then you feel very bitter.


J: Yeah that does make sense to me. I've got a couple of questions here. Have you ever tried this on yourself?


L: Like pulling my own design? For sure, 100%. That's how I got to learn who and what I am so that I can be a better coach as well. I'm what you would call a Manifesting Generator. So Jamie, you're a Projector you're here to guide. I'm a Manifesting Generator. I'm here to work. I'm here to use this 'builder' energy and I'm designed to be the boots on the ground and start building what needs to be built on this planet. [As a Projector] you get to guide that energy so by asking me questions pulling out that energy field from me. Then I can align to my true self and be that builder so that when I'm working, I'm working in satisfaction.


J: Are there an infinite number of types?


L: So there's only four types but there's an infinite number of designs.


J: Right, that makes sense. When you ask people to do this or when people want to do it, how long does it take you and in general how often is this used?


L: This is a daily practice so the foundational understanding of human design is to switch our decision-making from a mental place to a body place. For example, for you Jamie, it's about trusting your intuition, trusting the spontaneous intuition that comes through you when somebody invites you in. That's really what's important and it's not about going into the mind and trying to decide this and that. It's about being fully present in the body and focused in on the body so that those decisions and invitations that are correct, you move forward with them and you can walk into that invitation.

It's a reading I can do, a reading one session or what my best success for clients is when it's a process. When they walk into a [coaching] package and they get to see this and touch it multiple times. Then all of a sudden it's in their cellular structure so we walk through everything. Health, business relationships, all of that kind of stuff. It's not a quick fix by any means but just knowing your type, your strategy, how you're designed to interact, and then trusting your inner authority then allows for you to begin to make decisions correctly, through the body. All of a sudden you'll notice how the alignment is even more prominent in your life.


J: One thought that just occurred to me and something I'm sure that you must come up against and whenever I have anybody such as yourself onto the podcast, the question I always have to ask really for balance is do you ever have anybody that's kind of skeptical about this stuff or perhaps doesn't believe what you're saying?


L: Oh 100% yeah and I will be honest with you; they don't seek me out. You know they're not going to resonate to the information so they don't even bump into me, they don't even come into my view because if they're skeptical or nervous about it then they're not there. But the minute there's this little crack right, sometimes it happens through a shock, you know, they lose somebody or they get really sick... then all of a sudden they start seeking out is there something bigger. Is there something more to life? Once that little crack happens in their consciousness field, that's when human design can come in and bring them to a place of awareness where it is bigger than us. What we're living in, it's bigger than us.


J: Yes, there is a lot more going on out there. If people wanted to, if they're interested in finding out where to get things, where would they need to go to find out more about you and what you do?


L: I have lots of resources on my website and I also have a YouTube channel. I have hundreds of videos on there about this system and how to apply it in your life.


J: Well I'm sure that there will be many people intrigued to go and have a look at that and I'm certainly intrigued by what you've told me here because, you know, we're all intrigued by what's out there and what could be and certainly there are bits of myself in the chart in which you've shown me that I perhaps ignored before as you quite rightly said at the beginning. So I'll certainly be paying attention. Thank you for your help and thank you for being on the podcast today.


L: Thank you Jamie thank you for asking I appreciate it.


J: I'm always intrigued to know more because I was diagnosed with autism when I was 23 years old so from there I literally had to wipe everything and start from the beginning. As you do so you're constantly learning every day.


L: Something I'll share with you. The creator of the human design system his name was Ra Uru Hu (well he was given that name when he had the experience when he downloaded all of this through the ethers). One of the things he said about autism is that you guys are already light-years ahead of humanity and you, having the Right Angle Cross of Consciousness, the 63 here and the 64. These two activations from the sun earth and the design side is what we call it. They're in what we call the inspiration center and you are so connected to the ethers that it doesn't surprise me in the least bit that you've been diagnosed with autism, not at all.


J: Wow that's amazing so I mean they told me it was virtually from the moment you're born, which kind of ties into what it is you're saying.


L: Yes because you're light years ahead of us and what I love is that you're trying to ground yourself in nostalgia. You know you brought yourself into all of this memory, all of this stuff and that's how you're able to really ground yourself because without that activation, you may not even be social but because you have this ability to bring this memory from the past and ground your physical body there, you can you can be a highly functioning autistic being.


J: So you're saying that's a positive thing?


L: It's a 100% positive.


J: Yeah wow. Because sometimes I will sit there and I'll be practically stuck in a particular place in time and it feels like it's quite a negative thing but you're saying it's positive.


L: It is because it's keeping you here. It's grounding.


J: Yeah, that makes sense.


L: This 43rd gate here, the 43 is about breakthrough, it's about insight. So you get to get those insights, those breakthroughs, those mental moments of ‘ahas’, by being stuck, by repeating it. Going through it again and again and going, 'Ah, there it is. That's what it is', because you get to extrapolate out of that memory what it is that you need.


J: Wow I mean, that's taken me by surprise because I do get stuck a lot and it is true. You're always looking for something and sometimes you think it's compulsion, you think it's like an addiction but what you're saying is you're almost this for a purpose.


L: Yeah and it's beautiful because your creativity and your ability to listen to people, all of that can shine when you recognize that that repetitive mental stuff is really bringing out what needs to be brought out to empower people.


J: Wow I mean I'm sure you heard this said before but you're incredible. That is amazing how you're able to.... I mean honestly, I'm blown away by that. Honestly, that's an answer to a question I've been wondering for years and it's always been perceived as a negative thing...


L: Yeah and that's the conditioning piece so that not-self you know when people tell you it's negative, you feel very bitter inside of yourself because it's like you know this is happening, why can't people accept it? What Human Design does is says 'Let's accept it because what you are bringing to humanity is profound.'. Jamie, it's really profound and you're blending in two worlds.


J: Yeah, it doesn't always feel like that. So what are the two worlds?


L: You know, you're blending the past and that memory to the future because that's what autism is. You guys are already in the future, so far ahead in the future, that we want to try to condition you and bring you back and put you in a little box and say, 'Don't do this' and, 'Don't do that'. Unfortunately, most of these children and yourself possibly are medicated because you're way out there and the world goes, 'Oh, what's happening?'. But you get to blend those two worlds, you get to go out there and extrapolate the consciousness field and blend it into the nostalgia, the memory, and the depth.


J: That's astonishing, absolutely astonishing. Thank you for this and thank you for being on the podcast it's been great to talk to you.

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