Honoring the Biology to Scale Your Business

Feb 02, 2021

6 Min read + 12 Min Video

The Human Body is an amazing example of God’s Creative Power!

For us to experience life on purpose, we must honor the biology and the body. Life purpose​ is not something to chase, it is something to align to. Getting real, vulnerable and honest with ourselves, this is the magic.

What are you willing to let go of so you can scale your business, heal your relationships and honor your purpose?


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The human design bodygraph is a business plan. However, it is the biology aspect that needs to be mastered for that business plan to work with you instead of against you. The human design bodygraph is our business plan, and what I want to bring to you today is honing in on and recognizing the importance of the biology piece of the human design system. 


Why do I want to bring this to you? When we are in a career, when we're creating our businesses, when we're in our families, when we are with friends, we are in those situations with our meat-suit. The meat-suit is the one interacting with our environment, so how can we keep this meat-suit in the most prime of its reality? That is honoring it and recognizing that the biology aspect is how we are going to scale our businesses, have the best relationships, and be able to hone in on our purpose. We want the cellular structure of our body to be working with us, not against us. 


Most businesses are trying to work on the mental plane. It is understanding the openness in the human design bodygraph. If we can understand that deeply, if we can recognize how we are designed to go out and get experiences, and how we are designed to have experiences come to us, then we can recognize the conditioned mind, the healthy psychology, and the wisdom. 


There are two different aspects that we need to be able to recognize on the mental plane. What will usually happen is we will create a belief around conditioning. We have this experience and our meat-suit is in this experience and then our mind starts to take in all this stimulus. It will shift it into our belief pattern and what usually will happen is it will stuff it into one of the centers. 


Ra always spoke about this. For the most part, illnesses don't end up in openness. They end up getting stuffed into those areas of definition. You might go, well I'm a reflector and I have everything open. Yep. In his experience and also in mine with my clients, that's what I'm experiencing. Reflectors are a different aspect. Yes, it's always going to be in an open center, but it will be correlated to whatever hanging gate happens to be there. Why am I bringing this to you? I want you to grasp that we need to be able to explore all areas. 


Often the coined term "just use your strategy and authority" comes up. If the authority center is gummed up and has all kinds of improper beliefs stuffed in it and the biology aspect of it is not well, then saying that or repeating it means nothing. It's like someone who speaks German and I'm speaking English to them and I just keep raising my voice trying to get them to understand me. That's really what's happening. 


What are some things that took place that may be holding you back? For us to scale our businesses and to heal our relationships, we need to be able to first have our physiology at optimal levels. Ra always said that food is our largest conditioning and the primary health system that I walk my clients through is so intrinsic to who we are. How are we nourishing the biology aspect? Once we have that under wraps and can recognize it, honor it, and hone it in, then we can use the personality side as an ally. 


What's happening on our planet is the conditioning is a foe that's working against us. It will distort the cellular structure and then the physical body. There's no energy for this or I can't do this because now I have restricted movement or I cannot do this because of whatever. What we want to do is have the fluidity and the health of this physical body at optimal levels to scale your business and heal your family relationships. Intrinsically, we want to be able to operate through that aspect so that you are on purpose and so that your strengths are emanating out into the world. 


We often forget about our meat-suit. Why do we forget about it? That seven-centered energy that's very focused, strategic, and fear-based, has been running our show. We want to switch that. We want to be honoring the body. We have got to be in the body and moving from there. If we're moving from our conditioned minds, that's when things go sideways. Can you make money with your conditioned mind? You certainly can for sure. Most of us are because we do it through frustration, bitterness, anger, and disappointment. The physiology is breaking down. We're sacrificing our physical bodies for money and then ending up having to pay all that money to get our health back. 


Let's change that. Let's keep this body healthy so that you can live your purpose. Create the business that you are designed to create. Step into that role and let go of all of the fear, anxiety, and nervousness that's holding you back from doing that. Let's step into the awareness of this physical body and let's tap into our neurology. Let's tap into health, wellness, the beauty of our immune system, and our breath expanding and contracting the diaphragm. These are all things that are easily done, but it takes small little steps and we're going to talk about that as well as we walk along. 


My homework for you is to begin to recognize what is happening in your body when you're interacting with people and when you're touching or interacting with food. When you are interacting with things online, what is going on in your physical body? What is the conditioned mind saying? What is that intuitive connection guiding you towards and what is your physical body doing? What are you willing to let go of to step into your purpose? Write that down in a journal. Play with that every day. What are you willing to let go of to step into your purpose? Let's start tapping into that subconscious mind so that it can give you the cues and the prompts that you need to live on purpose. 

Disclaimer: Leann Wolff is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your health care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises, or life choices. I am filtering the Maia through adaptation, corruption, incompetence, composure, and justice. I deliver the message with an in the now contribution of what is happening on the transition point of the horizon. Self Mastery is within you and never outside of you. Follow your own strategy and authority! The mechanics are what they are. I am interpreting them as I am designed to do.

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