Gate 53 - Incarnation Cross - Penetration, Beginnings and Cycles

May 01, 2022

the 53rd gate development and beginnings
this is in your conscious core essence
or your personality sun
you'll have penetration beginnings or
cycles as your purpose or incarnation
cross so what we're moving here is to
this development
this is where we start this is our
beginnings that's what the 53 always
and really it is the gate of freedom
they need to have the freedom to begin
new things there's a pressure here and
they bring the fuel to start new things
so starting a new cycle starting
something new
this is a really powerful initiating
force for humanity to start off new
cycles and to develop through those
and it's not about sitting back on your
laurels but it's about beginning the new
so there's a need for continued new
beginnings with the gate of ambition
being here as well
it is all about attracting recognition
that's with the 54 it attracts
recognition it attracts the approval
and having those higher up people
recognize your capabilities
so in this second variation of the right
angle cross of penetration
this is going to be highly highly
and it will be even more ambitious when
we move to the 54
being in the sun
so when we take a look at this these are
the people that get involved in the
movement of energy and they get other
people involved in the movement of
energy because they are demonstrating
that they are starting something new
they are ambitious
they are intuitive they are shocking
because of their ability to penetrate
into an organization and move forward in
so these are the beings that will begin
something new for us
so maybe you are a project manager
and you come in with ambition but you're
not here to see it out to the end you're
going to start something new start
something new start something new
so it's about recognizing that
within your company within the career
that you're doing that you're designed
to have those new beginnings so have
somebody on your team that can come
along and create those follow-up
those finishing processes
now we take a look at the juxtaposition
cross a beginnings we have something
very fascinating that happens here
we've seen one other cross that this
takes place
where the 53 and 54 and the 42 and 32
they create actually two definitions
within the body graph
and they are all collected
so you'll have the sacral center the
root center and the splenic center all
defined what does that mean well there's
going to be a lot of transformational
and maturing energy that happens with
these particular people
and it's going to be very logical so it
is this generative power
in exactly the places were logic
demands its energy these people are in
the greatest demand in the logical realm
they bring the juice and they energize
the beginnings
so what you'll notice is that you come
in on this cross
it is about the ambition of being
recognized by higher forces whether
those higher forces are mundane or
the energy that is here since this
format energy starts a new cycle of
transformation makes these people in
demand because they are the ones who can
get things done
so you will be in demand most likely
in large organizations because they want
you in there starting new cycles
transforming their their business model
and when we have the left angle cross of
we are led into a deep understanding
that what we have to do is continually
go through cycles
now this is this goes back you know to
our incarnation and incarnative theme
that we constantly have we're constantly
going out we're constantly coming in
this is about coming in
you drop into your meat suit
and then you have a life and then you
vacate your meat suit that's what
continuity is in the human realm
the only thing that endures is change
that's really what the 32 is telling us
so in this left angle cross
in bringing the cycle and the energy for
transformation but that transformation
is all about building industry in the
framework of material society it is all
about succeeding
and not
failing when we're on the logical side
logic does not like failure
the instincts of the 32 and 54 is the
fear of extinction
are we going to become extinct that's
what that 32 is really worried about
this maturing process as as
as humans
so they always have the ability to
seduce others
your your fifth line if you have this as
your cross you'll have you'll be either
a fifth line or a six line
so what we're looking at here is this
movement away from the
organization of business or money from
the top down to the bottom
beginning to make its own claims in
other words this is the materialism
coming out of the root center itself
and coming out of what we could call the
left angle cross of achievement
because that achievement is what allows
those beings to move
from the bottom
up to the top
move through this hierarchical
movement this ladder that happens
so what we're doing here is so someone
can move from
i'll use a banking analogy because
that's where i come from so they come in
as a as a teller they move up to
personal banker who then moves up into
the manager of the personal bankers who
then moves up to the manager of the
each one of those is a cycle each one of
those is ambitious cycle each one of
those has a closing a middle and an end
so these are the beings that they are so
that the beginnings and the cycles you
guys will be called in often into large
organizations to like get stuff done to
help people transform
to mature to grow right angle cross
penetration just be that ambitious being
be that person that is starting new
cycles and then watch how
other people see that and they
appreciate your demonstration of it they
can do that for themselves so we'll
coach with this we'll play with this and
we'll see how you're doing on your
wealth attraction

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