Gate 39 - Incarnation Cross - Tension, Provocation, Individualism

Apr 27, 2022

if you have your 39 in the conscious
core essence or
personality sun we have obscuration and
the provocateur
we'll have the right angle cross of
tension juxtaposition of provocation or
the left angle cross of individualism
so the right angle cross of tension
with this 39th gate
we are looking at
the provocation
the 39 is pointing towards the 55.
so what this is going to be all about
this tension is going to all be about
and that mood is
what are we going to eat
what's the nature of bromance there's
breathing here there's music
there's singing there's art
all of those things are caught up in
stream right here from the 39
55 22 and 12.
so the 39th gate itself
is that gate of provocation and teasing
these people create tension through
teasing they poke at
you but if you poke them
then it's not going to be such a gentle
so don't poke them don't don't bother
these people that are on the right angle
cross attention let them poke you
that's what they're designed to do
they're designed to
go deep into
like what are you holding back
obscuration is about what are you hiding
what is it that you're hiding and these
are the people that just show up
they create tension
they recognize that there's solutions
that control factor that being able to
control a situation
it provokes
and creates this tension inside the
because what they are totally wanting
from you
is to provoke that correct spirit out of
so something that we say to
the emotional intelligence those that
are guided by their emotional
intelligence if that's your inner
authority that's your
decision-making strategy how you're
designed to interact
we tell those beings that have a defined
solar plexus defined emotional
play hard to get
that right there in itself
is a
create it creates tension in other
so the 39 is provoking to find the right
and they are going to be looking for
that right spirit of course so when they
find the right spirit in life
then all of a sudden that tension
can be can be released
where when we looked at the right angle
cross of tension in the first quarter
it was a lot about you know get a
massage make sure you're taking care of
your body here
it really is find the right person
on the other end that has that right
spirit and all of a sudden the tension
can can dissipate from there
and that's what's really important is
we watch
how this tension
shows up in us
because there's a lot of food issues
that come along with this particular
stream the 3955-2212
just pay attention that
if the right spirit hasn't showed up
don't turn this inward
and and try to eat your feelings
relax into it the right spirit will show
up the right people that are ready for
your provocation the right people that
are willing to show what is they're
they're willing to
show up
when you're just you
when you just have those solutions
people will come to you when you when
you're just being you and provoking
the right people will come to you
juxtaposition cross of provocation
this is pure provocation
there can be a lot of
melancholy that happens here
because now we've moved from 2148 in the
design side to the 51 and 57. this is
the pure individual the pure individual
provocation juxtaposition cross
so you're going to be very deeply moody
there's going to be lots of melancholy
and the only reason melancholy ever
depression is because in those moments
of melancholy
anybody that has individual circuitry
what we do is that we try to
reason it away and the moment that we do
that we believe that reason that the
mind tries to give and then we align to
that and all of a sudden we're in a deep
depression instead of
just being in the creative muse
that comes along with melancholy
so with the juxtaposition cross here
provocation we have a force
that can provoke you at a very deep
level and it's just for the sake of
provoking that's what they do all the
time they're in the business of
can be very uncomfortable
because these beings can be very moody
and very unpredictable
most of them are probably unhappy
because they've tried to reason away
their melancholy
so if you find these people in your life
or if you are one of these people begin
the difference between melancholy and
you are designed to provoke you're
designed to find the right spirit you're
designed to pull out
the spirit of others so it's okay
how how do we
how we look at
right angle cross attention or
collecting wealth
i see this as actors in plays
creating your one-man show
where you are literally
up there provoking people and you have
an audience that is
that is going deep they don't even know
that they're going deep and they go deep
the left angle cross of individualism
this is the most
individual of all crosses
because again we have the 39 38 51 and
57 they're all individual
there's nothing quite like these
particular creatures because they are so
and it is what absolutely
constantly provokes other people because
they are so individual remember this is
the left angle cross these are trans
personal beings they are fulfilling a
they simply fill
a room
with provocation
many people many people will turn away
from this now what i want you to
understand is that
as a mutated force as a mutated being we
need you on this planet why
because without
mutation humanity can't
so we need you on this planet to to be
that individual to show up in your
individualism and absolutely help people
move into their own individualism to get
rid of the obscuration
get rid of what they're hiding behind
and pop into
their own into their own intuitive
knowing of who they are
so again what can you do here
man there's so many things and one of
them for sure would be a coach
the other one again is that
lecturer or
someone who is
standing at the forefront
so that the the
those involved

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