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Human Design Self Study


Learn from one of the most highly sought after Human Design Professionals, Leann Wolff

Learn this High-Value Skill so you can:


  • Be an Authority in Your Field
  • Earn  Money in your Business and Career with Alignment
  • Align your vision with your reality
  • Be so centered, no one can pull you off your Purpose
  • Create a solid foundation and process in your business so your clients get massive results
  • Give Yourself the Permission to Create the Business of your Dreams so your Clients See the Possibilities 

It’s time to Earn money by being you, Attract quality relationships and keep your body and mind Healthy. This is the trifecta of life.

Side Effects of Embodying Your Design and Learning This Skill

  • You Will Have:

    • More Confidence to ask for what you deserve
    • More energy to experience life on your terms
    • More Certainty of the Direction Your Career or Business is going
    • A deep Awareness of Who you attract into your life and What You are here to Learn
    • A Fun Perspective that is not clouded by the beliefs and judgements of others
    • A Grounded Sense of your Purpose and a way to share your services and products in a passionate manner
    • The ability to see Trial and Error as wisdom and use them to build a 'better mouse trap'
    • Be Motivate to Take ALIGNED Action and Surrender to the Magic the Life has in store for you
    • Create Wealth on purpose and Spend it on the Ones you Love
    • Better Offers because you know exactly what problems you are here to solve
    • Trust yourself and your Decision Making, even when it doesn't make sense to your friends and family
    • 160+ video explainers, PDF's and PowerPoints to enhance the learning and Application

MODULES # 1 - 7

Get to know yourself. You’ll learn how to tune it all out and turn your attention inward.

MODULE # 8 - 9

Learn How Your Public Role and Incarnation Cross come together so you can Fulfill Your Purpose.

MODULE # 10 - 11

Learn how to connect with others and still value the unique individual you are inside.

MODULES # 12-14

Bring the inside out. Show up as the most authentic version of yourself every day. Learn Your Profit Potential, Your Entrepreneurial Code and the New Generation of Org Charts and Engineer Teams with a whole new perspective


How to Keep your Body, Mind an Spirit Healthy. Learn the Sub-Structure of the Human Design Bodygraph called PHS and Rave Psychology. The is the tone, color and base information. Also, known as Human Design Determination/Cognition; Environment; Perspective and Motivation. 


Family Dynamics can be the most rewarding and the most challenging aspect of our lives. Learn to see them through a different lens and help the children in your life stay true to their intrinsic design 

Module #17

Learn to track our Earth Plane's Luminaries and Learn to use the Life Cycles to support you on your path forward.


Practice Chart Readings to Bring it All Together

Bonus Material

(so much I can't put a number on it! )

Material that was gathered in my time at with BG5 Business Institute and the International Human Design School. Some of this material is only provided to students and now you can get your hands on it too. 

Wow! I am Sooo IN! Click here to get access to the material asap!

Hey Friend, My Name is Leann.

Most would describe me as their 'GO TO' Human Design Professional. The last 11 years in Human Design has allowed me to live more centered, operate a successful online business, and reside of a vast 360 acre peace of paradise with my beloved husband and our sacred animal family.

Society may put us in boxes, but that doesn't mean we have to stay there. So let's break free from who we think we should be and start living the fulfilling life we deserve.

Join me on this exploration of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence so you can show up for your clients is a new way and assist them with their path back to their authentic selves. 

"Learning Human Design from Leann is just what I needed to kick-start my business into a new level of mastery. I am showing up in my business with excitement instead of fear. My home life is becoming more peaceful and the kids are loving having a mom that has time to play and laugh."

Shauna P.

"OMG! Having all this material laid out with such mastery is phenomenal! I learned so much about myself and have implemented team building strategies with my clients. We are all seeing the ripple effect of Leann's skill and compassion for her work."

Jamie W. 


"Thank you so much for this wonderful course. I have been through many HD courses but never found anything in depth as this. I remember the strong Yes my sacral did when your video first popped up on my feed, and I am so glad I listened!" 

Poonam P


"Honestly, I’ve never felt so excited to learn from someone who embodies and radiates this system so precise and abundantly. I’m loving the course, I’m so excited in where this will take me."

Tim B


"As for human design, you are definitely an SME (subject matter expert)".

 Donald   C.

Is This Self Study Course RIGHT FOR YOU?


Do you struggle to make a decision to only have buyer's remorse afterwards?

-Human Design's foundational tool is decision-making. Once the chaotic, conditioned mind is no longer making decisions in your life...the life can align with your purpose.

Do you feel like you are not recognized for your contributions? Do you feel like others interfere with your creativity? Maybe you feel like you are overworked and undervalued.

-Taking aligned action is another side effect of Human Design! You have the opportunity to participate and interact with others in an entirely NEW way so that your decision-making is aligning you with your purpose all the time.

Is your earning potential much higher and yet you are still dreading the bills each month and the gap between what you earn and what you spend is a constant worry?

-Abundance is written into the design, into nature and into the Bible. Human Design shows you YOUR way to magnetize abundance into your Experience! You don't have to just earn a living...you can step into abundance

Do you get trigger easily in relationships whether with friends, family, coworkers or intimate relationships?

-Awareness is another benefit of Human Design. As everyone is unique, not everyone is going to be in resonance or harmony with your energy. And it's OKAY! Be in acceptance and witness the interactions differently.

You are an entrepreneur who can't seem to build a functional team?

-Good news! For all the Awakened Generation of Entrepreneurs, there is a NEW Org Chart that will blow your socks off! Human Design can find the dysfunction in the energy and communication of a team because teams are built mechanically and are malleable when seen through the lens of Human Design. Once the dysfunction is pinpointed and re-paired, the profitability of the business can be enjoyed.




Self Study Course


Save 10 Years of Time and $64,598

  • Immediate access to all  modules
  • PDF's and PowerPoint Presentations 

This investment will cut your learning time down by 80% and save you $64,598!

The Value of this course is un-measurable, however, let me break it down for you

Living Your Design $300

Rave ABC’s $400

Rave Cartography $750

Professional Training Levels 1-4 $6,130

Advanced Differentiation Degree $7,700

Variable Teacher $4,000

Holistic Analyst $1,400

Family and Child $1,000

Business and Career $19,750

Ra’s Jovian Archive Material $5,000

Total Value: $66, 195


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