What is the Human Design System?

Dec 01, 2018

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This system is a mixture of the sciences of old and new. 


The foundation of this science brings our decision-making process out of the mind and into the intelligence of our physical body. 


The Mind is not equipped to make decisions and that is how the new buzz word decision fatigue was created... our minds will battle back and forth when making a decision. This is not the case when the physical body is making decisions. The physical body has 7 different processes, depending on your particular bodygraph. 


The intelligence of the electromagnetic field of the body is 6 seconds ahead of our minds, as The HearthMath Institute has discovered in its study of the heart vs. the mind. 


Heart vs. The Mind

Trusting the body allows the mind to declutter so it can share and empower others. This is what we call the outer authority. Meaning, the authority for your own decision making comes from your physical body; your outer authority is expressed based on the experiences you have had and those experiences can empower others as you share them. 


A decluttered mind communicates clearly, it is not caught in the game of conditioning others... it is in the business of being a healthy influence. It influences others to be better, have more fun, and trust the fates!


So when you first see your design, it is exciting and then the mind takes us into overwhelm and wants to figure it all out. I know, I was there...


What I now realize is this... life CANNOT be figured out in the mind. It must happen organically from correct decision making. The system can be learned but there is no book that will give you the answer, you MUST experiment with decision making and trusting that your body knows way more than you give it credit for!



The bodygraph looks complicated, and it is. What it represents is your God Code. This is the frequency you carry within your material meat suit! There are a plethora of different designs, different environments those designs will express themselves, and different perspectives and motivations for each design. 


Your uniqueness lies in the definition. This uniqueness is your sliver of the whole and how you are designed to represent that whole.


We are here, being used as an experiment... and the experiment is this: Can we be self-reflected consciousness within a meat suit? Can we allow the truth of our purpose to shine through the costume we are inhabiting no matter what the conditioned world tells us? Can you still be you despite the limitations the world would like to impose?


These are all excellent questions to ponder as you move through this life. We are designed to witness this existence; not to take it so seriously but to have joy as the foundational pattern and fulfill the desires that are correct for us.


Why do I say 'correct for us'? Well, just because Elon Musk is the founder of a company that is building the electric car...does not mean that is the correct path for you...The correct path presents itself when you are making decisions correctly through your strategy and authority. 


We are choiceless is this frequency we represent, however, we are fully in control of how we make every decision in life. And that is your power. Decision Making. 


And that is what the Human Design System is all about! Decision Making at a higher level than you have ever gone to before so the life purpose that is based on joy and desire can come to manifestation! 


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